Chapter 12: Truly Amazing

Kendra's POV

The next morning I woke up to a bright light. A really bright light. I tried looking around to see where it was coming from, when I realized it was me. I could finally see my own aura! Is this what Bracken sees all the time? Oh wait, normally it's turned down. Why did it all of a sudden brighten up again? I'll ask Bracken and the Fairy Queen later. I turned it back down. Today I'll learn what powers I have! I'm probably the first person that has become immortal this way.

Well, I better get ready for the day. I decided to wear a simple T-shirt with black leggings. I don't know what tests I'll have to do today, but I probably don't want my hair to get in the way, so I put it into a ponytail.

I went downstairs and saw that we were having french toast for breakfast. Seth was devouring his food, as always, but there was something different about him. It was like there was darkness clouding him.

"Do you guys see that?," I asked, with concern in my voice.

"See what?," Seth asked, looking worried.

"There is like, darkness, all around you," I said. Wait, maybe this is his aura. I could see mine earlier. Maybe I can see all auras now. So I said, "Wait, I could see my aura earlier this morning, maybe I can see all auras. What if that's just his aura?"

They all looked relieved. "Maybe that's just something you can do now, but why didn't you see it last night?," Grandma Sorenson asked.

"I don't know, maybe my power needed some time to adjust, to start working. Maybe that's why the Fairy Queen chose to wait to test my powers," I theorized.

"Well, before you go to the fairy realm you need to have breakfast," Grandma Sorenson said pointedly.

When I got to the fairy realm I saw Bracken and the Fairy Queen sitting on a stone bench, waiting for me. They looked happy to see me. Bracken had a silvery glow around him. I guessed it was his aura. The Fairy Queen was also glowing, a soft golden light.

"Are you excited?," asked Bracken. He looked handsome as always. I again wondered what the tests were going to be.

"Yeah, should we get going?" I asked. I still didn't know what we were doing. But I guessed we wouldn't be doing it here.

"Ok, let us go to the training arena," the Fairy Queen said. They had a training arena? Oh wait, that's probably where they learn how to sword fight.

The training arena was a big building, in one corner there were weapons, while there was a big space supposedly for sparring. I wonder if I will need to use a weapon for one of the tests.

"What we're going off of is when we are testing unicorns for new abilities, they try to reach for their energy, and they are guided by it," Bracken explained.

"So I have to let my energy guide me, right?" If this worked with unicorns, it would probably work with me. At least, that was our reasoning.

"Yes, so to help you concentrate, normally you meditate. Then, if you look inside you, you will see an orb-like figure of energy. Reach for that, and it will guide you," said the fairy queen.

So I sat down on the floor, closed my eyes, and cleared my mind. Once I did that, I tried to feel for my energy, look for it. Then I saw it, a bright orb, as bright as the sun. But for some reason, it didn't hurt to look at it.

I imagined myself grabbing it, and suddenly I had a feeling, like I should concentrate the energy to my back. I heard Bracken and the queen gasp, and I knew why. I had wings. I looked behind me, and saw that they were beautiful. They were a sky blue color, slightly transparent, and had bits of the color gold on the edges.

"In all the years I have lived, this has never occurred. Kendra, I always knew you were special, but I would have never imagined this," the queen expressed with surprise and awe.

Bracken looked like he was out of it. It was like he was daydreaming, lost in thought. "Earth to Bracken," I said, a little amused, waving my hand in front of his face.

He shook his head and just said, "Sorry, I was captivated by your beauty." And my face reddens once again, my heart filled with pleasure.

"Do you think I could fly?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Well, the only way to find out is if you try," said Bracken. Moving my wings was just as easy as if I was going to move my hand, it felt natural. I jumped up a little while fluttering my wings. And then I was flying! Actually flying, in the air!

I tried moving to the left by leaning, I moved left. I did the same thing but to the right. I tried flying higher by moving my wings faster, and I moved higher. It felt as natural as walking. This was so cool! Seth would totally freak!

"This is amazing!" I exclaimed. I feel like everyone would like the ability to fly, and now I had it. I lowered myself to the ground and imagined my wings disappearing. They did likewise.

"This has never been done before, it is truly amazing. Let's see what else you can do," Bracken said in awe.

Turns out I can make balls of light, like Bracken. I can also grow plants with a thought. We're not for sure, but we think I can do just about everything a fairy can do. I'm basically half fairy.

I decided to fly back to Fablehaven, not very high, I was with Bracken. It was just so they could see one thing I can do without having to ask. When we got there everybody was already outside, not so patiently waiting.

They all shouted in surprise and ran towards me, Seth being first. "You can fly! That's so cool!"
"Yep, we think I can do basically anything a fairy can do." I replied.

"Are you all aware that this has never been done before?" Grandpa Sorenson asked.

"Yeah, isn't it amazing!" I said.

"Truly amazing."

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