Fandom: My Hero Academia
Pairings: Tenya Iida x OC (Miyata Oharu), other minor pairings
Rating: T+

Summary: The world has changed since the dawn of super heroes. Jobs that children only dreamed of now exist. The Iida family live in that dream and now they pass on their family hero name "Ingenium" to their new generations. It's becomes Tenya's turn and with luck he starts his journey at the famed UA High School.

Heroes can also come from the most unlikely of places though. Meet Miyata Oharu, daughter of a famous villain known to the world as "The Info Stalker". When she was gifted with quirks from both her mother and her father, she decides that she wants to break the cycle in her family and become a hero. Now Miyata will have to take her fighting chance to change her fate.

What happens when Tenya and Miyata cross paths at UA? What happens when the Oharu clan find and start hunting Miyata down? What happens when an Iida and an Oharu fall in love?


She struggled against the binds that held her angrily. Her back was against a cold, hard lab table that was put in an upright position and her vision was blackened by the blindfold placed over her eyes.

"Dear child, why do you fight it? Can you tell me this Hm? You do know that there is no escape from those binds don't you?" A raspy male voice said close to her ear. A shiver ran down her spine, but she wouldn't dare show fear.

"You won't get away with this! Who are you and what do you want with me?" Miyata Iida snapped struggling against the binds that still held her hands. She had tried to summon any sort of technology that could come to her aid, but nothing was working. Two thoughts raced through her mind. Either the villains had nullified / stolen her quirk temporarily or there was no technology around that could help her.

"Hm? I don't think you are in any position to demand anything of me dear niece, but since you're a little tied up right now I guess I can reveal myself to you" The raspy voice retorted and then let out a low laugh.

Suddenly her vision was slightly distorted and blinded by the harsh lighting that was above her head in the lab. She had to blink a few times so that she could regain her bearings and then she saw the familiar face of her uncle.

"Such a shame that I wasn't invited to your little wedding my dear niece, in fact none of the Oharu's were. Are you that ashamed of us? Don't worry, we'll fix that one day. You'll be one of us, but of course we have get rid of anyone that could be in our way," Her uncle added after a moment. "You don't have your teachers here anymore to save you and with your quirk that your father so graciously gave you, you have all, but doomed your little friends. Oh especially that husband of yours! What was his name again? Sonic the hedgehog? How pathetic!" He added and then laughed even louder than before.

Miyata looked around her to see that there was clearly technology in the room, she clenched her fists and gritted her teeth trying to concentrate. "You will never get anything from me about them! Especially not him! You won't harm him!" Miyata spat, she continued to struggle with her quirk, and she would not go down without a fight.

"I don't know why you're struggling child, those little binds on your wrists and ankles are designed with research and the blood of one of your old teachers. Lucky bastard got away, but luckily your cousin Thorp was able to replicate the DNA we needed for it. That's neither here or there though. I have another plan to discuss with you of course, that's why you're here now isn't it? Good!" Her uncle laughed causing Miyata's blood to run cold and her face to grow pale.

She stayed silent because her thoughts raced to her and practically slapped her in the face multiple times. 'Why were they truly doing this? How had they gotten Aizawa sensei's blood? What were they going to do to her?'

"Now I bet you're wondering why we decided to kidnap you huh? Well you see my dear niece the first attempt at trying to make you one of us was futile and it failed. We started questioning why and then it hit us. That Iida boy. He got in our way of transforming you and making you the heir to our crime business. So what better way to make you join us, but to force you to join us. This is only one reason why we're going to be stealing Daedalius from you. You need to earn back before you will ever be able to use it again, we will first use it to seek out at destroy all of your loved ones first," Her uncle explained and then gave an unsettling smirk on his face.

"You won't succeed, you never will because I'll never join you! I'm an Iida now and nothing will change that! Tenya will find me and you will regret it when he does!" Miyata growled earning another loud laugh from her uncle and his assistant who was in the room with them.

"Even if he does child, he will be no match for us! He'll die trying! Now let's get this little experiment started shall we?" Her uncle half asked as he was given a helmet looking device. He strapped it to her head and then turned to look at his assistant. "What are you waiting for? Pull the lever Zini!" He shouted, his eyes growing wild with a mix of excitement and madness.

The assistant quickly stumbled over to the lever on the far wall of the lab and he slowly began to pull it down. A light show began, but then a sputtering noise came from the machine and then some smoke. "WHAT THE HELL FORIO? I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WAS FINISHED?" Her uncle shouted at the camera that was located on in the far upper left corner of the room.

"It was finished sir, it seems that we don't have the electrical capacity to run the machine. We're going to need an electricity quirk to aid with this. I'm sorry sir!" The voice of a nervous female came over the loud speaker in the room.

"THAT'S JUST GREAT! ZINI YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, BRING ME CHARGE BOLT! I DON'T CARE WHAT IT TAKES TO CAPTURE HIM, JUST DO IT! AS FOR YOU FORIO, YOU'RE TIME HERE IS DONE!" Her uncle yelled and then he put his index fingers together and glared at the camera. "Looks like you're going to need some high quality H20 Professor," He mumbled. A few minutes later the screams of the said woman were heard until she disappeared. Her uncle then stared at the camera again once his previous head scientist was completely gone. "NOW ONE OF YOU GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE AND PUT THIS WRETCHED CHILD IN A HOLDING CELL OR SO HELP ME YOU WILL END UP JUST LIKE HER, YOU GOT THAT?" He shouted earning worried 'Yes sir, right away sir' from the other end of the speaker.

Her uncle then turned back to her, his violent demeanor diminishing again and a sickening smile returning. "Well looks like our little party is delayed, but don't you worry, once we get charge bolt here we'll be back in business. For now I'm going to let you relax in our little dungeon. I have some other affairs to take care of right now so one of my other assistants will be transporting you to your new home. See you later my sweet niece, Ciao!" Her uncle said to her and then he began to walk away from her.

Miyata didn't even have time to retort before he was gone. She huffed worriedly, now not only was Tenya in danger, but so was Kaminari. She was about to let out her frustrations when the doors to the lab opened again. She steeled herself once she saw it was her uncle's henchmen, they didn't deserve the opportunity to see her upset.

"Well if it isn't the peanut gallery, go ahead and try boys, but just know this isn't going to end without some sort of fight," Miyata spat at the two henchmen that approached her.

"That's what you think sweetheart, boss already knows your little tricks so we were instructed to sedate you," The bigger of the two men grumbled lowly and then practically stabbed Miyata with a syringe that held the sedative in it before she could scream.

"No! No! Damn it…" Miyata screamed and then within moments the world went black as she fell into a state of unconsciousness. Once she was complete sedate the two henchmen freed her from the lab table. The taller one slung her over his shoulder and then they proceeded to carry her to the dungeon.

About an hour later…

"Hey! Hey kid! Hello?" The small voice asked. Slowly it was bringing Miyata back to her senses. "Oh thank god! I was afraid that they killed you by giving you too much sedative," voice continued as they saw Miyata stirring.

Miyata groaned as she blinked for a moment to get her bearings back again. She placed a hand to her head which was now pounding with pain. She then got her vision completely back into focus, but she couldn't see anyone. "U-Um…Hello? W-who's there?" Miyata asked frantically as she quickly looked around for the owner. She had experienced a scary lesson before with "The Puppet Master" that she would never forget.

"Down here kiddo!" The small voice said and then a small creature jumped up and sat gently down on her knee.

"Yikes! Whoa! W-who…wait a minute…I know you! You're the pro hero Tit Mouse that went missing seven years ago! We all thought that-"Miyata started only to be cut off by the creature.

"You don't have to say it kid, I know already. The world forgot about me, I'm just a small hero that doesn't mean anything to this world so of course the Hero association believed I died. Nope, I've been trapped here on this forsaken island for those seven years," Tit mouse replied sadly and then slumped down on her knee. "Looks like you're pretty special kid, they activated the quirk proof bars around our cell. Lucky me, my quirk is a mutation based quirk so it doesn't really affect me," She added a few minutes later gesturing to the bars that had a soft green glow to them.

"Well first off, the world hasn't forgotten about you. In fact many of us younger heroes still think about you and the role that you played in inspiring us to work hard in our third year at UA. Second, that sounds about right for my uncle. He wants one of my quirks so that he can use it to track down and kill heroes and force me to be their heir to the syndicate," Miyata replied slumping her head on her arms now and then closing her eyes. She was slowly losing hope, what's worse was that she put Kaminari and Tenya in danger.

"So those bastards that trapped us here are related to you? How? And what quirk could you possibly have that could cause so much danger? I mean unless it's an information quirk," Tit mouse asked her companion tilting her head out of curiosity.

Miyata finally began to break down because she was reminded that she would always be putting Tenya in danger. The voice in her head told her that she was no good for him even if he insisted that it was fine. A tear rolled down her cheek, but she kept her eyes closed. "Yes to answer your question I am related them. I'm not proud of it. They are my father's family, but I can tell you right now that I do not claim them. I'm ashamed of them." Miyata explained looking away from the smaller hero.

"Whoa, so family issues? That still doesn't explain the heavy duty jail cell kid, mind explaining that?" Tit Mouse asked pointing at the glowing metal bars while she waited for an answer.

Miyata frowned and looked at the glowing metal bars with disdain. She then sighed and rested her head against the wall. "It's a long story Tit Mouse," She mumbled and she looked down at the slim, but beautiful gold ring on her ring finger.

"Well it doesn't look like we're going anywhere any time soon, I say we've got plenty of time. Besides, nothing like a good story to get our spirits up huh? Tell you what, you tell me your story and I can tell you anything that you want to know in return. Sound fair?" Tit Mouse asked trying to calm and comfort her companion in the best way possible.

Miyata looked down at her cell mate. Technically the deal was practically void, but she supposed that talking about all of the memories she shared with Tenya thus far wasn't such a bad coping mechanism. She showed a small smile and then she nodded. "Alright Tit Mouse. Well then… I'm Miyata Iida and this is my story…" Miyata started.

Tit Mouse settled into Miyata's lap now and listened intently. Even though Miyata had something to distract her from the horrors that lied beyond the bars, she really hoped that Izuku or Tenya would find them soon.