Max let her fingers glide across the piano keys. On the other side of the bench sat the man she's known since high school (shudder), his back to the piano. He stared off and mumbled to himself while Max played. She hummed the lyrics to a song from an old movie, "Reflection". Max was sure he was mumbling about their newest case, but she wasn't focused on the same thing. She knew she should be, but she was…distracted lately. She let her thoughts soar to a pinnacle as if she were a singer hitting the final E5 in the song. It was so damn emotional, but the pink haired wiz and the masked crusader never noticed. They were too lost until the E5. When the note hit, Max and Terry stopped. They gasped and looked at each other. Abruptly, Terry stood and pulled Max into his arms. As he clutched her to his body he yelled, "The riddle! Its' like the old man said! No one ever needed flying cars. Everyone was just stupid!"

"What?" Max stage whispered. She didn't understand what Terry was saying. She figured her heart pounding was so loud it was impossible to hear much of anything else.

Terry lowered Max to her feet but kept her in his embrace. "The getaway car was a car that couldn't fly! Who else do we know that hates flying cars?" Terry had bags under his eyes and a bit of a five o'clock shadow but, Max couldn't help but gaze at her insane friend. He was sleep deprived, over caffeinated, and squeezing her a little too hard. Max also admitted that he was also beautiful. To herself. God, not out loud.

"I'm fucked".

"What? Who?", Terry shook her bit.

"Oh-uh the creepy landlord with the Taxidermy obsession?"

"Yes!", Terry hauled Max into his chest again! "You're a genius!"

Terry did this a lot. Sometimes, when all of the leads were exhausted and the streets of Gotham grew cold, Max would play. Terry claimed that the music soothed him. He couldn't think with just any music, though. It had to Max's music. He even loved that weird old-timey shit she played. Maybe it just had to be Max. Just then, the old man's voice sounded in Terry's earpiece. "Bruce, I've got it! I'm on my way to old apartments on 5th!" Terry started to put on his cowl that was resting beside the piano bench. "It's just a scratch! I'll rest after I take care of this", Terry said. Bruce's end went silent. Bruce knew the boy was stubborn. He always had been. "Max, while I'm on the way to the apartments on 5th, I need you to-"

"Link the Batmobile to the security camera feed?"

"That and lock up behind me and don't answer the door if that dreg neighbor comes to knocking again."

"What the fuck are you talking about, Batman?" Max crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the idiot adjusting his communicator on the side of his cowl.

Terry chuckled a little to bitterly. "He's in love with you and he's 20 years older than us. You're too good for him." Before Max could protest (and she meant to), Terry lifted her chin, and used to his free hand to pull her close. "You deserve so much more". He released her chin and bent to brush his full lips against her cheek. "Link the feed and connect yourself to car." Terry stepped away from Max and jogged toward her living room window. As Max raised her hand to flushed cheek, Batman jumped out, the wings on his suit guiding him to roof. In a daze, Max took out her tablet and tapped at the screen until she was connected to the network and the old apartment's security feed. "Max, number of camera's in the building?"

The question snapped her out of her daze but before she opened a new search on her tablet, she caught her reflection in the television across the room. She knew why she was so distracted lately. The reason just flew out of her window.