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Kariya could felt the cold dread radiating from the summoning circle, no it was putting it lightly as the dread he felt caused all the worm to squirm in fear. From the corner of his only good eye he can see his 'father' frozen in fear.

He dares to look at the summoning circle, the presence if his servant was covered in a hazy mist that enveloped the entire room, gathering his bravery he was about to ask his servant identity but it was cut off before a word can be spoken.


The simple word silenced everything in the room, no disgusting crawling sound of the worm, not even a heartbeat can be heard but the sound of fabric scraping the floor and a light footstep, Kariya soon look at his servant among the thick hazy mist.

There are no discernable features, only a pitch-black veil covered its body by the entirety. The disgraced son of Matou could felt cold sweat starting to drench his back as he gazes to the servant 'face' there was no feature to make off, nothing to figure out what his servant is. His dread rises when his so-called servant raised its arm and slowly descending to him. He closes both of his eyes accepting fate but what come next is unexpectable. A pat to the shoulder, he looked at his servant its hand is patting his shoulder.

Relax, ease you burden. Let the pain subside and pass.

He doesn't know why, but each syllable spoken by his servant gave him an uncomfortable kind of comfort, its like a sensation of drowning in a deep ocean, it took all his remaining will power to not fall asleep. Breathing heavily but in a relaxed pattern his servant walked to Zouken, who took a step back gripping his cane, the decrepit worm asked a question.

"what, are you?" The old worm didn't want to admit but in his long life this was the few times he felt fear.

You wish this worm to suffer no?

Zouken look to Kariya, he needs to act now! What ever this servant has in mind will not work if his master is held hostage, with a sick grin he willed the crest worm to spill Kariya blood. But that never happen. Zouken felt wrong, no his entire body felt wrong its like he is surrounded by deep waters, pulling him, crushing him from all sides.

The deep could always use a bottom feeder.

There is no scream, no resistance. All Kariya could see beyond the hazy mist is a baleful white and black twisting and turning like a sinkhole in the middle of space devouring Zouken. He coughed and slumped against the wall, the worm inside him they suddenly began to die, no its like something took control of the worm from him and used it to support him instead.

The veiled servant walked to him once more, turned its head in a curious manner while looking at the dying man, it seems to cup its hand on the chin area before long the servant crouched at Kariya level.

"wha-what are you?" Kariya manage to speak while coughing a few times, there was no response but the servant seems to notice there is a language barrier between them. No, it was not a language barrier it was something more like a divide between them.

The servant held the Veil that cover their entire body by the head and pulled it over.

"Aoi?" Kariya only word came out when the veil has been removed, what stand in front of Kariya is the woman he once loved, no its his servant wearing the image of Aoi. Kariya gripped the wall and half shouted with a demanding tone. "What are you?!"

'Aoi' only held her palm out and pushed Kariya down once more gently resting him against the wall, before speaking, with the same tone, same voice as Aoi always used.

"we are not this 'Aoi' you speak about, without a familiar form this form of communication cannot be achieved between us."

The mannerism caught Kariya off guard it felt Inhumane no matter how it looks, but with Zouken dead then Sakura should be safe, with a grunt he stood up and began to walk toward the stairs, intending to find the girl and get her out. Before he finishes ascending the ladder, he looked at his servant. "can you change your form? Don't wear her face in front of Sakura."

His servant shook her head before looking at the man once more. "I took the form of this woman, as she is your trauma. I can shed this form if you wish." With that word the Servant took the Veil once more and soon Kariya didn't see any bodily feature poking from the Veil.

'what kind of heroic spirit are they?' Kari thought as the pair exited the basement as he made his way up to the second floor to the room leaving the summoned servant on the first floor. The servant looked around the house curiously, looking at paintings and other furniture's around.

"pre-golden age." It was a curious feeling, this pattern is unique even for the Gardener to even follow here would be extremely difficult, but there is a familiar pattern in the air. Conflict, competition, death, survival of the fittest. Someone made the sword logic into a sport it seems, if they could grin then they would have the largest grin ever. Another factor that their presence in the world seem to be cloaked under the identity of a 'servant'. Not in the traditional sense as the worms or any other enemy of the light. A name, yes, they would need a name for this form.

They heard a creak of the stair and turned around to look at the 'master' who carry a child behind him, she looked so weak and tender unbefitting of the sword logic.

"let's leave this place."

The servant only nodded as they helped open the door and closing it once they left the accursed house.

'Kariya Matou. What an interesting man you are.'

"Father, Caster have been summoned." Kirei reported to his father who was standing before the altar who gave him a nod but he looked back at his son and asking.

"what of Berserker? Have the mad servant been summoned?" Risei asked his son whom looked at him and reply with a small hint of confusion.

"no father. The Berserker servant was not summoned but something else filled the spot."

Risei rubbed his chin, in worry that an irregular class have been summoned to fill the role of Berserker like what the Einzbern did during the Third holy grail war. Replacing the standard berserker class, the question still remain what class have replaced the Berseker? Is it weak as the Avenger summoned during the third? Or stronger?

Sadly, for the old man of the church his question was answered by the latter. As the battle of the holy grail shall begin in the coming day.

"as I said. I cannot combat other servant by my self." The servant explained the current predicaments within the apartment belong to Kariya, its badly manage and almost rotten in appearance. As only the bedroom seems decent enough as he places the young girl named Sakura to the bed. Soon both pairs found themselves at the living room. Now begin the questioning about his servant.

Kariya sighed at his servant, he asked for their combat ability and turn out they can't even fight in direct combat by itself. But there is some redeeming quality of his servant offensive power that is the secondary Noble Phantasm. Before he forgets he need to ask the class, its clear that this servant is not a Berserker at all.

His servant only looked at him before pulling the veil once more, Kariya knew that whatever form his servant take stem from trauma and events linked to it. As right now he uses the form of that Bastard Tokiomi, it really takes all of Kariya will power not to punch his own servant when he uses the face of that bastard of a father.

"what is your wish? It has been fulfilled yes?" The servant wearing Tokiomi image said, a small mercy the attitude and tone are not the same.

"I don't know, Sakura is safe that matter now but, I can't just forgive that bastard for what he did to Sakura." Kariya balls his fist in anger as he mentions what Tokiomi, he would never forgive that man, knowing that person ego he would summon the strongest Heroic spirit, he doesn't know how his servant will contend in direct combat but knowing the nature of the Noble phantasm his servant hold there is a chance.

Before Kariya can put a decent plan together he needs the Name of the class. "what is your class? You can't be a Berserker that is for sure."

His servant laughs as the image of Tokiomi faded away, veiled once more the servant raised both of its arms and introduced itself.

Kariya, my 'master'. This vessel you can call it.

There was a small pause, less then a second the servant spoke the class container have been placed on itself.


Kariya was breathing heavily as he felt the form are agitated, they are not eating him but the sensation of them squirming and twisting inside is uncomfortable as the veins on his face began to bulge and pulsate. He looked at his right arm, the red spiral of a command seal is still there on the back of his hand but below it was seven black triangles extending down to his right.

He slumped down on a wall near the docks, thanks to his servant he manages to be there to at least make an introduction and maybe kill Tokiomi own servant. With the worm familiars now black and white in coloration, his servant said they are now 'taken' what ever the meaning is he manages to spy on the competition. But his focus is on the golden servant, wearing a golden armor with a spiked-up hair and red eyes with a portal that seem to shoot out Noble Phantasm like a machine gun. Really fit Tokiomi own ego.

Taking a deep breath as he steadies his breath, once calmed enough he look at the top triangle below his command seal, and making sure the enemy are not expecting the appearance of this 'nightmare'. He gave the order as the name came naturally to him.

"Kill him. Crota."

"Berseker?!" Saber quickly moved to protect her master an Albino woman who is the Einzbern Homunculus who play the role of her master, a detestable tactic but a needed one, she held her sword in a defensive position as her instinct told her so, after years of combat her instinct are quite sharp in detecting point of danger, from the corner of her eyes she could see almost all servant entered a defensive pose even rider gripped the rein on his Chariot, Lancer held his both of his spears up as well.

A crimson orb with ghostly tendrils growing around it manifested, she could see a hint of green within, where is the servant? And what is this hazy fog that suddenly appear?

"Saber." Irisviel called saber in a hushed tone, she was hugging herself shivering at the fog. "w-we need to get out of here." Before saber could fulfill the order, the orb split open no it was ripped from the inside by a giant sword alongside a baleful green flame erupting incinerating the orb. Slamming the ground below in a kneeling position before standing up.

What appear from the orb is unlike any creature saber ever saw in her life, seven meter in height covered in chitinous armor that is burning in baleful fire, from there the king of Britain could see three glowing eyes. Her gaze soon falls to the bade the creature use to rip open the orb. More of a cleaver made of unknown material that looked like bones, at first it may look like a brutish weapon but Saber can feel how many lives the blade has taken.

"what monstrosity is that?" Lancer asked, feeling sick at the presence of the creature as he bit his lower lip until a small trace of blood, he never faced anything reassembling that creature. It scares him.


"calm down boy, its not focused on us." Rider assured his master, its true the monstrosity is glaring at the golden Archer whom took it as a direct insult.

"you dare to gaze upon me?" without looking the golden ripples rotated toward the monstrous servant, the weapon that have been poking out of the gate suddenly gain a golden shimmer and began to shake as its being filled with forces and could fire at any second. "may your corpse entertain me. Mongrel."

And the nameless noble phantasms were shot from the ripple to the servant at a high speed impacting the servant, the golden archer looked at it impassively. Seeing the smoke produced by the explosion and the silence of the servant made Archer scoffed a little at the servant, he moved his gaze to the fakes who dare to call themselves kings, loading another noble phantasm from the treasury and preparing to give his judgement.

Only if not for a titanic step and a gigantic sword nearly cleave the Archer in half if not for a timely reaction to dodge, as the blade effortlessly cut down the poke and the ground beneath the beast pulled it out and seem to be taunting Archer further invoking the golden king wrath.

"You dare! You must long for a painful death you cur!" Archer said in anger as golden ripples began to open and showing more nameless noble phantasms all pointed to the titanic monstrosity. "I who belong in the heavens yet you dare to force me to thread on the grounds! Your impudence has guaranteed your death!"

The monstrosity of a servant looked impassively at the weapons, none of them scare him, he has slain light bearers by the thousand, this 'guardians' would make a worthy food for his worm. As he held his blade tighter putting a stance that have brought him victory upon victory, this battle will end like the foolish band of Guardians whom he has slaughtered.

Foreigner chuckled at the sight of the golden servant trying to fight back, the manmade weapons did nothing to Crota as only a true weapon of light can truly kill him, they are enjoying this 'sport' too much, this Holy grail war is nothing more but a sport running the Sword logic as its basis. Truly that particular pattern is such a joy to watch.

Competition, death, survival of the fittest that is the very pinnacle of existence, the ingredient of growth is conflict, thousand even millions of species spread around the star are all susceptible to this law. War will happen, death shall follow and then growth. The hive is this, sowed in conflict, to live and die by conflict and war just to survive.

It looked at the horizon of the world, it lacks protection and blessing of light but protected by its own pattern, an alarm that would trigger if they play the wrong hand. This world, have it been invaded by something like him? He could feel the far past, conflict, war against each other but most importantly extinction event.

Interesting. But the musing was cut off as they felt Kariya was weakening he won't be able to sustain Crota by hate and trauma alone, perhaps lending the man the hive price was a foolish choice indeed. Doesn't matter, the others don't know he still have other hands to play.

It's time for their introduction after all.

"Kariya, I believe it's time we be polite and introduce ourselves." Foreigner spoke but there is no reply but intense coughing and groaning. Truly his 'master' is a handful.

The golden archer was pushed to a corner, the accursed blade that have broke more of his treasury is slowly descending intending to cleave the servant in half. Only that never happened as the servant suddenly disappear in a mist of red, confused the archer Growled in anger and annoyance, he swore he will kill what ever master that thing belong to, how dare such creature trample his garden.

With an audible 'tch' he turned his back not before shooting a spear from his treasury clearing the mist allowing everyone a clear sight of a new arrival.

The servants as well the masters could see this new arrival and it bear a signature belonging to a servant, but if berserker have been dealt with who is this servant? No can it even be called a servant.

"what are you, mongrel…" Archer growled, his mood has become even foul than before, there was no reply from the veiled servant whom only shook its head, a cruel amusement, is this wat stood before him and the golden cup? A wish granting device would not tempt them not they need it.

The veiled servant began to walk forward. Instinctively some of them took a step back, fear overruled them. This thing they face is Evil.

A few steps away from the heroes the veiled servant spoke.

What I am?

I am naught but the deep

Your plea has been answered

The voice felt like the crushing deep against them, its unbefitting to a berserker or even a Caster class servant. Its uncomfortable to them.

Don't you recognize us?

There was a small pause as the servant clasp both hands together and pointed it forward. After they have spoken then question, none recognize it, no one knew such evil in their life, but there is a dreaded sense of familiarity, like a whisper behind the ears during the darkest time.

Don't worry about your answer, we shall come to hear them

We, are not your enemy

We, are not your friend

For a fraction of a second everyone there could see it, master and servants could see it. Faces, not just any the face they see belong to their trauma, their tragedy, the face that scarred them throughout the life time.

We are your salvation.

And done!

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