Charmed Sons, Just Business.

It's only been a few weeks since Daniel Gordon has seen his biological mother, siblings, aunt and uncles and cousins. While it felt good to finally get some things off his chest. He wishes to never see the Halliwell flock again. He was happy with how his life is going right now. Yes, losing his father all those years ago still hurts him. But he chooses to believe his father's at peace or has perhaps been reincarnated. Things have finally gotten back to normal for the witch. Business was going okay, they were making a good profit not a great profit but a good profit. But all good things must come to an end apparently at least in Daniel's eyes. It all started a few days ago. Clara convinced, Daniel that he had already cast a dozen protection wards and cloaking spells to shield the inn from warlocks and demons. She told him, he was being paranoid, they had enough spells to ensure the safety of themselves and their visitors. "Spirits of old and spirits wise send this letter, to whom is the strongest amongst my kind, to send a message in hopes she would be so kind to offer support and guidance in this dark hour," Daniel chanted holding a folded piece of paper over a lit candle, the flame quickly consumes the letter. Daniel then waited a moment before blowing the candle out.

Over in San Francisco in the iconic and well-known manor in the magical community, Piper lies in the kitchen, she places three trays into the oven. Cookies are one of her favourite things to bake as so many of her families love to consume them. She could make fifty cookies and you would be lucky for them to last for three days. Piper feels something unusual in her right jeans pocket. Curious Piper felt inside said pocket and pulls out a folded piece of scorched paper. Piper frowned confused slightly, she had never had this happen before. She unfolds the scorched piece of paper and reads it silently to herself in her head.

Mrs Halliwell, under normal circumstances I wouldn't consider making any form of contact with you or any member of the Halliwell/Warren line of witches. Even matters which concern magic, but with regret, this is not normal circumstances. I seek to ask the help of a Charmed One the eldest to be specific with a foe. Whilst my own power lacks the ability to vanquish my current foe, I believe that the joint efforts. Of a Charmed One and myself would be enough. If you choose to help him with this demon then meet me at the inn in three days, I'll be there from nine to two. If you decline my request to help me vanquish this foe. I will not hold it against you, I will simply seek out the demon and find a way to contain the demon in a remote location where it can do no harm. Although vanquishing the piece of demonic filth I would prefer. My only request that if you do choose to help me with this demonic problem. That you keep this hidden and reveal it to no one. None of your children, husband, brothers-in-law even nieces or nephews any relation must not know. As I do not wish the relation between the two of us to be known by any other, I do not consider it to be relevant and of any use to them. Regards Daniel Gordon. PS After reading this destroy this letter.

Piper folded the scorched letter and placed it back in the pocket she found it in. She took a few steps away from the oven overwhelmed. Daniel had made it very clear back when the Halliwells visited his inn for a week. That he never wanted anything to do them. He desired no form of contact NOTHING! He had requested her help despite his pride and clear destain of her. She couldn't imagine destroying the letter, this was the only piece of handwriting she has of Daniel. She doesn't have Mothers Day cards, birthday cards not even a Christmas card. Sure she has birthday cards and Christmas cards, she has written out for Daniel but never sent instead. She sealed them away in a small chest with her magic, so only she could open it. She wanted to see Daniel again, of, course, she did. She hated how things were left off on the last day of the inn. And right now, she would take whatever chance which was thrown at her. Keeping her word, she revealed nothing to anyone. She did, however, put the scorched letter in her chest allowing it to exist. But for no one to know of it. Three days pass and Piper went off to the inn driving in her car. She lied to her family telling her she was visiting an old friend who she met. When she worked at a bank prior to her Charmed One days.

Over at the inn, Daniel was terrified if she didn't come then he would have to face the demon alone. He wasn't afraid not a single bit, he has faced countless demons in his lifetime and he would until the day he died. What he was terrified of was being unable to free Clara his best friend someone who means the world to him. He is sitting down on a chair next to a fireplace looking down at his book of shadows. It wasn't and would never be the Halliwell Book of Shadows and he was grateful for that. It was a spellbook created in his early childhood. Back when his father Dan, found a coven in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Who was kind enough to take him under their wing. He remembers the coven of New Orleans' French Quarter fondly, they taught him everything he knows. They believed that each book of shadows didn't belong to one bloodline but to every coven. They believed witches had an obligation to look out for one another and protect one another. A book of shadows should never be created alone was one of their beliefs. Each book of shadows both had to be unique but also pray tribute to book of shadows that came before them. So, when the time arrived for Daniel to create one of his own. It wasn't as straight forward compared to other books of shadows creation. Daniel's book of shadows is bound in light brown leather. Most of the pages which are bound in this book belonged to an older book of shadows which were heavily damaged or destroyed.

"You came Mrs Halliwell," Daniel said.

"Can't-miss another demon vanquishing," Piper replies awkwardly.

"Well, I've got a spell and potion to vanquish the demon," Daniel says.

"What kind of demon is this guy?" Piper asks.

"Sirius was a former second hand to one of the previous sources and a former Triad member. He has been collecting various demonic and Wiccan powers over the centuries. He's slowly been claiming vast pieces of land as territory for himself," Daniel answered.

"Anything specific about the land, he claims?" Piper asked.

"Yeah, the areas, he claims all have two things in common, there either a piece of land where powerful magical beings have once lived or powerful magical beings who have yet to have been conceived to live. I'm thinking he wants to harvest any residual magical energy left in those areas. And possibly set up demonic growth plantations there," Daniel answers.

"Preventing future generations of good to settle down at least not without a big fight," Piper says.

"Yes, it must have sensed my presence, my magical signature and came to the inn and attacked. But all the protection, cloaking spells, weren't enough me and Clara spend so much time around each other. When he attacked he mistook her for being a witch," Daniel said.

"What did he do to her?" Piper asked she hoped the demon didn't vanquish her but that was a low chance.

"He turned her to stone," Daniel sighed, looking incredibly guilty, he should have put stronger spells around the inn to ward the demon off.

"So, when we vanquish Sirius, we should, in theory, reverse his dark magic," Piper assumed.

"Hopefully, otherwise I'm gonna have to come up with some spell or potion," Daniel says.

"Where is she?" Piper asks.

"The kitchen, exactly where he left her," Daniel answers. The two discussed in great detail their plan on bringing down Sirius. They both needed to be prepared more than prepared. They had one chance to get him and Daniel would be dammed if he would fail in vanquishing Sirius. He would be even more dammed if he would fail at saving Clara.

They had decided to summon Sirius in an environment where they would be at their best advantage. The best-suited environment turned out to be the family mausoleum belonging to Clara.

"Magic forces black and white reaching out through space and time. Be he far or be he near bring Sirius the demonic scumbag here," Daniel chanted reading from a piece of paper.

"Demonic scumbag, who uses scumbag in a spell?" Piper criticised.

"Demonic scumbag was me being nice, Mrs Halliwell," Daniel replies, seconds later a whirlwind of manifest before them that comes and goes for a few seconds leaving behind Sirius. Piper quickly smashes a potion which prevents Sirius from fleeing through the means of magical transportation. Just before Sirius can properly respond to his new environment, he is thrown back crashing into a stone pillar through Daniel's telekinesis. Sirius gets back to his feet.

"Witches, I thought I got the last one," Sirius snarled.

"Nah, you just pissed the last witch off," Daniel snapped, as he deflects a large energy ball back at Sirius. Sirius just absorbs the energy ball and stands unaffected. Sirius angry at Daniel throws both witches back into two different pillars. The two witches grunt in pain briefly and find themselves diving all over avoiding a dozen energy and fireballs. Piper blasted Sirius several times until he loses an arm. But it reforms a second later. Sirius retaliates by throwing a powerful stream of fire with electricity towards the witches. Daniel using telekinesis deflects knocking Sirius back. The battle lasted for another twenty minutes. Until Piper and Daniel were able to get the upper-hand and vanquish him. The explosion from Sirius' vanquish threw both witches across the mausoleum. Piper recovered straight away. But Daniel was knocked out cold.

Hours pass and when Daniel finally come around, he finds himself lying down on one of the couches in the inn's living area. Daniel rubs his eyes and the back of his neck and sits up god he was sore every part of him aches so hard.

"Danny, you're okay," A voice the witch could never forget said, his eyes quickly locate the owner of the voice when his vision becomes clearer.

"Never mind me, you're not stone," Daniel replies as he practically jumps off the couch to embrace Clara in a hug.

"How long was I out so to speak?" Clara asks.

"A couple of days," Daniel answers, "I'm just glad you and the baby are safe," Piper's attention is caught while she sits on an armchair.

"You two are having a child," Piper assumed. Both Daniel and Clara turn to face Piper.

"Oh, hell NO!" Daniel responds earning a slap from Clara.

"What am I a troll?" Clara snapped. "No, you're just not my type sweetie," Daniel replied.

"So, who's the lucky guy?" Piper couldn't help but ask.

"A guy we met at college, he's the perfect gentleman unlike Danny boy over here," Clara answers.

"I've always had your back," Daniel protested.

"Oh like the time, you had dinner with me and my parents and you called my mother a pig in a cheap wig," Clara reminded the man.

"I'm sorry a pig has better table manners," Daniel apologises.

"Anything a laugh with this guy Mrs Halliwell," Clara says.

"I can see," Piper spoke.

"Still it's a shame, the baby to be won't have any cousins to play with from uncle Danny," Clara sighed.

"Sweetie, I wouldn't have cast that fertility spell. If I had any doubts that I would at any point would want to be a parent," Daniel tells Clara.

"I know it's just that I always imagined when having kids, that they would have a bunch of cousins to play with. Not just each other and I've seen how you are around kids," Clara responds.

"I know but even if there some very slim chance, I come to change my mind there always adoption," Daniel says.

"It's not that I'm ungrateful because I am so grateful for you doing that spell for me. It just sucks a little you know that I don't get to be an aunt as well as a mother," Clara said shedding a few tears.

"I should get going now," Piper announced.

"Oh, yeah I should let you out," Daniel replied before moving away from Clara and showing Piper to the front door. After showing Piper to the door, he stands on the front porch watching Piper get into her car before she finally drives off.

The End.