Mark: Most Likely

Title: Revendell's Secret Revealed

category: Harry Potter Lord of the Rings

Character: Harry Potter, Legolas Greenleaf, Elrond, ?

Pairings: Harry/Legolas ?

Summary: Harry's an elfling and the elves know exactly who he is. They had given him up for dead when he vanished, but fate is not done with him. He will return to Arda and the fate of lord Elrond's youngest child will pursue him between worlds and across Arda itself during a time of war. And with his return Revendell's silent and therefore secret grief shall be revealed and the tale of the lost prince told.


the Tale of the Lost Prince

It had not been any grievous injury that had sent lord Elrond's beloved across to the undying lands. Nor was it because of her that the twins Elladan and Elrohir hunted orcs. But there was another reason, one which no elf spoke of. One which the elves of Revendell suffered in silence.

It is time for the truth to come out. It has been kept silent for far too long. The truth must be spoken for those to come next. The story of the youngest elven prince on Arda.

The fire burnt in the grate high in the city of Gondor. A child entered the room and sat upon the rug. He peered curiously up into the occupant's face.

"You promised a story."

"I did. What do you want to hear?" the other asked. The fire danced merrily, throwing the person's face into shadow.

"Tell me the story about the lost elven prince.

I've never heard that one." the child spoke.

"Ah. Yes. The tale of an elfling who has been through so much. Very well. I shall tell you the tale." the other replied.

"But first let me get drinks ready. Let's see, how about tea, our young hero loves a nice cup of tea."

The figure rose and moved gracefully around the room. Presently the bustle died down and a kettle hung over the fire. Two cups of tea sat upon a small table and the child and storyteller sat comfortably before the flickering flames.

"Now will you tell me the story?" the child asked.


The tale began many years ago. Lord Elrond was a blessed elf indeed. He not only had a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter, and a set of twin sons, but his wife was just giving birth to a fourth child. And all the elves celebrated the coming of such a child, the youngest elf yet was prince Legolas of Mirkwood. Lord Elrond named his youngest child Elrilant. His hair was as black as night and his eyes were the deep green of a jungle. He was beloved by all and the elves celebrated for many months. They would have celebrated longer if not for certain events.

A year after Elian's birth tragedy struck. Lord Elrond and his family went into mourning. For their lovely child had been stolen. They searched high and low. But there was never a sign of the babe. And so, the lady of Revendell sailed away, heartbroken for her lost son. The twins could do nothing more than hunt orcs, hoping to find the small child somewhere in the wilderness. And no elf ever spoke of the missing prince again.

The child looked up at the storyteller.

"But what happened to the prince?" he asked.

"Where did he go? Who kidnapped him? Were its orcs? And if elves didn't talk about him how do you know what happened?"

"Most of your questions will be answered in the story. I shall tell you though, orcs had nothing to do with his kidnap."

"Then who was it?" the child insisted.

"You shall have to wait and see my friend. I have only just begun to tell you my tale."