The day after returning from Olympus, I called Chaos and asked him to appear before Nico, Leo, Annabeth and I.

"Chaos, we want to know the story of your dad Primos and your birth. How did people like the Norse and the Egyptians come into existence?" I asked.

"Alright," he said. "My father was the first being ever, as you know. He was the literal embodiment of life. But eventually, he became lonely. He had nothing to do except slumber peacefully. So he created four more gods. The first was my elder sister: Styx."

"Wait. Styx? As in the River Styx?" Annabeth asked, surprised.

"Yes. How do you think she can punish even the most powerful beings? Back then, she wasn't a river, but eventually she decided to settle down in the Underworld as the spirit of a river. Next was me. After me came Ra, who became the sun and created the solar system. Finally came Odin. All of us settled in Ra's solar system after I created Gaea, the earth. Because Ra created the solar system, the Egyptians are thought of as the oldest civilization despite coming after the Greeks. But soon jokes turned into fights between us. Odin went his way and created the Norse pantheon. Ra went and created the Egyptian pantheon. Once we settled, we became friends again. Our pantheons mingled easily. But eventually, we got into fights again. The fights elevated into a full-strength war. Eventually, we reached a treaty: the Treaty of Eternity. This treaty holds all of the Ancient Laws we now speak of. According to the Treaty, we cannot mix the pantheons or let any know of the others' existence. Before letting you into Valhalla, Percy, or letting the Kanes help you out, I had to ask their respective pantheon leaders. When I changed time to let the Kanes help you, I thought this was the reason Annabeth betrayed you. But now that I found out she never did betray you, I am happy to have changed time. Back to the story. Soon after our division, my father Primos went a bit rogue. We were creating so many things, and he was barely worshipped. Worship was given to mainly us, his children. Eventually the four of us had to unite. We worked together to trap him in a maze we created, and it has lasted ever since. You probably remember "the maze of eternity" from the Great Prophecy. The maze we created was probably the one the prophecy was referring to. I have recently realized this maze has been opened, and it unleashed his power, that of the primordials' bane," Chaos said.

"Oh. So that's what the prophecy meant! Now I get why Primos is working against his own children. So do you have any ideas for what we should do to get the other pantheons' support?" Nico asked.

"First, go to the Norse. Ra will be more hesitant to help you. Odin has always been a helpful, reasonable guy. He is likely to realize that this is necessary for the fate of the world."

"Okay. But how do we get to the Norse? And what will we tell them when we get there?" I asked.

"I'll transport you to Valhalla, and take care of that problem. You'll need to make sure nobody finds out your identity, at least until you have talked to Odin," Chaos responded.

With that, Chaos snapped his fingers, and we collapsed to the ground.

I awoke gasping, every muscle in my body tingling with alarm.

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