Main title: Diamond's in the Sky

category Harry Potter crossovers

character: Harry Potter

warnings: fics may include slash/het/fem-slash love is love, see top of chapters for warnings pertaining to individual fics.

Pairings: Harry/male (may have harry/female in very distant future but no plans at the moment)

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Title: Brothers

Series: Finding Book One

Category: Harry Potter and Gundam Wing

Character: Harry Potter, Trowa Barton, Heero Yuy

Warnings: mentioned slash pairings; nothing graphic, spoilers for the Goblet of Fire

pairings: Heero/Quatre Duo/ Trowa Harry/Wufei preslash

Summary: Harry never expected his life to change so drastically after freeing Sirius. He finds two brothers that are protective of him. A family with five teenageers. And a reason to love the summer. But Voldemort is planning his return. Harry has a crush on Wufei. And the adults keep hiding things from him. Will Harry be strong enough to survive his fourth year at Hogwarts?


the Unexpected Changes

The first thing Harry noticed that day his life changed was that his uncle had come to pick him up on his own. He absently wondered if this was a good thing or a bad one. But as the man did not speak to him during the drive he returned to his own thoughts.

Thoughts about his godfather. He hadn't even known he had a godfather until earlier that year. At that time he'd been told the man had been a murderer. He'd been told that he had betrayed Harry's parents. But it hadn't been true. Sirius had been innocent, something Harry hadn't learnt until a couple of weeks ago.

He'd been framed, but before they could bring the real culprit in, He had escaped. So Harry had to help Sirius escape and was now forced to return to the Dursley's. The prospect even less desirable after the short time hoping for a better future. A real family.

The car pulled into the driveway. Harry got out and grabbed his trunk. He turned and then noticed the car in front of the house. He wondered about the visitors. He hadn't been expecting anything like this at all.

"Move boy." His uncle grunted at him.

Harry followed the walrus of a man into the house. His attention immediately being caught by five strangers. The strangers were teens that were two or three years Harry's senior. One had messy, dark brown hair and cerulean blue eyes. His features resembling that of Harry's father, James Potter, who had died protecting Harry.

The next was a smaller teen with a long chestnut braid and mischievous violet eyes. He thought briefly of two other sets of pranksters. Both his father's group and the Weasley twins and their friend Lee Jordan. Even if the two hadn't ever spent time together, Harry could see that same glint in his eyes.

The next teen was tall with reddish brown hair that covered one side of his face and one of his emerald green eyes. This boy was the masculine version of his mother. The sight shocking him slightly. But he knew they couldn't be related. The Dursley's were his last living relatives. Everyone had made it very clear to him.

The fourth boy had blond hair, blue eyes, and a friendly smile. He looked like a friendlier version of a malfoy except his face was softer and rounder. But still he looked like a Malfoy who didn't have a political and traditional stick shoved up his backside. Even if he was noticeably wealthy to harry's eyes, and Harry had learnt who was born into wealth as they tended to flaunt it. Even this boy, though the signs were subtle and he had to double check to make sure.

The last boy had black hair pulled into a tight ponytail. His eyes were black too, and though he was one of the smallest he oozed strength. A strength Harry found himself wishing he had. A slight shiver ran through him at the sight. Though it was hidden by his cousins baggy hand-me-downs.

Harry glanced away from the strangers. His eyes found his aunt and his cousin sitting stiffly on one of the sofas. His uncle stomped over to them and sat down. Obviously these five had been expected.

Harry's attention flickered between the groups. Waiting for his uncle's snap to get out of sight. But it wasn't his uncle that spoke to him.

"Mr. Potter." the blond teen asked politely.

"Yes?" Harry said cautiously. Glanceing again between the groups. Checking to see how his relatives took this action. To his surprise the reaction was a glare on his uncle's behalf.

Even though he spent most of the last three years in the Wizarding World he knew what a preventer was. Hermione had kept up with the news with letters from her parents. Harry had made sure he too kept up. He knew whatever decisions were made by the nonmagical government would affect him too. Especially during the summers, as he lived with his muggle relatives who abhored magic.

The fact these five teens wore Preventer uniforms put him on edge. What did they want with him? He hadn't done anything to warrant this visit. He hadn't even been on the grid for an hour.

"I'm Quatre Rabarba Winner. These are Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, and Wufei Chang. As I'm sure you have noticed, we're Preventers." the boy continued.

Not just Preventers: Harry thought. He recognized the Winner name from talks his uncle had had. He was surprised the large man wasn't doing a business speal to try and convince the Winner lord to sign with Grunnings.

Harry nodded silently. He had figured that out, the question was why were they there. He doubted the Preventers had time to make random visits to strangers. He was glad that none of their teachers asked about their summers. He could just see Snape's sneer. The bat already thought Harry spoilt.

"I'm sure you know about the DNA database?" the teen continued. "I've heard, yes." Harry replied warily.

The Preventers had set up a DNA database to try and reunite families. Madame Pomfrey had been required to send the students samples when they had called for it. Apparently the Minister of Foreign Affairs was close to someone high up in the Preventer organization. She had expressed her desires to the Minister of Magic when he had introduced himself to her. However Harry wasn't supposed to know this. The only reason he did was because he actually paid more attention than people gave him credit. He had heard Malfoy complaining about it to Zabini.

"Well. We have received a hit with your blood Mr. Potter." the Preventer said glancing back at his companions. Harry however had glanced over at his relatives.

"You mean other than my aunt and cousin?" he asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear it. Why else would they show up?

"That's right." the braided teen, Duo, spoke for the first time. "According to the DNA results you have two older brothers."

The immediate thought Harry had was Dumbledore won't like this. Then he inwardly groaned. What did they expect from him? Was he supposed to move in with his brothers? Were they even settled down? He knew for sure that the Dursley's would never let his brothers stay. And he couldn't honestly blame them. Who in their right mind would want a complete stranger moving into their family home out of the blue? And did his brothers actually want anything to do with him?

Suddenly another thought struck him. Why didn't anyone tell him of his older brothers? If not the professors why not Sirius or Remus? It never occured to him to disbelieve the Preventers. Despite being only nearly fourteen and spending three years in a world that had no idea what DNA was and the bad effects incest caused he was well aware you could not trick DNA. He was not so naive.

He rubbed at his forehead. He felt a headache was coming.

"I understand it's a bit of a surprise." the blond teen said smiling appologetically at him. Harry missed the glare the blond aimed at Duo. "Why were you five sent to tell me? I'me sure you have more important things to do than to wait for me to come home to tell me this." "We were sent because your older brothers are Heero and Trowa." the black haired boy with a ponytail said. He sounded bored with the whole thing. A frown was on his face.

Harry on the otherhand sat on his trunk. He put his head in his hands in defeat. Things weren't good at all. He just had to have two Preventers for brothers. Two Preventers who hadn't even spoken to him yet. He wondered if they even wanted anything to do with him.

A snort escaped him. Grow up; he thought. He had wanted someone to come take him away all his life. He'd dreamt, and wished, and even preyed to any deity out there. Now he had not only the Dursleys but a godfather and two brothers. Fate just really loved to play with him. "I know it's a bit of a shock. Your probably happy with your situation as it is. But we would at least like to get to know you. So if it's all right with your relatives we would like to take you to dinner." the blond went on after a moment.

Harry couldn't help looking at his uncle. Would the man let him go? He wasn't even sure he wanted to go.

"Fine." Uncle Vernon grunted after a moments deliberation.

"Great! Lets get your stuff in your room Harry." Duo said, bouncing over. Harry stood up and grabbed one end of his trunk.

Duo and Trowa helped Harry with his trunk. They dropped it off in his room. Harry noticed Duo eying the catflap, but he didn't bring it up which relieved Harry.

He trailed silently after the five teens. They climbed into the car. Quatre drove and Wufei sat in the passenger seat. Harry found himself sitting between Duo and Heero. Trowa sat between Wufei and Quatre. "No offense Harry, but I'm glad we're away from them." Duo said sighing as they drove away from the house.

"None taken." Harry said faintly. He would have probably said something like, "That's how I feel every time I go to school," but he was still in shock. He couldn't believe that two of these boys were his brothers.

"So. What school do you go too?" Trowa finally spoke to him. "Hogwarts Prep." Harry said.

"Do you like it there?" Duo asked after snorting in amusement at the name. "Yeah. It's like home I guess." Harry said. He wondered if there was a way to get out of the interogation, but seeing as they were Preventers and he was stuck in the same car; he doubted it.

"You don't like your relatives." Heero spoke up from beside him. The way he asked made it sound like a statement instead of a question. His voice was flat and Harry really wished he could leave. He amused himself for a second imagining how things would have been if he was able to live with Sirius.

"Their my relatives." Harry evaded quietly. He didn't want to get into it with these boys. He probably wouldn't have known about them if he had gone off with Sirius.

"You didn't answer his question." Trowa pointed out.

"No. We don't get along." Harry sighed in answer to Heero's question. A part of him was uncomfortable that it was his supposed brothers interrogating him the most.

They pulled in front of a restraunt and Harry followed them inside. They took their seats and had ordered their drinks when a girl's voice spoke up.

"Harry? Harry is that you?" Hermione said, coming over.

"Hi Hermione. Fancy seeing you so soon." Harry said eyeing the girl nervously. "Harry James Potter what are you doing here?" Hermione demanded glaring at her best friend. Harry gulped and shrank away from the angry witch.

"Having dinner to get to know my brothers?" Harry asked more than stated. "Your. Your brothers?" Hermione faltered.

"Yeah. I just found out today."

"But we would have heard. I mean one of them would have told us." Hermione stammered looking towards the Preventers,

"Friend of yours Harry?" Duo asked cheerfully.

"She's one of my best friends from school. Her name's Hermione Granger." Harry said.

"Nice to meet ya. I'm Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie. This is Heero, Quatre, Trowa and Wuffers."

"It's Wufei." Harry said quietly as the teen glared at Duo. "Nice to meet all of you." Hermione said smiling politely to the group. She then turned her attention back to Harry.

"You should write him Harry. See what he has to say."

Harry nodded his agreement. He knew she meant Sirius.

"I was planning on it."

"I can't believe they would keep something like that from you." Hermione went on, tugging lightly at a strand of hair.

"They kept him a secret. we wouldn't have found out if we didn't over hear." Harry reminded her. She smiled slightly at her best friend.


Two Days Prior with the Pilots

The five exgundam pilots entered commander Une's office. They sat as she motioned for them too and waited for her to speak.

"We received hits on two of you in the DNA database." Une said getting straight to the topic.

"We've recieved confirmation that 01 and 03 are twins."

"Wait. Heero and trowa are twins? How can this be?" Duo blurted out. "If you will let me finish Maxwell That's not all. We've recieved confirmation that they have another brother. A younger brother by the name of Harry Potter."

"If that is the case why isn't he here?" Quatre asked.

"There's some complications. Mr. Potter's records are very lacking. We pulled his files along with his parents. James Potter only had a birth, marriage, and death certificate. No school records or medical records. Lily Potter ne Evans has medical records until she turned seventeen, but her school records stop at age eleven. It struck me as odd as she was a very bright student. Young Mr. Potter has a birth certificate. He's also had schooling until he too turned eleven. Then just as his mother, his records stop. However he never had medical records. Mr. Potter's school records weren't very good. And there was no guardianship papers given to his relatives, the Durslys."

The pilots sat in silence for a moment.

"You want us to find answers." Wufei said.

"Yes. This is very unnerving that someone could just disappear for years at a time. Even for lifetimes." Une said handing over the files for them to look at.

"What about the relatives? Is there anything on them?" Trowa asked. "Petunia Dursley nee Evans is Lily Potter's sister. She was an average student and her medical records are average. She married Vernon Dursley a businessman working for a drill company called Grunnings. They have a son named Dudley Dursley. He's an abismal student according to records, but better than his cousin. There isn't much else." Une explained handing them three more files.

They spent the next day reading up on the family. Duo complained about how boring the Dursleys were. They contacted the family and asked for Harry Potter. Mrs. Dursley informed Trowa that the boy wouldn't be home until the next day.

On the specified day they drove to Number Four Privet Drive and knocked on the door.

"This place is boring. There's no differences. How can somebody not get lost?" Duo grumbled.

"Be quiet Maxwell." Wufei snapped just before the door opened. "Mrs. Dursley?" Wufei asked.

"what is it?" demanded the woman who resembled a horse with a giraffe's neck. "We called you yesterday about meeting a Mr. Harry Potter." Wufei said frowning at the woman's manners. He really wanted to teach her some respect.

"Very well come in. Vernon's picking him up from the train station." she said leading them into the living room where a fat whale-like boy sat on the sofa.

A couple moments later they heard a car pull into the driveway. They heard doors slamming and then a man entered stomping over to sit with the woman and boy. The man to Duo's amusement resembled a walrus.

Behind the man came a small boy. If they hadn't known he was thirteen they would have taken him for ten he was so small. His hair was jet black, it was as messy as Heero's. His eyes on the otherhand were the same bright emerald green as Trowa's. His skin was pale and he would have looked innocent if it wasn't for the haunted expression in his eyes. The same expression the pilots had, the one none of the Dursleys possessed.

"Mr. Potter?" Quatre asked the newcomer.

"Yes?" the boy replied warily. He eyed them suspeciously, as if he was checking for a threat.

Quatre introduced them. He mentioned them being Preventers which didn't seem to surprise the boy. Instead he seemed more guarded than before.

Quatre asked if he had heard about the database.

"I've heard, yes." the boy said more on edge. Quatre tried to ease the boy into the news slowly, but Duo seemed to have other ideas. He told Harry about his twin brothers right after the boy had asked if the hit wasn't in fact his aunt and cousin.

The boy stared at them for a few minutes. He rubbed his forehead as if to get rid of a headache. Quatre appologized for Duo's rash actions. But then the boy asked them a hard qquestion. He had asked why they had been sent. The pilots couldn't very well say that they were there because of is files.

In the end it was Wufei that answered. He told the boy which one of them were his brothers. Making it seem as if they were sent because their companions were his relatives. Which in itself wasn't a lie, but not the whole truth.

The boy sat upon the trunk he'd brought into the house. He put his head in his hands. Quatre felt bitterness filling the boy. A snort of wry amusement escaped the boy as he sat. He seemed deep in though.

Quatre found himself inviting the boy to dinner. Harry to the teens surprise had looked slightly shocked at his uncle's agreement. As if he'd expected the man to be angry and deny them.

Duo and Trowa helped Harry with his trunk. Duo felt suspecious about the catflap. He would need to talk to the others. He had a feeling Harry was being abused or at the least neglected.

Harry gave them vague answers as they drove to the restraunt. But of course that was to be expected. They were complete strangers claiming to be his brothers. Trowa and Heero didn't even talk to him until the interrogation.

As they sat in the restraunt a bushy haired girl came over. Harry called her Hermione and revealed that she was a friend at school. They seemed to be speaking in code near the end. Hermione had wanted him to write to someone.

Instead of pushing Harry they changed the subject. Soon Harry and Duo were arguing over something trivial. Heero and Wufei rolled their eyes. Trowa watched on in silent amusement while Quatre laughed. They droped Harry off at the Dursley's and went to the house Quatre had set up for them.

"so did you guys get anything?" Quatre asked as they sat in the sitting room. "He's hiding things." Heero stated.

"Yeah. I got that too. But I also got that he doesn't trust easily." Quatre sighed sadly.

"He doesn't like his relatives." Trowa added.

"No arguments there. I don't like them either." Duo laughed. "Maxwell." Wufei growled.

"I think he's at the very least neglected possiblely abused." Duo said brushing off Wufei's irritation and becoming serious.

"What makes you think that?" Quatre asked.

"Well for one thing there was no warm greetings. They didn't even really acknowledge each other. Another thing is that when we helped him with his trunk I saw a catflap on his bedroom door. Plus most of the things in that room were second hand."

"You saw that too then." Trowa said.

"Yeah. plus they didn't even say goodbye. And they way he considers his school a home. You remember his grades. They were horrible." "But that's all speculation. We can't do anything unless Harry tells us and we have proof." quatre said.

"We found a friend we can look up." Wufei said.

"He's had to grow up too fast. He has the same look we do." Quatre finished. "Tomorrow we look up Hermione Granger." Heero said. Everyone nodded and they trooped off for bed.

The next day the pilots looked for Hermione Granger's information. They also looked up Hogwarts Prep. The webpage for the school was barely anything and it hadn't been updated for years. Hermione Granger on the other hand was another strange case. She was the daughter of two dentists. She was very bright and had her school records and medical records fine until age eleven. Then she too vanished for the school year.

"We're not getting anywhere with this. Hogwarts website is barely there and the students just disappear off all databases. does the school keep everything in paper form?" Duo ranted after five straight hours of searching.

"Duo." Quatre said trying to calm his friend.

"And it's not like Harry trusts us. He wouldn't tell us." Duo continued. He paced the room like a caged animal.

"Maybe we should gain his trust. Then maybe he would tell us. Besides, if we got his trust Heero and Trowa would get to know their brother." quatre said.

Duo stopped pacing and turned to his friend.

"Ya know. Your right. We should spend more time with Hary. Our only problem is the Dursleys."

"We make it beneficial. They're the type of people that will do anything if it would benefit them." Heero said looking up from the laptop.

"So we offer to keep Harry out of their sight during the day. If they are as Duo suspects they'd jump at the opportunity." quatre said taking a sip of tea. And so Harry's life began to change. Along with the path to his destiny.