Darkstalker flew over the bright dunes of the Kingdom of Sand. The moon light reflected off the sand in a beautiful way. Gypsum twirled happily through the air alongside Darkstalker. He smiled at Gypsum before looking up at the moons. The light reflected off the silver teardrop scale behind his eyes.

He smiled to himself, when he was hit by a prophecy.

Trees were ripped from the ground, dead dragons littered the ground, villages ripped into nothingness. Dragons mourning for their fallen companions, small groups of dragons, working to rebuild their homes, Darkstalker helping build a house. A shadow cast itself across the land, claiming everything in it's dark talon.

A white glow crossed Darkstalker's eyes.

"Trees are ripped from the ground.

Skies become dark with clouds.

And only the shadows are proud.

Without the light to balance the dark,

The land is filled with fear.

"Five dragons who belong to their own,

Find their way across the unknown

Coming across the shadow of life,

Is the only way to bring back the light.

"Search for the deep underground,

Or your mind will be lost.

Don't let him control your talons.

Touch the life at your own cost,

Before others get there before you."

Darkstalker stopped. He blinked a few times, trying to get the eerie feeling away. He flapped in the sky for a moment before looking West towards the ocean. He closed his eyes, trying to find the right path.

If he went back to Jade Mountain, the Nightwings would find him and imprison him for the rest of eternity. If he found somewhere else to go, he would get imprisoned for the rest of his life. If he stayed on Pyrrhia, he would be in a cell, not knowing what the world is like.

But if he flew out into the ocean, he could have a new life. One where no one knew who he was, or his story. He could have a clean slate. He could start over.

He opened his eyes, not wanting to spoil the future. An image of Clearsight flashed through his head and how he always told her to focus on the present. That's what he wanted to do.

He flew down to the dunes, making a small pile of sand. "I enchant this pile of sand to become an earring," The sand twirled and morphed into a tiny black earring that looked like a well carved snake. He glared at it before picking it up. The moonlight reflected off of it as he hesitated. "I enchant this earring to take away any animus magic they might have and make Clearsight not be able to see Darkstalker the Nightwing in any of her visions."

Darkstalker slowly lifted the earring to his ear and clipped it on. The tingling feeling in his talons disappeared once more. He could feel the power that once coursed through his body disappear.

Darkstalker stood up, facing west. This is the best future, he smiled. He spread his wings, flying off of the bright sand dunes. Gypsum flew alongside Darkstalker, keeping up with his pace.

Excitement pulsed through Darkstalker's veins, making him speed up. It didn't take them long to get to the sandy beaches of the Kingdom of Sand. The waves crashed against the wet sand like it was trying to crawl up the beach. A long light reflected off the water, like it was trying to lead Darkstalker to the new continent. He took a longing step forward before looking back at the continent he grew up on.

Goodbye Clearsight. I will always miss you, he turned back to the ocean. He took a deep breath before taking off.

Wind sprayed salt water onto Darkstalker as he glided over the vast ocean. The water flickered as the waves moved up and down. It was sort of annoying to look at. Dolphins splashed playfully in and out of the water. He smiled down at them, not daring to mess with these happy creatures.

It was peaceful being alone around his favorite place. He always enjoyed the sound and smell of the ocean. He closed his eyes, enjoying the moment. Gypsum seemed to be enjoying the open space. It flew up as high as it could go before diving back down.

Darkstalker smiled, opening his eyes. He focused on looking into the near future, to see where he should go. He saw a small island a little north. He tilted his wings, heading in that direction.

The moon slowly dropped out of the sky as the island came into view. He landed neatly down onto it, closing his eyes to find the next one. It was directly west from the one he was on and was a lot closer. Darkstalker wasted no time staying on the island. He flew towards it, finding it in a few minutes. He island skipped all night until the sun came up, then decided to rest.

As he lay in the open sun trying to go to sleep, his mind was focused on the path he should make to get to his new life. Here I comeā€¦.. Pantala.

Hey! I'm back! Sorry that took me so long, I got really distracted and suffered from horrible writer's block. Also, sorry this one is so short I didn't know how to make it longer.