It was a sunny afternoon on the Savannah, in the middle of Africa, the military jeep drove across the great, yellowy Plains. Inside of the jeep was the young Joseph Bucket and his fellow colleagues. They bumped along in the Jeep, in silence, throughout the ride. Today was the day when they had to go to war. That meant there was no time for chit chat or joking around it was time for them to wait for the moment that they were heading for.

Joseph was silent like the rest of them. Instead of staring each other face to face, he had been staring through the window ever since the trip started. While staring off, he was amazed at himself having the chance to watch the animals grazing and the birds up in the sky flying.

"Ah look at that.",observed Joseph in a low tone.

Watching a bird with his clear vision through the window flying off into the distance, it was so amazing to him,he wished to say it in a loud voice, but, had to say it in a low tone because he didn't want anyone who was with him to hear him. The person right next to him had heard him.

"What are you looking at Joe?",asked the person next to him.

Joseph looked back at him,everyone in the military has called him that for a while.

"Joe" for short. His name was too long for them to remember. The person who was right next to him knew that the rules .

Angus Smith, a close friend of his, was curious and wanted to ask him,Joseph didn't mind that Angus called him, "Joe". Everybody in the army made up nicknames. They just ignored the lame rules of calling people Captain or Sargent when they were among themselves. After all, they were close friends.

"Oh I'm just staring at that bird that just flew by.",whispered Joseph.

Angus tried to lean his face forward to the glass of the window to see for himself, but, what he saw through the window was nothing just grounds of grass,trees and of course the sky.

Angus leaned back as he shook his head towards Joseph.

"I don't see anything.",he pointed out.

"What!? There was a bird outside a minute ago!",shouted Joseph.

"Sorry Joe, maybe you could tell me later."said Angus.

The jeep stopped. The soldiers got out of the knew he should keep quiet. It was time for them to go into war.