How could she betray me! Darkstalker thought angrily as he flew towards Agate Mountain. He never thought she would take his scroll.

The sun was slowly rising in the distance as he came upon Agate Mountain. Clearsight was waiting for him, facing the sunrise.

"Did you know Agate mountain won't be the tallest," she said calmly.

"Where is my scroll?" Darkstalker growled.

Clearsight slowly turned her head to face him. "It won't matter," she turned her head back to the sunrise and took a deep breath. "You wanna know what I realized? The future is inevitable-" Darkstalker got tired of her talking. He lunged at her grabbing her throat, pinning her to the wall.

"Stop wasting my time! Where is my scroll!" Darkstalker yelled at her.

"Darkstalker," she gasped. "Pleaseā€¦"

Darkstalker growled at her. He looked into her dying eyes realizing what he was doing. His anger was replaced by horror.

What have I done? Darkstalker dropped Clearsight and backed away. He looked down at his talons in horror. He hid them away and looked at Clearsight gasping for air.

"Darkstalker," she rasped. She reached a talon towards him.

"No," he said, taking a step back. "I'm a monster." Darkstalker shot into the sky, flying away from her.

"Darkstalker!" Clearsight shouted after him.

Tears filled his eyes. I hurt the one I loved, he told himself. What have I turned myself into?

Darkstalker dove down into a cave in Jade Mountain. He stood there staring at the dark space around. He crumpled to the floor crying.

"I'm sorry Clearsight," he sobbed. Darkstalker roared in agony and slashed at a stalagmite forming from the cave floor.. He glared at the spot he scratched before scratching it again. He continued scratching it until it broke from its spot.

He dug his head into his talons, sobbing. The earth shook below him and stalagmites fell from the cave roof. It finally stopped when he heard a voice behind him.

"Darkstalker?" Clearsight said softly.

"Stay away from me!" Darkstalker cried, crawling deeper into the cave.

"Darkstalker, it's okay. I'm fine," She said stepping forward.

"No!" he flinched away from her. "I hurt you. I hurt everyone. What have I done! I'm a monster!"

"No Darkstalker," She said. "A monster doesn't recognize his mistakes."

"No,'' he said. "A dragon who's not a monster doesn't hurt other dragons in the first place."

Darkstalker pushed past her and flew away. I need to get my scroll. I don't want anyone to have that power and turn into someone like me. He knew Fathom would have it so he flew towards the Sea of a Thousand Scales.