Piper wanted her day to be over as soon as it started. She was one of those people who hated Mondays. She felt like rolling over and going back to sleep, hitting snooze and waking up at noon. Unfortunately Piper's shift at the cafe started at 6:30 and she had already hit snooze twice.

Piper rolled out of bed and staggered to the bathroom, hitting the lights of the kitchen and turning on her coffee along the way. While in the bathroom she brushed through her smooth brown hair. She applied her makeup, simple mascara and eyeshadow. She walked out of the bathroom and made her coffee. It wasn't too strong, she was going to drink a latte at work later anyway.

Piper flicked on the T.V. while she drank her coffee. The news came on, talking about the recent hurricanes, the wars with other countries, and the ever so recent release of her father's new movie. Piper changed the Channel in frustration, she was not in the mood to hear about the new pictures being released.

She flipped through the channels, finding nothing interesting. "Well, my coffee's finished, I should get going." She muttered to herself as she hopped off the bar stool, putting her coffee cup in the sink. Her phone buzzed and Piper glanced at the text that had just appeared.

Annabeth: Get here soon, I have a hot coffee date in 20.

Piper laughed aloud. Annabeth met a guy named Percy during the night shift. The two of them totally hit it off, and have been going on dates ever since.

After throwing on her clothes along with her white sweater, she slipped on her watch, grabbed her keys and left her apartment.

Piper made it to work with nearly ten minutes to spare. Annabeth gave her a quick hug before throwing her apron on the hook and jogging out of the cafe to her apartment down the street.

Piper grabbed her apron off the hook and put her sweater in its place. She tied the strings around her waist. She went behind the counter and started to wipe down the machinery before the 7:00 rush would come in.

A few people came in, ordering a coffee or hot chocolate before shouldering the backpacks they had and leaving for school. Piper was one of the fortunate few that went to her college campus in the afternoon and took classes. She had her cafe shift till about eleven and then she hopped on her motorcycle and drove the NYU school about four maybe five blocks away. They had an awesome veterinary program that Piper was taking.

Annabeth was Piper's roommate. Annabeth took classes at the same time as Piper. She took the night shift anda few early mornings then usually slept till eleven when she walked or jogged to NYU.

Piper heard the familiar ding of the door as it opened and found her eyes lifting to meet electric blue ones. The eyes belonged to an enchanting blonde boy with a small scar on his upper lip. He was wearing a purple tee shirt and jeans, a backpack on his shoulder and a phone in his hand. When he seen her, he put his phone in his pocket and walked up to the counter.

"Hi, um, is this where I order?" He said, smiling uncertainty.

"That's what the sign says." Piper said with a smirk. She pointed to the sign at her right which said: Order Here

A light pink dusted his cheeks, "Sorry."

She chuckled, gesturing to the menu above her, "What would you like?"

He took a moment to think, gazing at the options, mouthing the words to himself. She watched the small scar on his lip as he talked, it seemed to disappear.

"What would you recommend? There are so many options."

Piper sighed, turning to look at the menu, "Probably the double whipped, foam, mocha latte, those are my personal favorite."

"Okay, may I have two large double-whatever you just said."

Two. That meant he had someone to share it with. Piper smiled and nodded, walking behind the counter to make the order. Piper honestly wasn't surprised that he had a girlfriend, he was cute, had a nice smile, and his eyes-damn, they could do a lot more than brighten a room.
She swirled the late before adding the whipped cream. She sprinkled a tiny bit of chocolate shavings on top before she went to the counter where he was waiting.

"That'll be ten fifty two." Piper said placing the drinks in front of him on the counter.

"Thanks," he said handing her the money and a piece of paper, "Enjoy."

Piper only understood what he meant when she looked down and seen the other double whipped, foam, mocha latte. She read the piece of paper in her hand and smirked. His name was Jason, it seemed to fit.

Jason came back the next day, and Piper was ready for him this time. She was sweeping the floors when he walked in. Annabeth had already departed and the seven o'clock rush didn't hit yet.

Piper smiled to greet him before walking behind the counter and grabbing her pad of paper. She noticed that he was wearing glasses today, thin metal frames that glinted in a golden sort of way. His sweatshirt that said NYU made Piper smile, he went to her school. How had she never seen him before?

"Same thing as yesterday?" She asked as he approached.

Jason nodded to her and leaned up against the counter as she went to fill the order. Piper hummed to herself as she mixed the drinks. Thinking about getting to know this Jason a little better. He was very cute, and the the glasses he came in with today made him look hot in a nerdy sort of way.

Piper came back with the drinks and handed them to Jason, along with a piece of paper that had her number. He handed her the ten dollars and fifty two cents and nearly walked away before Piper said, "Hey, Jason, wait a sec."

He turned around, "Yeah?"

"I didn't realize you went to NYU, I go there too." She said awkwardly.

Jason smiled, "Yeah, I'm majoring in Psychology. You?"

Piper leaned across the counter, sipping her latte, "Veterinary medicine."

Jason met her eyes and Piper felt a shiver run through her. Unfortunately, Jason's phone beeped in alarm, saying it was seven o'clock.

"Oh, I better get to class." He said, putting his phone back in his pocket.

He had made it to the door before he looked at the paper Piper had handed him. He turned and said, "I'll text you." before he jogged out the door and turned the corner. Piper felt her face heat up and a smile form on her lips.

Piper got a text later that day, while she was walking to her least favorite class. The text brightened her day, so she almost enjoyed the time in her history.

The text said:

Hey It's Jason. I was wondering if you wanted to meet up for hot chocolate after you get out of school.

Piper responded eagerly:

Yeah! I'll see you around eight at the cafe.

She shoved her phone in her pocket and sighed before taking her seat in History.

It was 8:10 when Jason showed up at the Cafe, he had two steaming hot chocolate's in his hands and a bright smile on his face. He handed a hot chocolate to her and she sipped it, savoring it. It was mint hot chocolate, her favorite.

They sat inside, sipping Hot Chocolate and chatting. It was nearly 9:45 when the two of them parted ways. Jason tipped an imaginary hat to her and said, "See you tomorrow." as she hopped on her bike and sped away.

They met every day after that, for a simple coffee or latte, most times it was hot chocolate. They would sit for about an hour, just talking. He would talk about his Psychology class and how he was acing it, while Piper would talk about her Veterinary class and the trip they were taking to the animal shelter.

They would part ways at the end of the night and leave to go to their respective homes.

One night, Jason said he had a surprise planned for her. It was lightly snowing, She smiled at Jason before saying, "So, where'd you want to go?"

"It's a surprise, You want to walk, or..." he trailed off.

"I have a motorcycle, do you know how to drive one?"

He nodded and she led him to it. He climbed on and she climbed on behind him, putting her arms around his waist, and then realizing that was weird so she began to pull away.

Jason put his hand down, holding her hands in place. Piper's face heated up as he said,

"It's alright with me, besides it's safer that way."

She slipped on her helmet as he started the motorcycle. He began to drive, the wind making his hair whip in different directions. They made it to Rockefeller Center, where the ice skating rink was beginning to open up. Jason got off the bike, giving her a hand. She took it, fastening her helmet back onto the bike. Jason led her to the check in area, where a boy with blonde hair was manning the counter.

"Hey Luke!" Jason said as he approached the counter, "Where's Thalia?"

Luke turned and smirked at Jason, "In the back, grabbing skates for the two of you."

"She knew." Jason said, laughing. "Wow."

"Did you expect her not to?" Luke said, smirking at Piper, "Is this the girl? Piper, right?"

Piper nodded to him, looking past him at the girl approaching with eyes very similar to Jason's. That was the only similarity between the two though, this girl had spiky black hair, looked like she loved punk or rock bands. She wore a red tee shirt and a leather jacket, a silver bracelet on her wrist.

She came up, putting the ice skates on the counter.

"Sup Little Bro, how was school today?"

"Great, I got 100 on my psychology test." Jason said, a smile gracing his face, "The professor said he might even have a semester internship for me. In California."

Piper's heart plummeted, if he was going to California for a semester, then he wouldn't start dating someone, long distance relationships never work.

"Wow, a whole semester, maybe you'll see some of Annie's relatives out there."

"Annabeth, haven't seen her in a while."

Piper smiled, "Annabeth, like Annabeth Chase?"

Jason turned to her, "You know Annabeth?"

"Yeah, she's my roommate, and runs the shift before me in the Cafe." Piper said smirking.

"Wow, talk about small world." Jason said as he handed her the skates, "How come she didn't introduce me to you before this?"

They walked over to put the skates on, Jason waving to Thalia and Luke as the went. Piper smiled at him while she slipped the skates on, staring at his hair. Wispy and beautiful, it looked soft to the touch. She reached out and ruffled it with her fingers, which made an all-too-adorable blush spread across Jason's cheeks.

"So... California, huh?" Piper said, withdrawing her hand and focusing on lacing up her skates.

"Yeah, I'm honestly really excited to do it." He said, a small smile on his face. "I really want to help people, and if I can learn something from a professional- I can start helping a whole lot sooner."

Piper smiled weakly back. She was happy for him, sure, but a part of her wished that he would stay here with her. It was a selfish wish, she knew that, but she couldn't help wishing it anyway. Jason must've sensed something was wrong because he took her hand and gave her a really warm smile.

"It would only be a semester, you know."

"I know." Piper didn't say anymore. She was afraid the tears would fall if she did. They weren't a couple, what right did she have to ask him to stay?

The date on the ice was nice, but Piper's heart wasn't really in it. She was too busy thinking about the semester he would be spending away from her, meeting beautifully tanned Californian girls who would probably make him forget all about her. Beautifully tanned Californian college girls who were probably way hotter than Piper ever could be. Jason tried a few times to life her spirits, even falling down once or twice, but it did little to lift the frown that had appeared on her face.

By the end of the date, Piper was in a sour mood and Jason was definitely picking up on it. They drove along the bustling New York City streets and Piper wasn't even paying attention to where they were going. When they arrived in front of the cafe, she gave him a quizzical look.

"I figured we could stop in and get two of those latte's you like so much." He said, grinning sheepishly. It was enough to make her mood lighten a little.

Annabeth was working the counter, and she made the drinks with a wink at Piper and a couple kissy faces when Jason wasn't looking. Piper threw a straw at her for good measure.

They took their latte's and strolled along the streets in awkward silence. When they had circled around the block, arriving back in front of the cafe, Jason wished her a good night.

He took her hands and said, "You do know that a semester away wouldn't change anything between us, right?" He then placed a soft kiss on her forehead, which surprised her, and slipped a piece of paper into her hand.

Before Piper could even properly react to the forehead kiss, he was gone. She shook her head and looked down at the paper, her face breaking into a grin when she saw what was written.

Will you be my girlfriend?

[] yes [] no [] absolutely

The next morning, he stopped by the cafe earlier than usual. He ordered two hot chocolates this time, offering a small smile Piper's way as he paid for them. She slipped the note into his hand as she gave him the drink, which made him smirk. He waited until he sat down at one of the tables to open it and read it, and Piper would be lying if she said her heart didn't do little jumping-jacks at the sight of him silently celebrating the fact that she had checked off yes.

Things were going well for the few weeks that followed, leading up to his semester internship. Piper was nervous about it, wondering if he still felt the same way about her that he did when he had asked her to be his girlfriend. A week before he was due to leave, her veterinary professor surprised her with a phone call.

That night, they met at the cafe for hot chocolate and muffins. They were having a quiet evening when Piper slid a piece of paper across the table to him. He picked it up, unfolding it and mouthing the words as he read them- something that she found completely endearing. His whole face lit up and he whipped his head up to look at her.

"Is this real?"

Her smile answered before her voice did, "Yeah, I'm coming to California with you to shadow a Vet."

He jumped out of the table and ran around the other side, pulling her into a huge hug. She laughed, squeezing him tightly back. After pulling away from the hug he cupped her face with his hands and pulled her lips toward his.

They had kissed before, only a few short times, but this time felt completely different. This time everything felt so certain for the two of them. She tangled her fingers in his short hair, twirling the strands with her fingers.

When they broke apart, he rested his forehead against hers and let out a small sigh. She looked into his electric blue eyes, smiling brightly back at him. "I guess everything has a way of working out in the end, huh?"

He laughed, eyes dancing with delight, and responded, "Damn, I'm so glad I asked you what to order."

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