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There's something... wrong with me...

I can't feel anything.

For as long as I can remember... I've never felt any emotion.

My father told me that I was cursed by an evil enchantress, the same enchantress who turned him into a beast before mother had set him free with an act of true love.

Mother tried to bring together every magical being, sorcerer or magician to try and cure me. But the effort was null. Mother was devastated... Father was furious. I didn't feel anything as usual.

No one in Auradon knows of my curse. I've always pretended to be this nice, charming prince every... single... second. Even at home. I pretend for mother's sake. I know all she ever wanted was a normal child, father too. I can't give them my all, but I make an effort to smile at mother once and a while at least.

Then I thought that perhaps all I needed was a little change of pace... a little excitement. Forgive me, Mother and Father, but I doubt me spending time with Princess Audrey is going to remotely pique my interest.

So I told my parents of my first proclamation. I wanted to bring the children from the Isle of the Lost to Auradon.

Their reactions were expected and predictable.

Mother was shocked. Father was angry. Especially at the mention of Maleficent's child being on the list. I've never seen photographs of any of them, as their files contained very little information besides personal information and their parents' records.

It was almost too easy to convince them to let me go through with it. All I told them was that I found the Isle 'interesting' and Mother was hooked. Convinced Father in less than a minute even though I knew he was still skeptical.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet them due to my coronation. Mother and Father had me stay a full month away from school to prepare for my crowning.

Along with Audrey.

I never got my parents' obsession of having the two of us together. Audrey to me was just a walking, talking entity of no importance taking up my time.

Mother believed I could fall in love with Audrey, but I completely doubt that. I don't feel anything for her on my best days... other days... I imagine myself snapping her neck.

I don't have the energy for generic princesses like Audrey or any other girl. I had hoped Mother would come to understand that but it never did.

Love... something I think I'll never have the privilege of feeling. Some days I'd ponder if I would ever find someone who gave me those feelings. And then there was a weird dream I had...of a rough looking girl.

An undeniably gorgeous rough-looking girl.

I began to think of her more. The girl in my dreams... She was... interesting. Unlike any other girl I've seen in Auradon. But I was never one to believe in true love and destiny.

Until one day... I saw her...

The girl of my dreams...

My Queen...

My Mal.

Ben ran down the hallway with the speed only a long-term tourney player could possess.

He was late for class.

Ben didn't really care if he was late to class but it was unbecoming of a king to be late to any event, even as something as boring as Double Math.

He bet he'd at least make it a minute late.

What he didn't bet on was someone crashing into him. Literally.

They both fell to the ground unceremoniously as papers and books fell around them. Ben felt his head collide with the tiled floor and groaned.

" Oh shit! Sorry, so sorry", it was a female voice by the sound of it," I wasn't watching where I was going and- ".

Ben stopped listening as he sat up, rubbing the back of his throbbing head. He opened up his eyes and felt his breath taken away from the girl in front of him.


" Are you alright? That was a nasty fall", she asked concerned.


What's happening with me?

" I-I'm fine. Sorry about your... toast?", Ben said as he picked up a jam-covered toast slice.


" My breakfast", the girl whimpered.

Ben frowned as he gazed at the girl before him. He felt something stir inside him. He felt the need to make her frown disappear and replace it with a smile.


What is this that I'm feeling?

" Let me help you with your stuff", Ben said as he began gathering up different books and papers.


While picking up the last of their things, they both went to grab their last pages. Then their hands touched.


Ben felt his body shudder as a spark was sent through him. He looked back to the girl and noticed her staring at him.


What's happening with me?

This couldn't be it... could it?

He felt his face grow warm as he lost himself in her green orbs. He found himself taking note of every single feature on her face, like the little golden flecks in her eyes and how her bottom lip was more plump than the top.

Could this be...

He felt himself lean closer.

... Love?

Suddenly the shrill sound of the late bell rang through the building, snapping them out of the daze.

" Crap! I'm late!", the girl cursed as she quickly got up and move to run.

" Wait!", Ben yelled," I didn't get your name!".

" It's Mal!", she said before disappearing into another hallway.

Ben remained still in the empty hallway as he stared in the direction she ran off in.

" Mal", Ben said softly.

Then, for the first time in his life...

He genuinely smiled.

He sighed happily before heading off to class. Unaware of someone watching him in the shadows.

" Well this is an interesting development"

Everything felt so raw.

It came at me like a whirlwind, my life had taken a full 360 turn.

My first emotions: Love and Happiness. I could see why people like this so much. It's exhilarating. I couldn't stop smiling.It was addicting. Mal was addicting like a drug- no. Drugs are bad and Mal isn't bad. I could see it in her eyes. Mal was...

Mal was feeling.

Something I never thought I'd achieve or live to see the day where I was freely smiling because I'm truly happy. Mal makes me happy. She is my happiness... my love... my queen. Even if she doesn't know it yet.

Love and Happiness... I'm certain I'll never be sick of these feelings. I've never felt more complete.

Until lunch.

Ben watched Mal from a distance behind a tree near the tourney field. Mal sat with three others at a picnic table in the shade.

She was smiling as she conversed with her friends and Ben felt his own smile grow.

He was content to just stand there and watch her for the entire of lunch, not even bothering to eat his own lunch as to not turn away from her.

" MAL!"

Mal and her friends jumped at the loud shout. Ben continued watching curiously to see what was about to happen. To the king's surprise, he saw Chad Charming walking towards them.

" What happened this morning?!", Chad asked.

" This morning...", Mal said confused.

" You were supposed to meet me this morning by my locker!", Chad huffed.

Realisation dawned on Mal's face and she sheepishly grinned," Oh, that meeting! I'm really sorry, Chad. I overslept this morning because a certain ROOMMATE of mine-", Mal said side-eyeing Evie," -didn't set my alarm".

" Set your own alarm Mal", Evie said pointedly.

Chad rolled his eyes," Yeah yeah! Just don't make the same mistake again", he huffed before holding out a small paper bag," I got you more food. I heard you mention to Lonnie during class you missed breakfast too".

Mal smiled and politely took the paper bag, peeking inside. Her smile grew wider as she saw what he brought her.

" Steak and Kidney pie, Chad, you shouldn't have", Mal said grinning.

" Yeah well... it's a filling food and um... your stomach growling is annoying! Sounds like a bear growling or something", Chad scoffed.

Mal smirked," You speak of yourself like you're the epitome of grace, Your Highness but I know your burps are so loud they cause avalanches", she said cheekily.

Chad sputtered," D-D-Don't say it out loud", he said looking around.

" So what we're hearing is: you admit to loud burping", Jay said snickering," Respect, man".

Evie rolled her eyes," Boys", she said annoyed.

" Whatever", Chad huffed," So Mal... are you free this afternoon?".

" I am, why are you asking?", Mal asked curiously.

" Well it's just... I need help for our Magic History test coming up this Friday so I was hoping you could help me with it...", Chad said looking in every direction other than at Mal.

" So this is study date", Mal said trying to meet Chad's gaze.

" What?!", Chad yelled," No, it's DEFINITELY not a date, even though it will just be the two of us alone in the libr- but it isn't like that. It's not like I like you or anything...".

Ben may not have been fully acquainted with emotions but even he could tell the strong blush on Chad's cheeks definitely went against his wording.

He gripped tightly on the tree, hoping Mal would say no.

" Okay, Chad, I'll help you", Mal said.

" Really?!", Chad said eagerly before covering up his excitement with a few coughs," -I mean- sure whatever. S-So I'll meet you at the library after last period", he said as he made the stance to leave.

" Sure! Later Chad!", Mal said grinning.

" See you later, Mal. And don't be late this time!", Chad yelled as he walked past Ben with a flushed face.

Thanks to Chad, I learned a new emotion as well


Ben growled as he glared at Chad walking away with a flushed face. He even made long scratches against the tree that resembled claw marks.

Chad taught me rage.

Ben stalked off in a furious manner that would remind people of his father. Unaware that a certain VK stepped closer towards the tree where Ben was hiding, examining the claw marks with interest. He grinned excitedly as he ran his hair through his bi-coloured hair.

" King's got claws", he said amused," This ought to be fun".

It was after school. Ben, still fuming over what happened during lunch stalked into his dorm room and slammed the door behind him. His room was one of those single rooms reserved for the royals and was luckily much further away from the other guys' rooms.

" Who knew our new king would have such anger issues",

Ben spun around to find a boy sitting on his bed, looking at him with a strange smirk.

" Who are you?! How'd you get into my room?", Ben demanded.

" I'm Carlos. Carlos De Vil, one of the kids you chose for your Isle program", Carlos said calmly," As for how I got into your room, I've learned how to pick locks since I was four, Auradon security is rather disappointing".

Ben glared at him as his hand hovered towards the back of his dresser, trying to grab something only to grasp on nothing.

" Looking for this", Carlos said as he pulled forward the katana he had next to him," A beautiful piece of weaponry, a gift from a friend from Northern Wei, Li Lonnie if I should guess. Quite taken care of, I must say. A little too well. I might even assume that you've used this before and it's not just for decoration".

Ben's posture stiffened as his glare became more venomous," What do you want?", he asked.

Carlos smiled," I noticed you stalking my friend Mal today. Naughty boy, and here I thought Auradon would be different from the Isle", he teased.

" Get out", Ben growled.

" Hey! Hey! Calm down Beasty... I'm not here to make enemies. If anything, I'm here to make allies", Carlos said calmly.

" And what use will you be of me?", Ben asked with a scoff.

" Back on the Isle I was intel supplier for various gangs on the Isle, one of whom was led by Mal. I had info on every single VK on the Isle that could be exploited properly if I work with someone smart enough to use them", Carlos explained," And just because I decided to stay here in Auradon doesn't mean I'm gonna comply with your sunshine and rainbow complexes. Oh no. I just decided to continue my days of sitting in the gray area. It's more fun there anyway. So I continued to collect information on every single student here at Auradon Prep, including you. And it was so PAINFULLY EASY to find everything about you lot. You left your deepest and darkest sins out in the open but your rose-coloured glasses blocks your view of them".

" There's no way you know everything about me", Ben muttered.

Carlos laughed," You wanna bet?! Fine, let's bet on it", he said grinning," You're full name is Benjamin Florian Dupain, taking your mother's last name. You tell the public you're 16, but you're actually 15".

" That doesn't-"

" You want more? Fine by me! Before you were born, your parents initiated the Magic Ban on Auradon which caused an uproar on many magical denizens residing here, including the Enchantress who cursed your father. In retaliation, the Enchantress cursed your family's bloodline to only have one child and that child will always be male. The male would be born with ZERO emotions and have absolutely no love for anyone, including his own parents".

" Wait-"

" Your father tried everything in order to get you to feel something even going as far to enlist the help of Fairy Godmother and many other magical creatures to try and remove the curse but they failed. Horribly. And your poor mother can't have another child because of this curse. For years your father resented your presence because all he wanted was a 'normal' son and your mother tried to coax you into doing normal child even though you didn't want to".

" Stop-"

" And don't even get me STARTED on the Kitty incident of 2007", Carlos said laughing cruelly," Where you discovered your rather... homicidal tendencies".

" Don't you-"

" Prince Ben, age 7, gets a small kitten for his birthday. He was well aware of his curse and he wants to test out a small theory. That kitten unfortunately stumbled into his gaze at the wrong time. Do you remember what you did to it, Ben?".

" I threw it against the entrance steps of the castle", Ben said quietly.

" Yes! You THREW, not drop, threw a helpless little kitten who only wanted to love you against the cold, concrete steps of Castle Beast, breaking its spine, killing it. And as it bled out, you just watched... like a monster", Carlos said pulling out his phone, showing a picture of the incident," One of the staff members of the castle still has a picture, probably waiting for the day they could finally use it. But don't worry, I scrambled everyone's phone, so those who could have had it, won't have it any longer. Why did I do that? Because I wanted to prove that I'm trustworthy. Need I continue?".

" No thanks. You proved your point", Ben said dryly," So why the team-up?".

" Chad Charming has a thing for Mal", Carlos said nonchalantly.

" Anyone with a brain could see that, De Vil", Ben said rolling his eyes.

" Then everyone in this school, besides us and my friends, has no brains", Carlos said rolling his eyes," And Mal's in denial. She's got a rather low self-esteem due to years of enduring Maleficent's abuse. Chad believes in the tale of the Enchanted Lake".

" Where if you confess your love by midnight by the lake, the girl is sure to accept your confession?", Ben questioned.

" That very one. He plans to take her there next Friday and confess, maybe even do a couple of things with her... if you catch my drift", Carlos said.

Ben growled, his fury reignited.

" Down lover boy... no need to go all beast on that sad sod... although I wouldn't mind if something bad happened to Chad...", Carlos said thoughtfully.

" What do you have against Chad anyway?", Ben asked.

Carlos scowled," That douchebag treated us like crap the first week of school. Even pretended to like Evie so that she could do his homework for him. Now he's all 'buddy buddy' with us to get in Mal's good books", he said angrily," ... And probably her pants too".

" And why do you think I'm any better?", Ben asked.

" You're not. But I know you can be. Call it instinct but I think you'll be good for Mal. And Mal would be good for you too. I think you two could be unstoppable together, a true power couple. Heck! Maybe you two could do the impossible and find a way to remove your curse. The possibilities are endless", Carlos said smiling.

Ben eyed him suspiciously," That can't be it... what do you get if I need your help- what's in it for you?", he asked.

Carlos chuckled," Now you, my man, will definitely survive on the Isle with those instincts", he said," For every time you need my service, I require payment. I may care about Mal but I'm not going to do this for free. I don't take money btw".

" Okay, then, what would you like to paid in, De Vil?", Ben asked.

" The same thing all my other clients give me: mechanical spare parts", Carlos said," I'm an inventor. Usually I have the equipment and scraps to make my inventions but I was forced to leave all of it on the Isle when coming here. Now I have to start with my inventory from scratch", he huffed before grinning," But since you're here... you can get everything I need and in return I'll provide you with the necessary items and info to get rid of your rivals".

Ben hummed," I guess it sounds fair", he said.

Carlos grinned," So then do we have a deal?", he asked.

Ben eyed him suspiciously again," What makes you think I should trust you?", he asked.

" I hold all the evidence that can get your ass booted straight to the Isle. You're really not in a place to disagree with me", Carlos said but Ben still remained wary," Look, if I break our deal, I will allow you to gut me with this very katana I have in my hand because even on the Isle, deals between gangs are sacred. Break it and the whole island will lynch you with no remorse. The same will apply here. I won't even blame you. Mal won't certainly blame you".

Ben hummed as he looked at Carlos.

Gain everything... or lose everything...

" So again... do we have a deal?", Carlos said holding his hand out for a shake.

Ben glanced at Carlos, having made his decision the first time Carlos offered. He let a large grin spread across his face as he took Carlos' hand.

" Deal"

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