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Chapter 10: The Quest IV

Location: Rito Kasuga's Mansion (Library)

"Ugh, I can't take this anymore!" Yuki yelled at the top of her lungs as she scratched her hair in annoyance and Eara, who was the closest to her was doing her best to stop the ringing in her ears.

"Just how are we going to find anything that'll help us in a place this huge?!"

"Well, less complaining helps in the matter." Natsu responded calmly as he walked passed her, holding a large stack of books in his hands. The girl fired a glare at his direction, not that it bothered him anyways.

"Please calm down miss mercenary, I'm sure we'll find it sooner or later." Laura smiled at the girl as she sat next to her father who was busy flipping through the pages of a book.

"Better sooner, who knows what'll happen if we fail to solve this message." Rito clenched his fists tightly, shaking his head to wipe out all the bad thoughts that circulated in his mind.

'Everything will be fine, I'm sure of it.' No one noticed the tense look on his client's face, all except a lone pinkette.

(Line Break)

After what seemed to be hours, the group finally managed to decipher the message that was left by the Neo Elements. Laura wiped away the sweat which fell from her forehead with a triumphant smile on her face as she held the translated paper in her hands.

"It took a while, but we finally managed to work out the message!" Yuki and Eara cheered with one another while Rito sighed in relief. Natsu just sighed in exhaustion and got up from his seat before realising that a piece of paper was right in front of him.

"Would you like to read it for us?" Laura asked with a smile on her face, and the Dragon Slayer raised an eyebrow at her before shrugging and taking the sheet from the brunette as he began reading it aloud.

To our Brothers in Arms,

For too long we, the Neo Elements, have witnessed the sinful acts and hypocrisy committed by the man known as Rito Kasuga. Thus, it is finally time for us to pass judgement on him for all the atrocities that he has done to each and every one of us.

We shall rendezvous at the eastern portion of the city while our fellow brothers cause a distraction at the west in order to draw the Magic Council away from us, and when the opportunity arrives, we shall meet up at Rito Kasuga's mansion where he houses the one he treasures most, his daughter, Laura Kasuga. With her ability to look into the future, we shall finally be able to reach our goal in order to overthrow the blasted Magic Council and even the entire world!

May the elements be in your favour,


Suzuki Vincent

"Suzuki... I should have known he was the one responsible for this ridiculous farce." Rito growled as he clenched his fists tightly.

"I take it the two of you have some bad blood with each other?" Yuki asked as the brunette nodded his head with a sigh.

"I guess that's one way to put it." He responded in a tired tone as he looked up at the ceiling, recalling the moments he shared with the person he once called his friend before looking down to face Natsu and Yuki.

"I guess it's about time I tell you a bit more about the company I run to give you a bit more context as to why Vincent has it out for me."

"As I'm sure you're aware, I'm the current president of Lacrima's Providence, correct?" He asked, getting nods from the trio.

"Well something that I didn't mention before was that Vincent also used to be a member of the company…in fact the two of us used to be partners who founded the company together."

"Wait what?!" Yuki's eyes widened in shock at what she heard.

"Yeah, and if anything, it was my fault that he ended up where he is now…" the brunette said with a hint of regret as he clenched his fists tightly causing his daughter to place a comforting hand on her father's shoulder.

"Wait a minute… I heard that the co-founder of the company died? If he was supposed to be dead, then how is he the one in charge of the Neo Elements?" Rito scoffed at what he heard.

"That's the thing, nobody died. That was merely a lie the company decided to tell the public in order to save face from the people. Rather, Vincent was caught for his crimes and was sentenced to prison."

"Though, it looks like it failed and he managed to escape somehow." Natsu pointed out, getting a nod from the brunette.

"That's right, a few years ago, Suzuki somehow managed to escape from prison and holed himself somewhere to hide from the councilmen who were after him."

"The only problem in this case would probably be our lack of numbers." Rito said as he rubbed his temples, this caused Eara to tilt her head in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it this way. Based on his words, Vincent is sure to have an entire army at his beckoning while we were only able to get two mercenaries-"


"-three mercenaries for this mission and none of our butlers are capable of fighting an army. No matter how you look at it, we're clearly at a disadvantage." Rito explained with a strained look on his face. Yuki seemed to have realised it as well as she clenched her fist in frustration.

To fight off their entire organisation while protecting both Rito and Laura with just two fighters seemed risky and had a higher chance of failing than succeeding. Because of that, no one in the room was able to make a comment to break the deafening silence. The hope they had after deciphering the message was no longer present.

"How many numbers are we expecting?" Everyone turned their attention to the pinkette who was crossing his arms as he leaned on the table.

"What do you mean?" Yuki was the first to ask the question which was on everyone's mind.

"It's exactly as I said. I want to know how many people you'd think we're expecting to fight. Depending on the numbers, I believe that the girl and I are more than enough for them."

"Hmm, I don't know but if I had to say, he'd be bringing about a hundred or so with him?"

"A hundred, eh?" Natsu whispered to himself as he closed his eyes.

"Guess I'll need some support for this one…" The Dragon Slayer pushed himself off the table and stared directly into his client's eyes.

"We'll be fine. Unless the people we're preparing to fight are as strong as S-Class mages, I know for a fact that we'll be able to protect your daughter."

"I thank you for your confidence, but I feel that we have to be a bit more cautious with this. Especially with only the two of you who are planning to protect Laura."

"Oh? And who said it'll only be the two of us that'll fight their forces back?" The Dragon Slayer smirked causing everyone in the room to stare at the pinkette in confusion.

(Line Break)

Currently we see Natsu alongside Yuki who was sitting down in a clearing in the middle of a forest that was located west of the city. Meanwhile Eara was back at the mansion with Rito and Laura as the Dragon Slayer instructed the Exceed to stay back at home so that someone could watch over the two.

"So, who's this person that's going to help us? Is it another one of your allies like Aunt Wendy and Cana?" The ravenette asked curiously as she recalled the conversation they had an hour ago.


"You know someone who is willing to participate in the fight with us?" Laura asked incredulously.

"I wouldn't say that he's willing but he does owe me a couple of favours after all the help I gave him in the past, so I might as well cash it in right now." He responded with a shrug.

"W-well who is he? I might as well reward him for accompanying us in this battle." Rito said though the pinkette shook his head.

"Its fine, I'll give him the rewards in your stead. After all, it'd be better if less people knows that he's going to be participating in this battle." He responded as he began walking out the door, gesturing the ravenette to follow him.

Flashback End

"Just have some patience and wait already. I'm sure this encounter will blow your mind." For what might be the first time, the rosette shot the girl a smirk as he placed two fingers in his mouth as the Dragon Slayer whistled loudly.

Nothing seemed to happen for a while causing Yuki to stare at the Dragon Slayer in confusion. However that was when she felt the speed of the wind began picking up, causing the trees around her to shake violently.

"W-woah, what's happening?" Yuki asked as she stared at the pinkette who was looking up at the sky with a grin on his face, which prompted her to do the same.

For a short while there seemed to be nothing, but slowly a figure entered her line of vision and proceeded to get bigger as it descended before it finally landed on the ground, creating a large dust of dust forcing Yuki to cover her eyes.

Though, she managed to get a glimpse of the figure. Whatever it was… it had a murderous glint in its eyes, the same one she saw in Natsu's when they first met.

The moment the smoke cleared, the appearance of the figure was finally made clear to the Devil Slayer and to say that she was shocked would be an understatement, because standing in front of her was a massive beast resembling the shape of a wolf with grey hair as its black tail swung through the air, its jaw was massive and looked like it could easily fit her entire body in it and its eyes were a deep shade of red.

"Sorry to call upon you for something as trivial as this." Natsu, who didn't look like he was shaken by the wolf's appearance at all, apologised with a slight bow of his head while the wolf merely shook its head.

"(You need not worry, Young Natsu, for we have already promised to assist you whenever you are in need of help. Consider this as one of those moments.)" The beast said with a gentle tone, something contradictory to its appearance.

"W-what is that thing?" Yuki asked in shock as she shakily pointed at the massive wolf in front of her.

"(Calling someone as significant as a mere 'thing', is not very nice for a first encounter young one)" The beast admonished the girl as the Dragon Slayer snorted before deciding to introduce the two to one another.

"Yuki, this is one of the Great Spirits of Earthland, Fenrir. And Fenrir, this is my current travel partner."

Two pair of eyes widened in shock…though for completely separate reasons.

"I always thought the Great Spirits were only myths…to think they were actually real." Yuki said in shock and awe as she stared at the regal looking wolf who looked down at her.

The Great Spirits, they were also commonly referred to as the guardians of Earthland. It was said that if a natural phenomenon were to ever take place that would destroy the world, the guardians would step in. Though, no one has ever seen one for centuries that many people decided to debunk them as myths.

Overall, there were three known ones, and standing right in front of the trio was none other than the spirit of the land, Fenrir. The other two were "Leviathan", the spirit of the sea, and "Griffin", the spirit of the skies.

"(Myths we are not, I assure you girl.)" Fenrir said with a scoff and a roll of his eyes at the sheer audacity of mankind to write him and his siblings off just like that. Though, he decided to shake the thought away and turned his attention to the pinkette.

"(So, why have you called me here after so long, Young Natsu? Surely it is not to merely 'catch up' as you humans put it.)"

"It still sounds weird to hear you say things like this, but you're right, I need your help with something." With that, Natsu began explaining the entire situation to the mighty beast, who listened intently and didn't look like interrupting the Dragon Slayer.

"(I understand…so what is it you would like for me to do?)" Fenrir asked curiously.

"Not much, all I need you to do is just send your pack over to the city on the day itself and help fend off the group from wreaking havoc in the city. You think you can handle it?"

"(You injure my pride, Young Natsu. As it is coming from an old friend, I shall inform my pack in order to assist you.)"

"Thanks a lot, Fenrir. That'll help out a lot."

"(It is not a problem. Though is that all you've called me for, Young Natsu?)" The spirit asked with a tilt of his head.

"Yeah, that's about it. You can-"

"Hold on a minute!" The two turned their heads over to the girl.

"What is it?" Natsu asked in annoyance at being interrupted as the girl stumbled on her words, as she hadn't expected to be as loud as she did, before coughing into her hands and pointing straight at the pinkette.

"I want you to leave the area!"


"I want to speak with Fenrir!" The Dragon Slayer immediately narrowed his eyes at the girl in front of him, almost as if suspicious about what she intends to do and would have refused as well had it not been the determined look plastered on her face. Ultimately he sighed and turned away from the two.

"Fine, do what you want then." The rosette said as he began walking off the opposite direction.

"(I most certainly did not expect him to listen to you considering his personality.)" Fenrir said in astonishment as he watched the pinkette leave the area.

"To be honest, I didn't expect it either." She sighed.

"(Well, what is it that you wish to speak to me about that you want Young Natsu to leave the area?)"

"I have a question that's been bothering me, and I want to know if you can answer it." The Devil Slayer asked the large spirit politely.

"(I shall do so if it is something that I am capable of answering)" Fenrir answered.

The girl hesitated for a bit before steeling herself as she stared at the mighty beast in the eyes, "Just why are you helping Natsu out?" she asked curiously. The more she thought about it, the more confused she got.

Why was a great and noble spirit such as Fenrir helping someone like Natsu, who was anything but noble, on something like this just because the pinkette asked? It just made no sense to her whatsoever!

Fenrir stared at the ravenette for a short while before closing his eyes, "(I can understand your scepticism, but I reassure you child that we spirits do not simply help out you mortals on a mere whim.)"

"Then why?"

"(…The reason I decided to help is because I owe him. Though I wouldn't exactly say that would be the main reason.)"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Yuki tilted her head in confusion as the mighty beast stared at her directly.

"(From how I look at it young one, you do not have any strong beliefs in young Natsu, am I correct?)"

"Well you're not wrong about that…" The girl muttered underneath her breath, getting an amused snort from the massive beast.

"(Believe me when I say that I once shared the same sentiment as you before, but…)"


"(But, after spending a couple of decades together… I learned that there is none who is as kind as he is.)" Fenrir said with a fond smile on his face, recalling the time when the Dragon Slayer appeared out of nowhere to assist him when he was in desperate need for help.

Though that would be a story for another day.

Yuki was speechless by what she heard but she couldn't deny that she did owe the Dragon Slayer for helping her, albeit it was because someone else telling him to do so or not. The girl was left to her thoughts while the mighty beast decided to not disrupt her and just close his eyes and enjoy the peace and quiet surrounding him. After all, it had been a very long time since he was able to just sit down and relax.

After a while, the Dragon Slayer returned to the area and walked over to Fenrir without even turning towards the ravenette beside him.

"So, I'll just call you on the day it happens then." The pinkette said as the mighty beast nodded his head before turning away from the two as he took off into the skies.

"Well, let's head on back then. There's nothing else we can do here." Natsu said as he wrapped his arms behind his head as he began walking back to the mansion. As he walked, he realised that Yuki hadn't moved an inch.

"Do you want me to leave you here or something?" The Dragon Slayer asked as the girl snapped out of her thoughts and began walking behind the man.

"You really are such a mystery, Natsu." The ravenette muttered underneath her breath. Somehow, each day she spent with the Dragon Slayer, the more surprising facts she is exposed to and that fact made it all the more hurtful for the girl as she realised just how much of a liability she truly was.

There were plenty of times where she would dream about being saved by a prince when she was younger, but as she got older, those dreams changed. She never wanted to be saved.

She wanted to do the saving!

Yet, here she was, failing to do anything to help out. Only knowing how to complain and whine while the pinkette was doing all of the work.

The two eventually arrived back at the mansion, but because the sun was already setting and they had to get up early, the group all had an early dinner before deciding to call it a day. Whether or not the Dragon Slayer truly noticed her silence or not, she was grateful that he didn't bring it up.

As she laid on her bed, the girl made a promise to herself:

'I have to do my best in order to keep up with him!' The girl thought to herself in determination before finally succumbing to her exhaustion as she entered the dream world.

Omake Bonus (Will do one in every chapter from here on out)

FT Academy (Part 2)

"So, what's the problem?" Natsu sighed in exhaustion as he leaned into his seat and sitting across from him was none other than Yuki Fullbuster.

Eventually after what seemed to be hours, the girl was exhausted and released the handle causing the teacher to cheer and flaunt his victory when the girl played the dirtiest card she had with her,

"I'll tell my grandfather about this."

This immediately prompted Natsu to open his door and welcome the girl into the room, albeit reluctantly.

"Like I said before, my grandfather told me that you're going to be teaching me how to activate my magic." She revealed causing the pinkette to grumble under his breath.

"So this is what that bastard meant about giving me a job only I can fulfil." Though he coughed into his hands and sat up straight.

"Look, after getting a good look at you, I recognise you as the person everyone calls the 'Prodigy incapable of using magic', am I right?" Although hearing those words stung, the girl nodded her head.

"Well, if you think about it logically, how am I supposed to help you with your problem when the most famous professors and doctors are incapable of helping you? Doesn't make sense, does it?"

"Now that you mention it…why did grandfather ask me to meet you anyways?"

"He's probably mad at me for doing something that caused him more paperwork or something." The pinkette waved it aside as if it were nothing.

"So, you don't think you'll be able to help me with my problem?"

"I don't think so, I know for a fact that I won't be able to help." The pinkette said with finality.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, prompting the Dragon Slayer to get up from his seat and walk towards the door before opening it.

Upon opening the door, a brown haired girl who looked to be a few years older than Yuki, donned in her school uniform, walked in to the room with a curious look on her face as she stared at the pink haired teacher.

"Oh Natsu-sensei, are you in a middle of a lesson with someone? Should I come at a later time?"

"Don't worry, she was just on her way out, weren't you?" Natsu said while shooting a polite smile at her, but of course it was only an act he put on. On the inside, he was tempted to just push the ravenette out of the room with force, but of course he couldn't do that with the brunette in front of them.

He still had a reputation to uphold damn it!

Yuki couldn't help but roll her eyes and was about to exit the room when things started to click in her head. There was no way her grandfather would tell her to meet a random teacher at school just because he was angry at him. There was just no chance!

Deciding to believe in that feeling she had, she stood her ground.


"What?" Natsu turned to her, his face in shock as if she spoke in a completely different language while Yuki proceeded to grab the girl by her shoulders and began pushing her out of the room with a smile on her face.

"Sorry, but could you kindly leave, I'm in the middle of a lesson."

"Uh, sure but could I-" The brunette couldn't even get her words out as the ravenette successfully pushed her out of the room before proceeding to close the door.

"Well, with that said and done, I can't wait for what you're going to teach me, teacher!" she smiled politely at the slack jawed pinkette who still couldn't believe what had just transpired.

This encounter marked the beginning of the future surrounding the lazy pink haired teacher and the prodigious student who can't use magic.

End Chapter

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