This isn't my idea, I read a fanfiction about it somewhere but I can't remember where, anyway hope you enjoy. the description Bella gives Charlie in the car is from the Celtic connection. hope you enjoy

My name is Anna Colenda. you may be wondering what this story is about. well. it's about how my life changed for the better and it's all thanks to the gods. and a local high priestess.

let me explain, it all started when I was sitting in the lunchroom of Drew University, my school and where I escaped the reality that was my home life. don't get me wrong, it wasn't as bad as it could be. but it was my own personal hell on Earth. but we'll get into that later.

anyhow, I was sitting in the lunchroom. alone as usual when. out of nowhere the counselor who oversaw this lunch period sat across from me. I internally groaned. I was officially that girl. the loner who sat by herself so much so that the staff intervened and tried to get them to be more social. if only with the adults of the school.

I didn't have a huge problem with it. it was sweet. in a way, really they were just worried about me. or they were worried I'd blow up the school, i choose to believe the latter.

"I see you like romance novels." she said nodding towards the Twilight book that stuck out of my purse. I grabbed it and shrugged as I placed it on the table. "I have a love hate relationship with the twilight series." I stated. She smiled. "Oh really? please do explain." She urged.

I sighed and got ready to go into full on rant mode. " Well, I love Edward and Bella's love story. minus when he leaves her, I love how even despite their flaws they still love each other and are willing- well Bella is willing.- to really compromise. I hate how moody Edward is.

and I hate how Bella is a borderline idiot at times and lets Jacob manipulate her. I also hate how she lets people boss her around. but I love that she is so selfless. even though i despise the fact that her selflessness extends to the point of self destruction.

I hate how Edward basically tries to control her life and make decisions for her. but I like that he realizes how controlling he's being and tries to stop. not successfully but he does try." I said as I nervously fiddled with my pentagram pendant.

She glanced down at my necklace. "Earth witch?" I smiled, Yes with this necklace one would assume I was a wiccan. but no. my kind were much more powerful.

"Witiri actually." I stated as I glanced around. no one knew about the existence of us. well, no one who was an average human that is. Wiccans and Pagans knew of our existence. it was their diety's job to inform them somehow. though it was usually done through dreams.

She blinked. "Why are you alone?" I sighed. "My mother isn't a Witiri. my father is. He left before I was born and didn't know my mother was pregnant. when he found out about me he only came back long enough to teach me our ways. it was right around the time my wings came in when I was six. my mother was too absorbed in herself to notice. but he eventually left. he wasn't suited for children." I said shrugging

"have you looked for your fated one? your kind weren't meant to be alone you know?" She asked.

I smiled sadly. "I was born from a loveless joining. and out of bond to boot. I doubt I have a fated. but on the bright side I have a talent for finding other people their fated's" i said with a smile.

She looked at me sadly. "Can nothing be done?" She asked. I shrugged. "I'd have to go to a different universe to be fated. if only I could be sucked into the twilight universe and live out my days as Bella Swan." I sighed.

"you'd give up your powers?" She asked skeptically. I snorted. "Hekate forbid! No, I'd want to keep my powers. and take my Familiar midnight with me." I explained.

"What would you change?" She asked. " oh. I'm not completely sure. I mean Jacob's a tool. but her friendship with him leads to better relations with the pack. and obviously Charlie being so close to them in breaking dawn is a disaster waiting to happen. Also Edward saving Bella from the van wouldn't be too bad. I suppose I'd avoid the Port Angeles stuff.

there's too many variables to know what would change what." I said. she nodded "The butterfly effect." She stated. I nodded. " Well, you never know. you might just get what you wish for. the gods work in mysterious ways." she said airily.

I shot her a small smile. "True, though I doubt they'd spare me a second glance. I'm just the same as any Witiri with a dream." I said just as the bell rang. "I'm sorry, I never got your name." I noted as I stood up. scooping my book back into my purse as I went.

" I am Sarah White, high priestess of a local coven. Have a good night Ms Colenda. oh. and do be careful in the bathroom." She warned.

I furrowed my brow. What kind of warning was that? well it was a warning nonetheless and I wouldn't just disregard it.


That night I sat in my dorm room bathroom preparing a lavender and camomile bath for myself. I bent my knees on the rim of the tub as I mixed the lavender into the warm water.

At that moment I heard a loud meow from the main room. " Hold on Midnight! I'll be there in a minute, I'm mixing my bath!" I shouted.

most people would look at me like I was crazy for responding to my cat's meow like that. but anyone who had a familiar would understand. the bond between a Magical and their familiar was unique. we understood each other. don't get me wrong. Midnight couldn't actually talk. her communication with me was more subtle.

it's hard to explain correctly but it was like I just knew what she was trying to say. and in turn she simply knew when I needed her. or when I was upset. like on the first day of the school year when I had to remind Karen, my mother. if you could call her that. for the tenth time that I was going to be staying on campus. she wasn't forgetful, she just tended to not listen when others talked.

just then I felt a slightly heavy weight jump on my back, knocking me off balance. I only had enough time to shout. "Midnight!" in a scolding tone before I plunged head first into the warm bath water. However I was surprised when I didn't hit the bottom. I felt a faint tugging motion in my chest before I grew dizzy. Then I blinked and opened my eyes. When had I closed them?

though that thought quickly flew from my mind as I had a more pressing question. When the Hell did I get into a car and where was it taking me? I felt my magic thrumming through my veins. responding to my obvious distress and seeking out the threat.

"You alright there Bells? you look pretty shaken." A gruff voice commented. I looked to my left and forced the scream I was going to let out back down my throat.

because just there. sitting right next to me was a face i Instantly recognized. Charlie Swan was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, throwing me worried glances.

I was about to respond when I heard a sound I knew all too well. a demanding meow broke me out of my shock. I looked down to see my precious black cat stuck in a cage between my legs.

"Why is Midnight in a cage?" I asked sharply. A little too sharply. Charlie looked at me like I had lost my mind. "that's how she was when you got off the plane Bells, though leave it to your mother to forget to tell me you got a cat. are you sure you're alright?" He asked.

I blinked. holy mother of Circe. I had gotten my wish, I was Bella Swan! I was moving to forks! I had better say something before Charlie checked me into the hospital.

"oh, um yeah dad. sorry it was a long flight. I just meant why is Midnight still in the cage? she hates them." I said as I undid the latch and let my familiar out. She purred in appreciation and jumped into my lap.

I got the impression she knew I wasn't the one who had put her in the cage to begin with. Charlie seemed to accept the explanation.

"so... you and your cat have matching necklaces?" He asked. trying to make light conversation. I reached up and felt my Pentagram protection pendant in the same moment my eyes drifted to a matching pendant that hung off of midnight's collar. I quirked my lips.

well Renee was described as a bit forgetful, I could work with this. "Um, it's a protection Pendant, mom didn't tell you?" I said. letting annoyance and disapproval color my tone.

I was a much better liar than Bella Swan. "Tell me what kiddo?" He asked. "Well. I'm now a practicing Wiccan witch. Midnight isn't just a cat. she's my familiar." I said evenly as I eye'd him warily. Charlie took to the supernatural as well as could be expected in the books. I could only hope He dealt with it better now.

"Wiccan? what does that even mean, bells please tell me you didn't get yourself into some weird cult. That wave sticks around and performs those seance and witchcraft mumbo jumbo" He said as he started to turn red in the face.

"Dad calm Down. This is why I wanted mom to tell you ahead of time. it's nothing like that. Wicca is a religion. and those who practice such as myself are known as Wiccan's. '' I said simply

He sighed and shook his head. "so what's this religion of yours even about?" He asked.

I thought about that for a moment. How did I explain it? Wicca was a deep religion that didn't have mandatory guidelines to follow. every witch practiced in their own unique way. well I would try my best.

"Wicca draws from the Old Traditions of Witchcraft. While this is true, Witchcraft and Wicca, while similar in many respects, are not the same. One can be a Witch, without being a Wiccan, just as a person can be a Christian, without being a Baptist.

Wicca is a recognized religion, while Witchcraft itself is not considered a religion, Wicca might best be described as a modern religion, based on ancient Witchcraft traditions.

Contrary to what those who choose to persecute or lie about us wish to believe, Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.

Wicca is a deep appreciation and awe in watching the sunrise or sunset, the forest in the light of a glowing moon, a meadow enchanted by the first light of day.

It is the morning dew on the petals of a beautiful flower, the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze upon your skin, or the warmth of the summer sun on your is the fall of colorful autumn leaves, and the softness of winter snow.

It is light, and shadow and all that lies in is the song of the birds and other creatures of the is being in the presence of Mother Earth's nature and being humbled in reverence.

When we are in the temple of the Lord and Lady, we are not prone to the arrogance of human technology as they touch our be a Witch is to be a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things. If this path is yours, you walk it with honor, light and integrity" I said firmy.

my tone had taken on an air of respect throughout my little speech. but it was all true. and I held a deep respect for Wiccans. our cultures were similar. except that our magic more often than not took on a physical form. and while we still used Herbs for potions, our magic was mainly incantation based. and we often could simply make things happen with a hand gesture.

Charlie blinked in surprise. "wow Bells, that- that's deep. you must be pretty serious about this stuff." He said. I nodded. "one doesn't just become a Wiccan for the hell of it. you have to be serious about your path." I said.

for the rest of the ride we lapsed into a comfortable silence. and it wasn't until we pulled up to the house that I suddenly remembered Bella's monster of a truck.

"Dad, what the hell is that thing doing in your driveway?" I asked. though I already knew

He had the decency to look embarrassed. "Well Bells. I got it for you as a homecoming present, I bought it off Billy Black from down at the rez. Do you like it?" He asked warily.

Damn, now I wasn't a 'nice girl to a crippling degree' like Bella. but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. "Dad. it's fine. but I don't really drive cars anymore. I was actually going to get a moped. but, I'll still drive it if I have to get out of town for a shopping trip or something. " I said.

Charlie nodded. obviously happy that it was mostly the type of vehicle I objected to. "oh, that's fine. Do you have your moped license yet? I could take you up to Port Angeles to help you pick one out." He offered. Perish the thought. there was only a specific type of Moped I wanted and I was sure they didn't sell it in Port Angeles. but I couldn't exactly let Charlie see me Conjure a Magical Moped..

"oh, no it's fine. I'll take the truck and be back by nightfall. and yes I have my license already." I said as I got out of the cruiser.


The next day at school I drove my new Electric blue Moped. making quite a few heads turn when I joined the students in the parking lot. but I couldn't care less. because the real reason I was here wouldn't show up until lunch. and so I went through the motions of the morning. like Bella, I had already known everything so it wasn't hard. and I was lucky enough to be fluent in not only Spanish but Italian, latin and Japanese as well.

so instead I planned for the lunch scene. I already knew that I planned to get on the Cullens good side immediately. Rosalie especially. I always felt she had been the biggest thorn between Bella and immortality. that reminded me that I would stop having to think of Bella and myself as separate people. My full name was Annabella, so Bella was a justifiable nickname. I just prefered Anna. oh well.

Finally Lunch rolled around and I dutifully listened to Jessica gossip to her heart's content, waiting for an opening. Finally one came when Jessica paused to take a drink of her Snapple.

"Who are they?" I asked Gesturing to the Cullen's. Her eyes lit with a renewed fire. and I internally scowled. I swore if she said the same thing about Esme as she had the first time around I would put her in her place.

"Thats Edward and Emmett Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale the one who left was Alice Cullen they all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife

"they're very good-looking," I said. no need to bother with the understatements. Jessica giggled. a high annoying sound that I knew I would tire of.

"yes and they're all together Rosalie and Emmett and Alice and Jasper. and they live together" She relayed. as if I were supposed to join her in her disgust. I simply shrugged. it didn't matter to me really.

"they don't look related." I commented lightly. "oh they're not, Dr. Cullen is really young like in his twenties or early thirties. The Hales are brother and sister, twins. their doctor and Mrs. Cullen's foster children." she said.

"they look a little old for foster children." I prodded.

"they are now Jasper and Rosalie are 18 but they've been with Dr. and Mrs. Cullen since they were eight. she's their Aunt or something." she said

" That's really nice of them. to take in all those kids like that when they're so young and everything." I insisted, hoping the tone of my voice deterred her from insulting the sweet and loveable Esme.

It hadn't.

"I guess so but I think Mrs. Cullen can't have any kids though." She quickly informed me.

I felt my face harden into a glare as my temper flared. " You say that like it lessens their kindness." I bit out harshly. Jessica had the decency to look sheepish. but I was furious. this comment of hers had always made my blood boil. unfortunately In my anger I failed to notice Jessica's Snapple bubbling.

" For one, anyone who adopts Children out of the kindness of their hearts are obviously good people. good people who don't deserve to be put down by small town gossip. Second, even if she can't have any children she is still a woman who took in children when she was very young.

you said since they were 8 right? so that means that assuming Dr and Mrs Cullen are in their late 20's she willingly fostered two 8 year old children at 18 or 19 years old.

just two years older than we are now. That must've been no small feat, with her husband going to medical school she most likely had to stay home and care for them, perhaps she even had a part time job as both medical school and house bills combined must Have been hard to deal with. on top of that they also took in the other three.

so before you go around gossiping perhaps you should think before you speak and use some damn common sense." I seethed.

my rant had quieted the table and they all openly stared at me. I also noticed the Cullens openly gawking at me from their table. damn, I hadn't meant to do that.

My anger was still flowing through my body, just then a spray of Jessica's drink exploded in her face and I blushed in embarrassment, I hadn't meant to do that either.

The malfunctioning drink distracted the table long enough for me to get up and dump my half finished tray and head for the door. I would go to Biology early, anything was better than sitting in that cafeteria with those gossip hounds

Edwards POV

I couldn't believe it. The strange girl who's mind I couldn't read had thoroughly defended us. my family's thoughts were equally as stunned and awed.

'she was genuinely angry at Stanley, too, no one else has ever considered how old Esme must have been if she took us in ten years ago', the only thing i can't figure out is why she was embarrassed when Stanley's drink exploded.' Jasper thought.

'oooh! I like her! she finally put Stanley in her place! she's pretty to, you should ask her out Eddie boy! maybe she'll pop your century old cherry!" Emmett thought as he shook with laughter.

'well at least someone here isn't completely rude, and she doesn't seem to feed the gossip machine that Stanley is.'

Rosalie's thoughts shocked me. a peak into Jasper's head revealed that she felt a growing amount of respect for Isabella Swan.

'Aweee! that was so sweet of her! I have to tell Esme, she'll be so happy and- Oh! - One hundred bottles of blood on the wall one hundred bottles of blood~ take one down chug it all down 99 bottles of blood on the wall~'

I quickly pulled out of Alice's head. she was obviously keeping something from me with that fucked up rendition of 100 bottles. I just didn't know what. oh well, I would find out sooner or later


Bella's POV

I internally groaned as I sat down for my first Bio class, I had decided last night to try and do something about my scent. I had learned years ago the art of adjusting my scent. something I had never had to do. Witiri were hunters by nature. we had developed our magic to help us in that aspect,

one such gift was our ability to adjust our scent so that our prey didn't register us as dangerous. I had tried once, long ago to refine my skills but I was far from a master. and I didn't even know if what I wanted to do was possible.

I wanted to adjust my scent so I wouldn't register as prey. but I also didn't want to smell repulsive. deciding to just give it my best shot I closed my eyes and concentrated on changing my scent to something less bothersome. I focused on flowers, and the subtle hint of herbs.

I somehow ended up deciding on lavender with a hint of nutmeg and smiled as I felt the magic wash over me. of course I wouldn't know for sure if it had worked until Edward sat next to me. opening my eyes I was shocked to see kids that had already arrived.

I looked at the clock stunned. I had spent more than ten minutes concentrating to the point where I had not heard the Bell ring.

I shrugged and doodled Wiccan protection symbols along the border of my notebook cover. I distinctly heard when the chair next to me was pulled out. I stole a glance in his direction and noticed with an internal pat on the back that he didn't seem to be angry. though his eyes were still black.

" thank you." came his musical voice. I blinked in surprise and turned towards him. "pardon?" I asked. "Thank you, for defending Esme." He clarified. I blushed slightly. I hadn't expected his thanks. "oh, I hadn't realized I was speaking loud enough for you to hear, Your Welcome I suppose but any decent person would. I'm Bella Swan." I said holding out my hand.

He hesitated for a fraction of a second Before grasping my hand. "Edward Cullen." He said. my breath hitched. as soon as he grasped my hand it felt like electricity had shot through my body.

Shit, I forgot about this part of meeting your fated. I didn't need a mirror to know my pupils had dilated. Edward for his part was looking at me in shock, and I could certainly see why.

without the distraction that the pull to my blood presented, He easily recognized me as his mate. We reluctantly dropped our joined hands. and with difficulty I forced myself to pay attention to the teacher. I refused to take notes on something that was essentially a review for me.

next to me I could feel Edward staring. privately I wondered if he would convince himself to talk to me. "Nice weather we're having isn't it?" He hedged.

I snorted quietly. " your asking me about the weather?" I asked incredulously. His lips twitched. "Yea, I guess I am." He said. I shrugged. "Well, it's ok. I prefer the Cold but I don't really like the rain. It's annoying." I said. mostly because there was no way in hades I was going to pretend to enjoy the heat. "if you dislike the weather so much, why move here?" He asked.

I internally laughed at the fact that I had managed to bump this conversation up by a week, I suppose this meant he wouldn't disappear for a week. "it's complicated." I responded. "I'm sure I can keep up." He said smiling. "my mom remarried." I said simply. " and you don't like the guy?" he asked.

"No, Phils really nice. but he travels alot. for work, he's a baseball player." "anyone I know?" I shook my head. "Strictly Minor league." I explained. "So your mom sent you here so she could travel with him?" He asked. I glared slightly to give off the impression that he had offended me. "No, I sent myself." I said in a clipped tone.

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to figure you out." He explained. I sighed. "My mom stayed with me at first but I know it made her unhappy so I decided me and Midnight would spend some time with my dad." I offered.


"My familiar." I said. that obviously caught his attention because he looked at me questioningly. "I'm a Wiccan." I explained. He stared at me as if I was speaking pig latin.

I sighed again and repeated what I had told Charlie in the car. honestly you'd think someone who was an 109 year old immortal vampire that never sleeps would have heard of Wicca.

After I finished my explanation he wanted to know more. which surprised me. I was disappointed when at that moment the Bell rang. one look at Edward revealed that I wasn't the only one.

I smiled pleasantly. " if your still interested tomorrow I'll tell you a bit about it." I said. He smiled, that reminded me, tonight I would have to look through the things that were packed.

I had been extremely lazy last night. tired after using so much magic to conjure the Moped I had simply willed everything to unpack itself before falling asleep on the bed. not bothering to change out of my clothes. or even take off my sweater for that matter.

as I made my way to the gym I tried to remember what else I had seen in the room this morning. I had a pile of books I had yet to look through. a cat bed that would probably go unused, as midnight prefered to sleep in bed with me. I also didn't have a lot of clothing. but I also knew my preferred style was a bit unusual. I shrugged. oh well. stranger things have happened, I would need to go shopping soon.

This gave me an idea and i mentally pat myself on the back for thinking of it. Gym went well. I wasn't the best at sports. but I wasn't a total klutz either. my team won two out of the four volleyball games and I had served three times the first game and twice the second game.

though I did refrain from spiking Jessica, mainly because she was on my team.

After the final Bell I was Happy to note the rain had drifted away. looking around the parking lot I spotted the silver Volvo and smiled.

all of the Cullen siblings were standing around it, and I gathered from Alice's excited glances in my direction that she had gotten a vision of my decision.

Zipping my coat halfway I quickly walked over to them and held out my hand to Alice, then Rosalie and the boys. " Um, hi. I'm Bella Swan, I was wondering if I could ask you a question." I said speaking directly to Alice and Rosalie. Rosalie smiled and Alice practically bounced as she nodded. " of course!" she chirped.

"well it's just that I noticed you both wearing designer clothing and I was wondering if you knew where the malls in Port Angeles or even Seattle were? I'm in desperate need of a shopping trip. most of my clothing back home weren't suitable for forks." I explained with a small smile.

Alice let out a Squeal I suspected she had been holding back since I walked up to them. "Yes! we'll show you! you can come shopping with us today!" she said happily. My eyes widened slightly, I had some money, but nowhere near enough to keep up with their budgets. " oh, you don't have to do that. I can find my own way. I just needed to know where they were. I don't want to be a bother." I insisted.

I blushed slightly in embarrassment. if I had gone alone I could simply conjure any money I didn't have. but since Bella had been saving to get a car the saved up money was a bit into the thousands. I had checked. it was around 14 thousand, that didn't mean I needed to spend it all in one shopping trip.

"Nonsense! besides. your Moped isn't big enough to carry more than a few bags. we'll pick you up in around an hour. " Alice insisted. though already knowing the answer I still looked at Rosalie. " Is there any point arguing?" I asked

"afraid not." She responded with a small smile. I didn't think I was imagining the pity I saw in The boy's eyes. I sighed. " alright, but I'll warn you, my style and yours are very different." I said.

"How so?" Alice asked. though I was sure she already knew. " I prefer vintage style clothing." I said. Alice smiled. " that's not a problem!" Alice assured. I shrugged and told them to simply knock on my door when they got to my house. after quickly handing my slips into Mrs Cope I headed home to make dinner for Charlie early.


I was a decent cook. I didn't have to learn out of necessity but I enjoyed it. Cooking had always been a hobby of mine. I made Charlie stuffed shells and left him a note before putting the pot in the oven to keep it warm.

After that I put food in Midnight's bowl and checked the clock. Alice and Rosalie would be here any minute.

as if my thoughts had summoned them there was suddenly a knock at the door. I absentmindedly summoned my jacket and a hair tie, I quickly tied my hair up as I opened the door to see Alice standing on the stoop smiling while Rosalie was frozen. leaning against the hood of her car and staring at the house in shock.

I followed her gaze and paled as I realized what she was looking at. The living room windows. and the blinds were open. shit. I was sure she saw me summon my jacket and hair-tie.

I hadn't planned on revealing my powers yet. most of all I didn't want Rosalie hating me because she perceived me to be some sort of unknown threat to her family.

I snapped out of it when I heard Alice call my name loudly. I looked at her and she had worry written across her face. "um, sorry what did you say?" I asked. I realized I must have been looking between Rosalie and the window with my face frozen in fear because when I looked at Rosalie again I saw her looking at me with something other than the expected suspicion. there was, Understanding?

" I said, do you mind if we stop by our house first? our parents would like to meet you" she said. I gulped. " erm, sure, of course." just then there was a Tiny, yet demanding meow coming from below us. I looked down to see Midnight sitting down next to me. staring at me expectantly.

"oh, where are my manners, this is Midnight, my familiar. don't mind her. she's a bit protective of me. plus she'll never give up a chance to meet someone who will possibly give her treats " I said with a fond smile as a now purring midnight rubbed against a shocked Alice's leg.

" cats don't usually like me." she commented lightly. I smiled. "she's not a normal cat. I told you, she's my familiar." I said with a fond smile. " That's enough Midnight. go back in the house, and I swear if you misbehave and mess with Charlie there will be no treats for you." I said sternly.

Much to their surprise, I'm sure. Midnight listened and I closed and locked the door as soon as she went in.

After a few minutes we were driving towards the Cullen house in silence and I was internally panicking. How did I explain my powers? I had planned on having more time to come up with a viable explanation. I was suddenly brought out of my musings by Rosalie.

"We won't tell anyone you know," she assured. my eyes snapped to hers and I stiffened defensively. "I have no idea what you are talking about." I said. deciding to play dumb.

"right. because I didn't see you make your jacket float towards you through your living room window." she said sarcastically. Suddenly I was struck with a brilliant idea.

"well, no one will believe you." I said coldly as I kept my face guarded. Alice was silent in the passenger seat. I saw Rosalie's features soften through the mirror. "we weren't going to tell anybody." she assured me.

I locked eyes with her for a moment. as if assessing her truthfulness before giving a small nod. Alice smiled brightly. "So, how does it work? the whole magic thing. Is it because you're a Wiccan?" she asked

"Your brother told you about our conversation in biology I see. " I commented lightly. They nodded and I sighed. I wasn't really educated enough to give them answers so I Decided to explain what I knew. "I'm not sure, well not completely that is. I'm self taught for the most part. and the only thing I've worked out is that it's mostly intent based.

By the way. I want the truth. Even though you swore not to tell anyone, I need to know if your family will know what you do by the time the night is out. I'm only asking because, one Your family seems to be the type that don't hold secrets from each other and two, I'd really rather only explain myself once."

I said firmly. Alice and Rosalie shared a look before answering. "ok, yes we would tell our family. but that's really because you're right. and there are no secrets in our house." Rosalie explained. I nodded as we lapsed back into silence.

Rosalie's POV

I really hoped that Bella wasn't mad at us. it's not like we could have hid the secret if we wanted to. despite my best efforts, I couldn't hate the girl. of course I was a bit jealous. Bella had everything I wanted. mainly the ability to have children.

But she was my brother's mate. and there was no doubt about it. also her odd scent just drew us in. she didn't smell edible. but she also didn't smell horrible, she smelt a bit like herbs. lavender and Nutmeg to be exact.

I pulled up to our house and heard our entire family talking from inside. Everyone was excited to meet Edwards' mate and Jasper was just relieved that her scent was apparently non appetizing. I rolled my eyes, I really hoped that everyone didn't run the girl off

Bella's POV

I sighed as I got out of the car and followed Rosalie and Alice into their house and after complimenting Esme on her home and receiving more thanks from her and Carlisle for my fierce defence of her. ( apparently the others hadn't sat back idly and had assisted Alice in a riveting play by play of my confrontation with Jessica) I was formally introduced to the others.

and just when I thought they would leave this conversation for later Alice decided to throw me under the bus as we all sat down in the living room to relax before the planned shopping trip.

" Guys you'll never guess what me and Rosalie saw! we saw Bella doing magic!" She chirped. Here I choked on the water I had been offered. Edward quickly hurried to my side and rubbed my back soothingly as he shot a death glare at his favorite sister

Emmett laughed. " that's great! can you pull a rabbit out of a hat?" He asked. wiping My eyes I fought to keep the insulted look off my face. either I failed, or Jasper was reading my emotions. Either way he cuffed Emmett on the back of his head. "don't be rude Emmett. Alice said magic, not magic tricks." he scolded.

Emmett had the decency to look sheepish. "sorry. can you show us some?" He asked. my nose twitched as I prevented it from flaring angrily. poor Jasper didn't know what was setting me off. He looked confused as he sent a wave of calm towards me.

In my defense I naturally got angry at questions like that. One of the first things I was taught had been that Witiri didn't use their magic to entertain outsiders. it was a grave insult to ask a race of warriors to in their words. 'put on a circus act'

nevertheless I simply nodded curtly and raised my hand and with it Emmett lifted off the ground. His eyes going wide as saucers as I suspended him two feet above our heads before gently letting him back down.

"Remarkable!" Carlisle exclaimed. though at least he refrained from asking a million and one questions

Jasper simply snickered at his brother, whether because he had found my display amusing or because he was being affected by Rosalie and Alice, both of whom were giggling behind their hands.

Esme beamed at me While Edward sat next to me with a Proud expression. He had yet to remove his hand from my back.

I let a small smile form. on my face. unfortunately I would have to kill the mood for a moment. I had an idea, I didn't know if it would work. but it was worth a shot. I turned to Rosalie and smiled wider. " You remind me a lot of one of the Elders in this coven I used to hang out with, she was very beautiful too. She had two kids. Miranda and Dante.

they were babies the last time I saw them. Melody. That's the elder. was Very maternal, do you plan on having kids when you're older?" I asked innocently. the merriment Immediately died from the room.

Rosalie looked at her hands sadly, "I can't have kids." She said quietly. I didn't have to fake the sad look on my face as I gripped her wrist comfortingly. "I'm sorry. that must be tough." I said. She nodded sadly. and I bit my lip for a moment before speaking. " you know. If you'd like to try it, that is, I learned how to brew an old Elixir from the high priestess of the coven I used to hang out with. It's to help barren women conceive. I could brew it for you if you want." I offered.

Rosalie appeared to be thinking as Alice got a far off look in her eyes before I heard both her and Edward gasp. Next thing I knew Alice had gripped Rosalie's hand. "Say yes Rose! take the Elixir!" She demanded

Rosalie blinked at her sister and I saw Alice's lips quiver. she was obviously speaking too low and two fast for me to hear.

Rosalie's eyes lit up with excitement and she turned to me with a wide smile. " okay, I'd like to try!" She chirped happily. I nodded. then bit my lip. " I don't want you to get too hopeful. I've only seen the Elixir being brewed twice. and even then it's not a sure thing." I warned. even though I had an idea of what Alice had seen. It only seemed like the normal thing to say.

Rosalie's smile didn't diminish in the slightest. " that's fine! I still want to try! how fast can you have the elixir ready?" She asked. " a few weeks at the earliest, I need to do the prep work and. I'll also need to find a Metaphysical shop for the herbs I'll need. such as Vitex, Maca and Tribulus Terrestris. there are others but those are just the ones off the top of my head." I said. Carlisle looked intrigued

while the others seemed happy for Rosalie. I bit my lip slightly before turning to Esme. " I know you might not want to. but, I could brew some for you as well, if you'd like. that is. " I offered quietly. Esme and Carlisle stared at me in shock. "Do you want to Esme?" he asked

Esme thought for a moment, "not now, perhaps in a few months or so, do you think you could keep a batch until then?" She asked. I shook my head. "It can't be stored for more than a few days or else it loses its potency, but I'd be happy to brew another batch for you whenever your ready." I assured them. Esme beamed at me.


After a bit more conversation Me, Rosalie and Alice were off to the Mall, Rosalie was happily chatting away with me, asking all sorts of questions about Wicca, my magic and what I had done so far, I wasn't surprised when they didn't tell me that they were vampires,

That was their secret to keep and they probably wanted to wait until I knew them better, after all you don't just tell someone you just met that you're a vampire and that they were your brother's soulmate. they probably thought I would freak and run away screaming. oh well, they would tell me in time, I could be patient.

hope you enjoyed that, this is another one of those unfinished fanfictions, actually I have a few chapters of this one done already, I just need to send them off to be edited, my friend Monika has agreed to Edit chapters for me when she can, it's not consistent, but it will have to do until I can find a beta, blessed be.