Joseph ran further and further from the battle field. The sun had settled down as the moon had took its place. Joseph began to move slowly past when he realized it had became night out. He turned around to see if the battlefield was stillThere he no longer sees it anymore

"Maybe it's because I ran very far, that's why.", hensaid to himself.

He trieto sit down in the nearest tree he could find so he could grab his can of water. While drinking out of it, he heard laughter which made him stop drinking as he tries to look both turns to see where did the laughter came from as he continued to look to see where did the laughter cane from. At that point,he had came face to face with a hyena that was smiling creepily at him. Then, he was trying to back away from the hyena, he came face to face again with another hyena who already has his tongue sticking out and tried to bite him.

Joseph to leapt off the floor and ran as fast as he could to get away from the hyenas. As he started running, he came across a large cave.

"I could use this cave to hide maybe the hyena won't know.",Joseph said to himself.

He went inside the cave to hide. The hyenas went past him, which was a sigh of relief for Joseph. He was able to make shelter in his new home and closed his eyes and went to sleep.