Elsa approaches the entrance to Ahtohallan on the Nokk. She gets off and waves her hand. The Dark Sea and the Nokk unfreeze.

"There you go. Alright Nokk, I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

The Nokk grunts in a horse fashion.

"Don't worry I won't go deep this time. I'll just stay within this area."

Horse grunts.

"I just like my space ok? Besides, there's...something I wanna try."

The Nokk grunts and dissolves back into the water.

Elsa enters Ahtohallan. She walks through the icy caverns until she gets to the cavern at the end where she heard her mother's voice and became the fifth spirit (or atleast got the cool new dress).

Along the walls recent events play out. The dam being destroyed. Kristoff and Anna getting married. Anna greeting the people of Arendelle as Queen. Elsa puts her hand on the ice and sighs happily.

She then faces the rest of the cavern and slaps her hands together.

"Alright, let's make this place a bit more homey."


Elsa recreates her room from the castle. She makes herself an ice bed. A window on a wall. She even uses her powers to manipulate the ice to show what's happening outside from that window recently (or at-least just minute second off). She sees Olaf and Sven dressed up as Anna walks bye, then he rips them off.

Elsa chuckles.

She creates an ice couch, an ice chandelier.

She brings the wall showing recent memories from the ice palace. Showing the Snowgies and Marshmallow playing. Just wanted to keep an eye on them.

She twirls around and breaths happily.

Elsa then looks back at the replica she made of her old room.

She frowns. Then conjures up a replica of her old door.

She steps back and, using the same trick she used to create ice replicas of people from the history bank, she creates one of Anna, five years old, just after the incident that separated them.

Little-Ice-Anna runs up to the ice door and knocks. And sings as Elsa nervously approaches it.

"Do you wanna build a snow man? Come on let's go out an play. I never see you anymore..."

Elsa raises her fingers to it, she thinks of how she felt when she created Olaf, when she created Marshmallow ACTUALLY trying to create living snow.

The little-ice-Anna stops singing. She looks around, looks at her hands. Then she looks up.

Elsa is kneeling down and crying.

"E-Elsa? Is that you?" Little-ice-Anna asks. "How did you get so big? You look very pretty. Where are-"

"Anna" was suddenly interrupted by Elsa hugging her. She pulls her in and cries on her.

"I do wanna build a snowman." Elsa says.

"Anna" just hugs her back.

Later Elsa and little-ice-Anna are playing in a big patch of snow she created. They are creating a new Olaf, the old fashioned way.

"Soooo...you moved out of our room because you accidentally hit me with magic ice, which is why I had a dream of a troll, woke up with a streak in my hair, and why I don't remember you being able to do this." "Anna" asks.

"Yes, that's true." Says Elsa.

"And I'm not actually Anna?"

"No, I...I just missed out so much on her life because I was afraid of hurting her. I mean we had three years to make up for it but it still doesn't feel the same. I know this does t change anything but, I think that, in a way, I can make up for that with you." Elsa says touching "Anna's" nose.

"Anna" giggles.

"Ok. So, what else did we miss out on?"

Elsa thinks.

They ride bicycles made of ice around the room.

They skate on the ice.

Elsa, looking nervous again, holds little-ice-Anna's hand as she creates another, older, ice replica of Anna. Just after their parents deaths.

"Elsa. I know your in there-"

Elsa brings her to life too.

"Huh?" Teen-ice-Anna turns around and sees Elsa.

"Elsa? How-"

Elsa lunges and hugs her.

The older-ice-Anna looks shocked. She looks confused at the smaller ice version of her, but she just gestures her on. Older I've Anna just smiles, and hugs Elsa back.



Elsa is making weird motions with her hands as both ice-Anna's sit on an ice couch trying to guess what she's doing.

"Oh, oh, polar bear!"



"Fish out of water!"

Elsa stops.

"It was lumberjack."

"Wait what?"


"That wasn't even close."

"The 'real' us isn't gonna understand any of that."

"Let's keep practicing."

Elsa just sighs and smiles.