Hey, thanks for coming to read my story. I am not sure how good it is so please review. This is my first Fanfic. Every chapter I will do a shout out to someone who has reviewed or send me a PM between my last post and this. This is the start and just really explains everything that happens before the start so please review if I should write this because I won't write it if you guys don't think it's good. Every chapter will have a lyric/name from one of the songs from one of the High School Musical movies, find it and tell me what song and film it was from i.e. Every day from the second HSM. This chapters shout out goes to DisneyElise19 because she was the one who helped me to learn how to write a story. Thanks again.

Taylor and Chad are together, Kelsi and Troy are together and Sharpay and Zeke are together. Ryan is single. They are all best friends but when they are together Ryan feels awkward. Then Gabriella comes back from Australia after she was there studying for 3 years. Whose relationship will change and what will happen when Gabriella finds herself in an awkward situation? Will this come between the group or will it just mean that they stick together even more? Will they Work This Out? And what will happen when hearts are broken, and will their partners be by their side through it all? Please review and tell me if these are good storylines for the story. Thanks.