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Fifteen year old Harry James Potter stared at the nearly half a number of hands raised in favor of his conviction for the charges of underage magic with mounting anger. These people wanted to expel him from the Wizarding World just because he had announced the return of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Although the number of votes for his expulsion was less than the majority, it did not mean that it was minimal. The difference between the votes could be counted on one hand. That was the last straw that broke the camel's back. Harry decided to go with the Plan B which was supported by people who mattered to him, and let the others do as they wished.

"Fine! Cleared of all charges." Minister Fudge proclaimed with a bang of his gravel looking completely disgruntled. "You are free to go now."

"Actually Minister, I would like to address the Wizengamot for a moment." Harry said.

"We are busy people, Potter. We don't have time to listen to the ramblings of a boy, even if you are the Boy-Who-Lived." Minister Fudge retorted.

"True. You do not have to listen to a boy, but when a Peer of the realm requests to address the Wizengamot, you do have a duty to allow it." Harry retorted making many of the members freeze in shock.

"That may be true Potter, but you are not a Peer of the realm. So you do not have the rights to address the Wizengamot." A lady who looked like a toad dressed in pink sneered.

"Dolores Umbridge, you are only here because of the Minister. Please stay silent if you do not know something instead of simply mouthing off. Lord Potter is indeed a peer of the realm." A short elderly witch with grey hair snapped.

"Be that as it may, Madam Marchbanks, but Mr. Potter is still a minor and he can only claim the Lordship at the age of seventeen." A mousy haired wizard replied.

"You are mistaken, Mr. Alderman. The minute a Lord passes away, the Heir becomes the Lord. The young Lord only takes the Wizengamot seat after the completion of his NEWTs so that they are not interrupted during their schooling with the Wizengamot meetings. But the Lord can request to address the Wizengamot any time he wishes and we have an obligation to listen to them." The short witch known as Madam Marchbanks repiled.

"Thank you, Madam. But even if I were a Minor, I was emancipated when the representatives of the Ministry on behalf of the British Minister of Magic, Mr. Barty Crouch, Mr. Ludovic Bagman and my previous Magical Guardian Headmaster Dumbledore, made me compete in an adult only tournament. Furthermore, to cement that decision, I was tried for underage magic in front of the entirety of the Wizengamot, which has never happened before. So, I hope you will now allow me to address this august body without any interruptions." Harry informed the Wizengamot, surprising many of the Lords with his knowledge and etiquette.

"You are indeed permitted to address the Wizengamot, Lord Potter. I am Tiberius Ogden, Duke of Edgemoor and the oldest member among Ancient and Noble Houses." A tall thin man who looked to be older than Dumbledore said cutting off any response from the Minister or his allies.

"Thank you, Your Grace. For those esteemed members who do not know, I'm Hadrian Potter, Duke of Avonlea and Heir to the Duke of Blackmore. I have now requested to address this august body to let you all know that the Avonlea and Blackmore seats will not be voting on any laws henceforth for the foreseeable future, effective immediately. The Proxy Lords for the above seats are suspended." Harry announced shocking the room, which soon erupted into angry shouts from most of the members.

"WHAT? But-"




Harry listened to most of the objections in silence and then looked up at the Duke of Edgemoor, who too looked on at the commotion in silence. After a few minutes of the objections not settling down, Lord Ogden let out a blast with his wand silencing the protestors.

"For those of you protesting that Lord Potter does not have the right to make such a decision, I can guarantee you that it is indeed within his rights to take such an action. As for your ... 'opinion and suggestion', Madam Umbridge, please know that, even if His Grace lacks maturity in his decisions, not that I agree with you, no one has the power to strip a Peer of the Realm of their title except for the King and that too, it is only possible with the approval of Mother Magic when the Peer's actions are against the betterment of the people. As for the reasons for his decisions and his knowledge, I will let His Grace explain." The Marquess of Laurelton, Lord Alexander Abott said.

Harry nodded in thanks to the Marquees before looking back at the other members. "I am perfectly aware of the consequences of my decisions. You will be unable to pass most of the laws requiring the majority votes with all the members of Ancient Houses voting. The reason for that ties up with what I have experienced now at this trial. Although the majority of you had voted to have me acquitted of the charges, the difference between the votes could be counted on one hand. Most of you would have voted for this differently before last June, you would have even objected to this farce of a trial where the Minister was trying to strong arm me into making myself look guilty, but now you want to condemn me because I am the messenger of bad news. The Minister wanted to object to hearing witnesses on my behalf stating that all of you were busy and not one of you objected to it. Is that how you are going to uphold the law? You people want to bury your heads in the sand, go ahead! But I stand by what I said last June, and it is true that the Dark Lord Voldemort has returned."

Ignoring the flinches and screams from most of the members, Harry continued.

"Earlier, when Professor Dumbledore reminded the Minister that my offence was not big enough to warrant a full trial, Minister Fudge said, and I quote this, 'laws can be changed easily', to which most of you agreed. A war is coming to our world which is going to affect the Political arena as well, after all their propaganda is that only purebloods deserve to have magic, despite the fact that their leader, the so called Lord Voldemort, is a half blood. You do not believe me? Go ahead and look up if there was any Voldemort in the Hogwarts roll at the time he was supposed to have attended. You can also look up one Tom Marvolo Riddle. 'I am Lord Voldemort' is the anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle." Harry noted a few faces among the dark faction who looked murderous while a select few also looked sick at the thought of kissing a half blood wizard's robes.

"So I can say with a hundred percent surety that laws will be proposed to make muggleborns or even magical beings like werewolves, veela and vampires a second class citizens. I also know for a fact that Madam Umbridge has already proposed new laws that label werewolves as creatures and it being illegal for them to hold a steady job. Let me ask you something. How do you expect werewolves to survive when holding a job is illegal? How do you expect to decrease the number of attacks when they do not have the means to buy the Wolfsbane Potion which is the only potion which helps in retaining their human mind during their transformed period or its ingredients to brew it themselves? Most of them would go into the muggle world, which would lead to increased chances of them infecting muggles and in turn increasing chances of exposure of our world to more Muggles." Harry stared at a few of the faces sneering down at him.

"I know that a few people present here were also there at the graveyard back in June, laughing at a fourteen year old boy being tortured with the Cruciatus Curse. With this situation in mind, how can I with a clear conscience keep my proxy's voting with my seat, when there is a chance that the new laws which would affect a few unfortunate citizens could be passed? On the other hand, if my seat was suspended, those major laws that affect any group of magical beings will not be able to be voted upon, and hence unable to be implemented. The Avonlea seat and the Blackmore seat will be revived once the current situation is rectified." Harry paused to see the effect his words had on the Wizengamot.

Madam Umbridge and Minister Fudge looked apoplectic while the Death Eaters looked murderous. On the other hand, most of the grey and light faction members looked thoughtful with a few of them even agreeing with his words.

"As for the removal of the Proxy Lords, well they are not who any Potter or Black had chosen for the corresponding seats, and hence as is my right, I am suspending them." He said.

"Your Grace, I would like to have something clarified. It has been rumored that the Heir to the Duke of Blackmore is Draco Malfoy. Now, you claim to be the Heir. May we know how it is that you are the Heir while you are not closely related to the Blacks, whereas Draco Malfoy's mother is a Black?" The Duke of Westhaven, Azarudeen Shafiq enquired.

Harry nodded his head in acknowledgement of the query and wondered how to broach that particular subject. He decided to tackle the bull by its horns.

"I am the son of the current Duke of Blackmore, Sirius Black."

"WHAT? That's impossible. Sirius Black was not married and he was also disowned. So by the laws, Draco Malfoy should be the current Duke of Blackmore." The Earl of Windham, Thaddeus Nott retorted.

"Unfortunately for Draco, it was not impossible, Lord Nott. Sirius Black was only disowned by his mother, not by the then Duke of Blackmore, His Grace Arcturus Black, nor his Heir, Lord Orion Black. Hence Sirius Black is indeed the Duke of Blackmore. As for how Sirius Black is my father, well, I was blood adopted by him with my parent's permission when I was three months old, after being hit by an infertility curse by Bellatrix Lestrange and an unknown Death Eater." Harry replied politely.

"But, it was Black who also sold you and your parents to You-Know-Who. How can you stand there and say that you are his son, so proudly?" Dowager Marchioness of Marwick, Augusta Longbottom asked befuddled.

"Sirius Black did not betray my birth parents, My Lady. It was Peter Pettigrew who committed that particular crime. Sirius was arrested and sent to Azkaban without even a courtesy of a trial. I informed the Minister when all this became known to me as well as the fact that along with my two friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, witnessed Peter Pettigrew transforming from and to his illegal rat form. The Minister was not ready to listen to us at that time as well instead accepting the words of a known death eater who still holds a grudge and school yard rivalry against my father James Potter and his friends, that we were confounded. Sirius Black escaped from hos illegal incarceration when he saw a picture of Peter in his animagus for posing as a pet rat. My adopted father realized that the rat was perfectly positioned for him to be able to kidnap and take me to his Master in case of any indication of Voldemort returning. Sirius Black gathered up his strength and escaped from an inescapable fortress in order to protect me. So yes Ma'am, I am proud to be the son of such a great man." Harry replied causing a lot of commotion from the members of the Ancient Houses because of the fact that a Peer was incarcerated without a trial.

"As for my last announcement, I have decided to transfer from Hogwarts to another school, in view of the slandering and bullying I have been subjected to since last November. If it had only been school wide, I would not have decided this, but the slandering continued through the Daily Prophet and many people have sent me cursed mail. Hence, I will also be suing the Daily Prophet and The Ministry for slander as well as kidnapping charges for the abduction of the Duke of Blackmore. Please be prepared to hear from my lawyer. Thank you for your continued patience and valuable time." Harry finished with a small bow of his head and walked out of the courtroom leaving behind the loud chaos.

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