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Chapter 8: The Quest II

Location: Rito Kasuga's Mansion

Currently, darkness shrouded the city of Libel with the only source of light coming from the moon shining brightly across the skies. While that may be the case, the energy of the city never died down as the main streets were filled with people, both buyers and sellers alike. Though upon closer inspection, hidden behind the public's eyes were a small group of white cloaked figures, and every one of them were wearing the badge of the Magic Council as they watched over the peace of the city.

Meanwhile, standing by the balcony of Rito's mansion, staring up above the endless darkness painted across the sky as he leaned across the railings of the balcony was one Natsu Dragneel, donned in his disguise he used to fool Rito and the others.

"Having trouble sleeping?" The Dragon Slayer turned back to stare at the very same brunette whom he was tasked to protect who slowly began walking up to him with a soft smile on her face. The girl was currently wearing a pure white nightgown which showed off her smooth curves.

"Shouldn't you be in your room getting ready for sleep?" He said with a grunt, getting a small giggle from the girl.

"I could say the same to you." The girl responded back as she walked up beside the Dragon Slayer before looking up to stare at the moon with a gentle gaze.

"You know, I always love coming out here and stare at the moon whenever I feel down. It's almost as if there's a calming effect just by staring at it. Don't you agree?"

"It's alright." He responded with a shrug.

"I doubt you'd come out here and stare at the moon if it's just 'alright'." Laura said cheekily, getting an annoyed glare from the pinkette.

After that, the two stood in silence, gazing at the moon above them.

"So, why did you become a mercenary?" Laura suddenly asked, breaking the silence between them.

"Why the sudden question?"

"Well, I wanted to get to know more about my other bodyguard. I got the chance to talk with Yuki before, so that just leaves you." The pinkette hoped that the girl managed to keep their identities a secret otherwise everything they had done so far was for naught.

"…The money is good." He finally said, getting an incredulous look from the girl.

"Is that why you became a mercenary? Because the money is good?"

"You need money to survive after all." Natsu said with a shrug. While he wasn't telling the truth, he wasn't exactly lying as well.

Yet, the girl managed to see through him with a smile, "Somehow I believe there's more to it than that."

Before the Dragon Slayer could even open his mouth to deny it, the girl pushed on, "While you may truly want the money, but there's more to it. You do need money, but for something else."

Taking his silence as his answer, the girl carried on with what she have. "So in the end, your true goal isn't the money, but it's what you could get with money. Items, women…or information?" The girl stared at him to see if he were to react to any.

He didn't.

Though that only lasted for a short while as the man began giving her fake claps. "Congratulations, you guessed it. Do you want a cookie for a prize?" The pinkette said sarcastically. This caused the girl to giggle at his words.

"I think I'm fine. Though I guess I got it in one, eh?" She said with a smile.

Natsu narrowed his eyes at the girl in front of him. She was very perceptive and was able to gather that much info just by looking at him? He needed to watch over her to make sure she didn't find out.

"You know what my goals are, but that doesn't mean you know a single thing about me." He snorted.

"I would beg to differ." The girl smiled as she turned to face him straight into his eyes.

"While I may be your employer, I would like to think that I know a lot more about you than you realise…Natsu Dragneel."

If the pinkette was surprised upon hearing the name, it didn't show on his face. However, that couldn't be said the same internally since the pinkette was shell-shocked. He quickly thought back to their arrival in Libel. Unless they had eyes on them from the moment they got out of the train, there was no way she could have found out. After all, he made sure to be careful, and if there was something he developed during his time apart from society, it was paranoia.

"Who's Natsu Dragneel? I've never heard of him before." The rosette lied, getting a giggle out of the brunette.

"You need not lie to me, after all I dreamt about you."

"Hadn't my father told you before that I had the ability to see the future?" Upon seeing the pinkette's nod, the girl carried on with her story.

"Apparently I've had this powers within me since I was just a little girl, but because of the mental strain, I was only able to access it when I got older." The girl grasped onto the railings tightly.

"I always thought that this power of mine was a curse," She admitted to the pinkette, a solemn look adorned on her face.

"One day, when I was sleeping, I suddenly dreamt about a group of people attacking my father's house, but since it was nothing but a dream I thought it was best not to tell anyone about it."

"Let me guess, it was actually a glimpse of the future?" The brunette nodded her head.

"That's right, and ever since then, my father made sure to keep a closer eye on me and made me promise to tell him any vision I had to him."

"That's good and all, but I still don't get how any of this is related to you assuming who I am." The Dragon Slayer responded harshly, yet the girl paid no mind to his tone.

"I think it was two weeks ago when I had another vision." She explained with her eyes closed, the memory slowly resurfacing in her head…


'I guess I'm about to be seeing another vision.' The girl thought to herself with a sigh as she stared at the endless darkness which consumed her. This was usually what happens whenever she has a vision and eventually it would lead her either to a place she knows of or one she's unaware of.

A bright light suddenly begins to shine brightly all around the girl as she was forced to cover her eyes. The moment the light died down, Laura slowly lowers her arm in order to see what sort of vision she would be seeing.

To her horror, all she could see around her was complete destruction. Buildings were set on fire and on the verge of collapsing and scattered throughout were corpses belonging to people she has never seen before.

"What on Earthland is happening?" she gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

Shuffling noises could be heard behind her which prompted her to turn back and see a few dark cloaked figures, standing over a cowering woman.

"P-please spare me." She whimpered out, staring at the figures in front of her tearfully.

"For Lord Ankhseram!" one of them shouted.

"For Lord Ankhseram!" the others chorused before approaching the woman.

"Wait…please…NO!" Laura quickly turned away and covered her ears to cover the cries, the screams…along with something even more horrifying.

'Please…someone make it stop!' she pleaded in her mind.

As if someone had answered her prayers, the heat surrounding the area suddenly increased tenfold.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Slowly opening her eyes, the girl was surprised to see the charred figures from before, and standing over them was a single black haired figure.

'Who is he?' the girl thought. A part of her was hopeful that he would be the one who puts an end to this hellish nightmare.

She stared at the male, ready to call out to him, only to realise that his image was beginning to distort.

Rubbing her eyes, she continued to stare deeply at the man, only to realise that the image of the black haired male slowly began to fade as he turned to face the girl, and now standing in his place was a pink haired male with black onyx eyes, wearing a white scarf around his neck.

"Get that filth out of my sight!" someone shouted and craning her head to the side, her eyes widened in shock upon seeing thousands, no hundreds of thousands of dark cloaked figure who all began charging towards the pinkette.

Turning back to the male, she expected to see fear within his eyes. Rather, all she saw was something much powerful.


With a roar, similar to that of a dragon, the man charged straight into battle as flames began dancing around him, almost as if acting as a shield.

Amidst the battle, the brunette stared in horror as the flames surrounding her started forming a circle around her, as if it had a mind of its own. She wanted to scream, to cry for help, yet no matter how hard she tried, no words could escape. All she could do was watch as the flames slowly neared her.

She started convincing herself that it was only a dream, that she had been placed in similar situations before, but her fear overruled her mind as she let out a piercing scream the moment the flames dove in to devour their prey.

Laura immediately awoke with a jolt as she sat upright, her breathing coming out and in pants and sweating profusely as the nightmare faded from her consciousness. Taking several calm breaths to slow down her raging pulse, the brunette looked around and found himself in her room.

'W-what was that vision all about?'

Flashback End

"…Ever since I had that dream, I began searching through our library in search of you, though it wasn't that difficult. After all, how many pink haired males breathe fire from their mouth?" She said with a smile, staring at the silent man, who had yet to make a single sound during her retelling.

The pinkette narrowed his eyes at the brunette in front of him. If she were to reveal this piece of information to her father, which would mean everything they had done for the past few weeks would be for naught considering the Magic Council would be sure to chase after them. Ultimately meaning that Fairy Tail would come after them.

Almost as if seeing the look on his face told her everything, she gave him a reassured look, "If you're worried that I'll expose you to my father and the others, you don't have to."

"Even if you are right with what you say. What makes you think I'll trust your word for it?"

"Of course I won't be able to convince you that I'm a friend but, let's just say I'm one of your fans. Besides, you're meant to protect me. It's better to have you as a friend than an enemy anyways." A wistful smile managed to find a way on her face.

"After all, we should all enjoy whatever time we have on this world."

"You know something about the future…don't you?" Natsu asked as he narrowed his eyes at the girl's sudden change in demeanour, though she only shrugged and began walking back inside.

"Whether or not that may be the case, there's nothing any of us could do about it. After all, each and every one of us are tied to our respective fates." She said, wishing him a good night before disappearing into the hallways while the Dragon Slayer couldn't help but release a chuckle when he heard the word.

It was funny since he never once believed in fate. Every act and every decision was his own because he believed it to be the right call. Yet here he was, bound to fate and was forced to live in the world forever all because of a single curse.

It was rather ironic in a way.

The Dragon Slayer decided to head back to his room, seeing that it would be pointless to stay out any longer.

Meanwhile, stuck in her own room, Yuki sighed to herself as she stared at laid atop her bed.

The bed was much softer than any other bed she had slept on before, it felt as if she was laying atop the clouds!

Unfortunately, the only reason she was able to experience such a thing was because of the mission they were doing. While Natsu didn't seem concern about it, that didn't mean she had to feel the same way too. In fact, she was worried their enemy would be too strong for her to handle, that she would only prove to be a liability to him.

The Ice Devil Slayer knew the difference between their strengths were worlds apart, but that didn't mean she would sit down and let him protect him all that time.

But could she do it without the use of her magic? Anxiety filled her heart until her leg bumped into something, which snapped her out of whatever thoughts she had.

Upon realising that she had hit her sword, the ravenette slowly picked it up, staring at the gift Erza had given to her before the start of their journey. Yuki couldn't help but smile softly.

So what if she wasn't strong right now? Wasn't that the whole point of her journey anyways? Aunt Wendy practically risked her friendship with the pinkette so that he could help her regain her magic and be stronger. Feeling a bit more determined of herself, the ravenette let out a tired yawn.

Deciding that it would be best to sleep in order to refresh herself, the girl slowly began to close her eyes. Though, she couldn't help but wonder what her friends and family back at Fairy Tail were doing.

Location: Fairy Tail Guild

While it was time where most people would be at home, getting a much needed rest after a long day of work. The lights surrounding the Fairy Tail guild were yet to be turned off.

The reason?

Well, located in the Main Office of the guild were six figures, each of which held a dissatisfied look on their faces.

"Damn it, there must be a way for us to separate that bastard away from her." Gray growled, slamming his fist on the table as Juvia placed a comforting hand on her husband's shoulder as means to calm him down.

"Tch, I never expected him to still reside around the area, even more so when Wendy of all people was the one getting close with him. I knew I should have suspected something when she continuously make it a mission to leave every week or so." Gajeel shook his head, thinking about the woman he thought of as a little sister.

To him, her betrayal was the thing which infuriated him most.

"What do you think about this, Lance?" Erza asked, turning her head over to the silent blonde sitting with them.

Since their encounter with the Dragon Slayer, the guild had been completely distressed and almost demanded the information out of the war heroes. While they relented this, they decided only to tell the full story to the current guild leader, seeing as his father was part of it. Which brought them to their current situation.

"Tch, with all due respect sir, but I'm more upset about the fact that you kept his identity a secret from all of us in the guild." The current guild master shook his head with a scoff.

It was a complete disrespect to the guild's honour and integrity. To stand and fight together no matter the odds. To be united and share no secrets with each other. Weren't they the ones who shoved it into every member's brains?

It would appear even war heroes could be hypocrites too.

"That was none of your business and that fact still remains." The Ice Devil Slayer said harshly.

"Why you-" The two of them got up from their seats and considering the magical aura surrounding them, they seemed like they were ready to exchange blows.

"Gray, Lance! Both of you stop this now!" Erza yelled, sending the two a harsh glare, accompanied by an ominous purple aura. Something the two were well familiar with as the two reluctantly backed down, but the glare they gave each had yet to back down causing her to sigh.

"The reason we decided to not tell anyone about him is because it was an order made by the previous guild master, your great grandfather." It was Levy who decided to break the news to the blonde whose eyes widened in shock as he stared at the blue haired woman.

"An order made by my great grandfather? But why would he do such a thing?" The woman gave him a wry smile.

"Why else but to protect the reputation of the guild of course. While we all hated him and wanted him to leave for what he's done, Master Makarov was one of the few people who wanted him to stay, but because he feared that the incident from before might happen again… and that we might not be able to keep it a secret from the world, he reluctantly kicked him out."

The blonde stared at Gray with an unreadable look on his face, "Wow, this is all too surreal…we learnt throughout history that it was you who defeated the Ishtar Empire and Acnologia, but in reality it was actually-"

"That bastard, yes it was." Gray grunted as he leaned back across his seat as he rubbed his head. These recent events are causing him to have a migraine.

"…So what do we do now?" He eventually asked.

"We do what we've always been doing throughout the years. To just keep hoping and let fate play her role." Gray said with his eyes closed.

A deafening silence filled the office.

Location: Unknown

In a dark room where currently we see a single masculine figure resided in, leaning across his chair while he sharpened the knife in his hand. In which all he could think about was one thing.


Suddenly a knock came to the door, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Come on in." he grunted out. Another dark figure entered the room and bowed down on one knee the moment he entered.

"Sir, I have new information regarding our target." This sparked the man on the chair's interest as he sat upright, staring at him.

"I'm listening." With that, the informant began everything he knew about their target to the leader, who listened to every word intently.

"Huh, you're telling me that bastard managed to get people to protect his daughter?" he said, indifferent about the news, almost as if he expected to hear it.

"That's right sir."

"Of course that bastard's going to react the moment I sent him the letter. Though, I'm surprised he hired some random mercenaries and not an actual guild. Oh well." A cruel smile was etched on his face as he sent the informant away.

"It doesn't matter who he gets to help him." The redhead slammed the knife in his hand down on a picture; a picture of Rito Kasuga, with the knife placed directly on the brunette's head.

"Because no one messes with the Neo Elements and gets away with it." A cruel laugh echoed throughout the cave into the night skies.

End Chapter

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