the week passed by in a blur, after getting the ingredients for the Elixir, which Rose insisted on paying for. I started brewing it at their house after getting permission from both Carlisle and Esme,

I had told them that Charlie just found out I was a Wiccan and I didn't think that he would be open to me brewing potions in the house directly after I moved in, though I managed to subtly imply by my tone that he didn't approve of my religion,

I didn't want to make Charlie out to be the bad guy but I knew there was only so much a normal guy like him could take in one dose and I didn't think thrusting my abilities in his face was the right way to go.

finally the day of the crash came and i internally prepared myself for what I was about to let happen, I didn't want to, but I knew Edward saving my life would be a big plus in his corner, because no matter how much I was determined to avoid him, I just knew jacob black would be pushed in my direction one way or another. and I felt like it would be Charlie's doing.

I Decided to use the truck today, it was much too cold for the moped anyway, though I was glad I had the sense to get it fixed, I had gotten Rosalie to rebuild the engine for me by explaining that I didn't want to throw away a gift my father had gotten me.

Thankfully she understood and my truck now worked perfectly. I also gave it a magical paint job one night when no one was looking, my truck was now a glossy white with a sky blue trim and brand new silver mirrors. I was really proud of it if I did say so myself.

as I carefully drove to school I thought about the note I had found in my book of shadows. it read

Dear Bella,

I'm sure you're wondering how this happened, let me just tell you that it was our Will, we had no wish to see you suffer needlessly, and you would have, had we not acted, you would have gone through life, helping people discover their true l s but remained unable to obtain it yourself, through no fault of your own, and that would have been fine, for a time, but eventually you would have resented your lot in life, though you would have still dutifully fulfilled your life's purpose,

because of this we have decided to give you what you otherwise would have gone without, true love. you will not return to your world, you will forever remain Bella Swan. However, since everyone needs a past and the author of twilight never fully explained Bella's, anything you say about your past will instantly become truth. blessed be

Athena, Aphrodite and Hekate.

I smiled as I pulled into the parking lot before remembering what I had to do, I took a deep breath and zipped up my light jacket and stepped out of the car, I halted near the rear where I noticed Charlie had still put the snow chains on the tires even though I had replaced them with brand new tires that weren't going bald.

even though I should have expected it, the sentiment still choked me up, I had never really had anyone show that level of concern for me, for a split second I forgot about the van.

and that's when I heard the screeching of the tires, I whirled around, my eyes wide from panic, though despite my preparation I couldn't stop myself from working on instinct, my hands flew up in front of me my magic already tingling up my arms ready to protect me from the incoming object, that's when I was tackled to the ground, but it was not needed.

White hands shot out to protect me only to have a mesh field of golden energy stop them from coming into contact with the van, the energy Field absorbed the blow of the van I groaned under the pressure, that had taken some serious magic that I hadn't intended to use.

my head felt heavy as the field of mesh flickered then faded away, leaving not a dent in It's place. then the screaming started, shouts from people calling my name but I was too tired to answer, then I heard an angel calling my name, asking me if I was ok, I tried to answer, tried to tell him that I was fine

but I faded to the blackness just as he was urging me not to sleep, my last thought was wondering why the angel didn't want me to sleep, didn't he know how incredibly draining using so much magic was?


I groaned as I came to. I blinked away the dizziness that I felt, my first thought was that this was even worse than when I conjured the moped.

then I noticed someone was sitting at my side, i sluggishly turned my head towards the person, I felt a small smile tug at my lips as I noticed Edward staring back at me. his face a perfect mask of relief.

I wouldn't mind waking up in the hospital more often if this was the siggt I woke up to' I mused. Edward chuckled and for one terrifying moment I thought that he could now read my mind. Then I realized that I had spoken aloud and blushed tomato red.

" Hello to you too" He said in his velvet like voice. I averted my gaze in embassment and cleared my throat. " How long was I out?" I asked. He sobered up quickly. "14 hours, it's 8 o'clock at night." I groaned. "And my dad?" I asked. "He's here, along with your mother and my entire family." Edward informed. I sat up quickly. "Renee is here!?" I asked panicked. I searched through my memories trying to figure out if I had filled in that part of my childhood. I internally sighed in relief when I remembered I had told Charlie that I became Wiccan when I was 12 and that Renee and I had decided to keep it quiet for awhile fearing that he wouldn't understand.

Edward immediately placed a calming hand on my shoulder. "calm down, of course she's here, when you didn't wake up after four hours Charlie called her again to let her know, she was on a flight down immediately and Esme went to pick her up. should I go get your parents?" He asked, I nodded and relaxed back against the pillows, sighing as I closed my eyes.

"Bella!" a female voice yelled. I opened my eyes to see Renee rushing into the room with Charlie following at a sedated pace, his eyes downcast, suddenly I was struck with the feeling of longing to know what he was thinking.

I looked to Renee and noticed a certain determined glint in her eye. "Hey mom, you didn't have to come all the way out here, I'm fine." I said smiling. Renee huffed. "of course I came, oh honey, I've been so worried about you, I knew moving here was a bad idea! you should come home with me, Phil might be signed to a local team, you'd love Jacksonville and-" I had to cut her off. "Mom, Mom stop! I'm not going anywhere, I'm- I'm really loving Fork's, I just got settled in at school and I've made some great friends. " I argued.

Renee frowned but Charlie perked up and smiled, though he still seemed a bit nervous, I wonder why? "Oh but Honey you haven't even heard the best part, there's a coven of Wiccan Witches in Jacksonville, I looked it up as soon as it looked like things were going to become more permanent, there will be more people like you, you don't have to be alone!" She said cheerfully, though it sounded like she was almost pleading.

I gulped and bit my lip, I couldn't just shoot her down straight away, and while I was completely sure that I would have much in common with the witches, I also knew they'd pick up on the difference, my Aura was pretty intense.

it didn't matter, I wouldn't leave Edward. I took a deep breath. "mom, I'm sure that would be great but I'd miss Fork's, and my friends, way to much. I fit in better here." I assured. she frowned. "and do your friends know your A Wiccan witch?" she asked. I gulped. " most of them do, my friend Angela doesn't, I don't really know how she'd react, her dad is a minister." I explained.

Renee nodded. " but you wouldn't have to hide it in Jacksonville, I've seen Charlie's house, it doesn't have your personal touches outside your room, like the protection satchets you used to place on the windows and such. I can only imagine it's because someone..." She said this while glaring at Charlie who looked at me guiltily. "... Didn't take the news of their daughter being a witch very well, though I can't ever imagine why." she said smiling at m

I sighed, I was just realizing how immature Renee was, did she think I would give in just because she fully accepted everything, well I hated to break it to her but I was here for one reason and one reason only, and that reason was probably waiting outside with his family, eavesdropping.

"mom, I'm going to say this very slowly and I hope you accept it. I. Am. Staying. In. Forks." I said. She frowned and slumped a little, I mentally growled, great, now I felt bad.

though Charlie looked like he was ready to do a jig. " but I'd love to come visit once your settled somewhere, maybe during the week for Ostara, I don't know how comfortable dad would be with me celebrating in the yard. " I said glancing at Charlie, Renee smiled widely.

"What's Ostara?" He asked, almost desperately. I blinked. "one of my holidays, I usually do a ritual in a wide open space like a yard, but I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable, Mom's used to my celebrations and she even joined in a few times." I explained.

"I don't mind you doing your, uh, celebrations in the back yard." He said hurriedly. Renee looked put out, I bit my lip, How did I make them both Happy? " ok, maybe not Ostara, okay, how about this mom, you and Phil visit for Ostara and I'll visit you for Beltane?" I suggested. Renee brightened up and Charlie nodded.

I thought he would have commented on me visiting so close to prom but then I realized that he probably didn't even know when the holidays were, but he didn't want to give Renee another reason to say she was a better parent, I was sure once we got home he would make his excuses then go on a research binge for all things Wiccan,

I was sure the Cullen's had done it, they had stopped asking so many detailed question after the second day and had instead asked me about how I personally practiced. it was truly similar in many aspects to Wiccans, we had the same holidays, used most of the same herbs, depending on the path they followed. kept similar books, both of our people kept books of shadows and grimore's alike, truly the real difference lay in the way our magic manifested..

I shook myself out of my musings only to realize that my parents had began arguing, it seemed Renee thought that he should know everything there is to know about Wicca and Charlie was insisting he couldn't possibly know all of that in just a week.

I put my head in my hands. "I wish the Cullen's were here." I wimpered in a small voice. the argument was starting to give me anxiety, something caused by Karen and her old boyfriend, I was six and they were arguing fiercely,

he was mad that Karen basically dismissed my existence and she was mad that he would insinuate she was a bad mother, which she was, but still. it ended in her throwing things and that scared me more than I cared to admit.

now I couldn't watch people arguing without having the urge to flee to my room and lock the door until it was over. which was ridiculous but no one ever said fears had to be rational.

just then the door opened and in walked all of the Cullen siblings. I could have wept in relief, though neither Charlie or Renee seemed to notice. Rosalie came directly to my side, as did Jasper and Alice, Emmett simply looked at the arguing pair and shook his head before turning and pretending to be preoccupied by the TV.

Edward looked angry as he walked over to Charlie and Renee, murmuring something to them harshly, just then both of them looked to my heart monitor where my vitals had spiked with my Anxiety. then they both looked away a bit sheepishly. I sighed and turned to talk with Alice, Jasper and Rosalie.

it was the most normal I'd felt since waking up.


the next few weeks went by at a snail's pace, at least for me it did, I had finished the Elixir and given it to Rosalie who was extremely excited. a week later she all but tackled me when I came to visit, exclaiming that she was pregnant.

I congratulated her and gave her a protection bracelet I had weaved and charmed myself, the next day in Bio Mike came up to mine and Edwards table.

unfortunately for him I had no intention of letting him, or any other annoying boy, even asking me, so with that in mind I pretended as though I hadn't seen him and turned towards Edward.

"Will you go to the Dance with me?" I asked him, smiling slightly. He smiled pleasantly back at me. "I'd love to." He said. my smile widened, finally we had an official date.

I had been slightly sulking these past few weeks because Edward hadn't asked me out yet. what on earth had he been waiting for? granted in the book he never actually asked her to be his girlfriend, they just kind of agreed to tell Jessica that. truly that was the most awkward revelation in my opinion.

I turned back towards Mike only to realize he had slinked off to sulk in his seat. this was going to be a long day...