Dealing with the Essentials

She was absolutely radiant.

The light from the sunset created a halo effect around Mal, clad in a white sundress only she could pull off, making her appear all the more angelic.

She twirled around in her dress, flowers in hand as she danced around the beach they were currently occupying. He watched her, ever so lovingly, as she came close to him and pulled him to his feet so they could go to the water together.

They stood together, ankle deep in the sea. She playfully swatted some water at him and he laughed. Then he lifted and twirled her around, drinking in her laughter like it was the first cup of water he had drank in days. He stopped and she calmed down, smiling at him lovingly with a beautiful smile that steals his breath and gazing at him with her playful green orbs that continue to mesmerize him.

His eyes drift back to her lips before looking back into her eyes. Mal chuckled and he shivered as he could feel her breath on him.

She was perfect, even if people couldn't see it, she was perfect to him.

" My Queen", he said softly.

" I'm no queen", Mal replied caressing his face gently.

" You are to me... and you always will be", he said breathless," I'll fight for your honour. No one will dare disrespect you. I'll kill them. I'll-"

" Those idiots aren't worth it", she said, nose touching Ben's nose," Let's forget about them. I want to stay with you".

" God I love you. I love you. I love you, Mal", Ben whispered feverishly as Mal leaned in for a kiss. But before their lips could meet, a small whisper came from Mal.

" Ben... wake up".

It was all a dream.

Ben woke up, not even groggy as he noticed there was more weight on his bed than usual. Slowly he turned his head to see the exact reason of why he woke up. He then found himself staring at the unperturbed expression of Carlos De Vil.

Carlos grinned," Rise and shine, sleeping beauty. You've got a big day ahead of you", he said cheekily.

(A normal person would have been shrieking their lungs out at the sight of a practical stranger in their bedroom. But as we know, Ben ain't normal)

Ben merely blinked at him, seeming unperturbed and not at all shocked at Carlos' appearance. He had assumed Carlos would invite himself in a lot.

And Ben had a feeling this was how their dynamic was gonna work for the rest of their year.

" What are you doing in my room?", Ben asked plainly.

Carlos plopped himself on the foot of Ben's bed as he fished a small box out of his jacket pocket.

" Got ya something a little special", Carlos said as he handed Ben the box," Go ahead, open it. I guarantee you, it ain't a bomb of some kind".

Ben stared at Carlos before his eyes flicked down to the box in his hand. He opened it up with little haste and merely blinked when he saw what it was. It was an old phone (so old it's not even touchscreen), probably dating back to as early as the early 2000's. Ben switched it on and saw very few apps and only one unknown number on it.

" What's the phone for?", Ben asked.

" It's a burner phone reserved for when you need to contact me about our little... plan. It has its own unique encryption- designed by yours truly- and best part: calls and texts are untraceable. Through here we'll be able to make our dealings in our safe and private environment. I'll be able to send you info on your rivals and classmates, tell where to get certain items, where we should meet, etc, etc", Carlos explained.

" Huh", Ben said under his breath," You really thought through this", he stated.

" Of course I did", Carlos said smirking," Now on terms of getting info. I require pictures of the students you want info on-"

" Can't I just give you their names?", Ben asked.

Carlos rolled his eyes," No you can't. Because some students here have the same name and don't have any last name to help differentiate them. So I work with photographs, so that I know EXACTLY who we're talking about", he said.

" And how exactly am I going to take blatant pictures of my schoolmates when I'm surrounded by crowds constantly without raising suspicion?", Ben asked crossing his arms.

He didn't doubt Carlos' intellect, but sometimes he pondered on whether or not he made the right decision.

Carlos sent him a lazy grin," THAT'S WHY you're signing up for the school's Photography Club. No one would dare question why you're taking photos of them if you're in the Photography Club. You could say your project is something to do with the diversity in Auradon Prep or something just as sappy along those lines. Your classmates will fall for it in an instant", he said confidently.

" Okay, I'll have faith in your confidence. So how are we going to do the info exchange thing?", Ben asked.

" Our base of operation will be my room. If ever you need something to help you get rid of your rival, I'll tell you what parts I need and you'll deliver them to me at my room. Then whatever you need, I'll give. But be aware, the more rare and hard to find the thing you need is, the more parts I'll be needing. I'll risk my ass for you as much you risk your own ass for me", Carlos said seriously," I really hope you're good at stealing, because you're going to be doing A LOT of that".

Ben nodded. He didn't care much, so long as it helped him reach his end goal.

" Got that. Anything else you need to explain?", Ben asked.

" Nope", Carlos said popping his p, grinning excitedly as he hopped off Ben's bed with a spring in his step.

" Now let's go start Day 1, shall we?"

Really short, but as said it was merely dealing with the Essentials of how Carlos' and Ben's partnership dynamic was going to work. Remember to review and I hoped you enjoyed this