I felt num. All pretense of being silent vanishing as I punched nearby pole, falling to the ground as I kept repeating "no" over and over again. I didn't register that someone was behind me until I felt it rappe around my neck.

Yes. I can remember it squeeze the air out of me as I kept crying for my friend. 'Please don't be dead! Please don't be dead!'

I didn't even know that I closed my eyes until I reopen them, gasping at the site I saw before me. I was kneeling, before an opera house that I once thought destroyed. I was at the old opera Garnier, in Paris.

I only had one question running through my mind, 'When am I?'

I just sat there, staring. I died and fate decided to drop me in front of a supposedly destroyed building. 'I'm in heaven!' I mentally screamed.

I jumped up, forgetting, momentarily, about the dizziness I was under. That was, until I fell into someone. 'Wait what?' I looked up, meeting the yellow gaze of a man.

He was tall. I could feel the cool chil of his hands on my back, keeping me from falling to the ground. I couldn't see his face however, I just suppose it was because it was night. The mysterious man smelled of wood, clay, ink and old parchment. And before you think I have an obsession with smelling people, you can go ahead and throw that out the window, cause I don't!

I was brought back into the world of the living when he started speaking.

"Are you alright mademoiselle?"

His voice was deep and melodic. It was other worldly. It was... Beautiful.

"I... I'm fine sir, thank you... for catching me!" The man just nods before gently lowering me to my feet. I clasped my hands together nervously, glancing to the ground. There, I noticed an array of objects scattered about.

I was about to pick up the items, before a cool hand fell to my shoulder. I looked back up to the mysterious man's eyes. "Don't worry Madame, I'll get them. After all, a lady such as yourself shouldn't be doing all the work." He chuckles. Somehow I knew he was just trying to make a joke so i gave a small smile.

"We should go inside," He started, "It's starting to rain, and it is very early in the morning. Not very many normal people are awake at this time."

To prove his point, tiny, yet swift water droplets began to fall from clouds high above. I nodded, turning back to the large building to begin making my way up the steps.

I reached the door, raising my hand to grasp the knob. I hesitated. Turning to glance over my shoulder, I found that the man was gone.

Entering the Opera, I was surprised to find that no one was around. You'de think, this being an Opera-house, there'd be some maids or something along those lines working in here. But there wasn't.

I continued walking; the sound of my footfalls echoing off the walls and high ceilings. Lost in my thoughts, I didn't realize I was in the auditorium until I heard something that sounded like giggling teenage girls. 'Ooh! Help!' I thought as I quietly made my way toward it.

Note, I thought. I I wasn't expecting to turn the corner and see a bunch of young girls surrounding a man. I froze, the light from a torch on the wall touching everything in it's orange hue.

The man blinked.

I blinked back.

The girl nearest to me turned, giving a little jumpe as she did so.

She blinked too.

I gave another blink before my ears were salted with a high-pitched scream.

By this time, the rest of the ballet girls, I'm assuming, had turned around and was staring at something behind me. Their faces were as white as snow, little nimble hands with their index fingers pointing dramatically behind me. I cautiously turned around, only to be met with that same Erie, yellow gase of the man that was outside.

"Uhh... Hello..." I squeaked. Looks like it wasn't the night that was hiding his face from View after all. The man was wearing a mask, it was black and made of cloth. It cupboard his entire face. His lips, eyes, and half of his forehead the only things that could be seen.

I blinked again, for the person standing before me, was the Phantom of the opera, so obviously i did the only thing I could do.

I fainted.


Me: Here's the first official chapter of the story! And now, please welcome the cast of POTO with some bloopers!

Raoul: There's only one.

Me: Thanks for pointing out the obvious Mr. Rich Guy!

Raoul: (To Christine) What's with her?

Christine: (Shrugs)

Me: Whats with me?! What's with me? I'll tell you what's with me! You met Christine wants in your childhood, once Raoul and then you come back many years later declaring your love for Christine after she's practically already moved on to the Angel of Musi—

Erik: (covers my mouth) No!

Me: (raises eyebrow)

Erik: (turns pages in a book) Ahh! Voila! (Begins to read)

{Entering the Opera, I was surprised to find that no one was around. Do you think,} (I snicker) {this being at eyebrows, they would be some maids are people working in here.}

Raoul: That was—

Me: Shut up Raoul! It's not for you to decide, it's for the audience.

Christine: But theres just us.

Me: Oh! but Christine, Christine!

Erik: (Sings) ~Christine!~

Me: (Sings) ~Look with your heart and not with your eyes~

Raoul: I'm in a room with a bunch of—

Me: Raul, stop!

Raoul: Weirdos, a blind person, and my wife. What in heavens name is—

Erik: (Holds up the end of his Punjab lasso and smiles evilly)

Christine: (screams and faints)

Me: Au revoir Mon pas amimy!