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A boy was sitting on a bench. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a red shirt, blue ripped jeans and Gray shoes. 'She said she'll be here.' He wondered. "Hey punk!" The boy looked to see a brutish looking boy with brown hair. "And you are?" He asked. The Blonde haired boy said nothing and just stared at him. "Fine, be that way!" The bully yelled,pulling out a duel Disk. "Let's just duel!" The boy nodded, put on a duel Disk.



"My turn,I draw." Jack yelled,drawing his card.

"I summon Galaxy Eyes Cloud Dragon!" He said as Small baby dragon appeared

Galaxy Eyes Cloud Dragon LIGHT

Level 1 [ Dragon / Effect ]

ATK:300 / DEF:200

The Bully just smirked. "That it! You summoned a weakling!" He yelled. Jack's eyes darkened as revealed a card in his hand. "Next I activate Galaxy Flash!" He yelled . "By Tributing a monster with 'Galaxy' in it's name,I can summon a level 8 Dragon type monster from my deck as long as it has 'Galaxy' in it's name!" He explained as Cloud Dragon disappeared. He looked up to a Galaxy like sky as a light blue dragon wearing red armour flew down and if you looked into it's eyes, you could see galaxys in them.

Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon LIGHT

Level 8 [ Dragon / Effect ]

ATK:3000 / DEF:2500

The Bully just gulped as the dragon stared him down. "I set one card face down and end my turn." Jack said as a face down card appeared.

The Bully growled as he drew his card. "I activate polymerzion to fuse Swamp Battleguard with Lava Battleguard create Battleguard Queen!" He yelled as a large female troll appeared in armour.

Battleguard Queen EARTH

Level 8 [ Warrior / Fusion / Effect ]

ATK:3000 / DEF:0

'When Queen Attacks a level 8 or higher monster with the same ATK as her,I can deal 3000 points of damage to my opponent!' The Bully thought. "I attack with...!" He began.

"Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon's Effect activates!" Jack interuptered. "Photon Escape!" Suddenly both monsters disappeared. The Bully growled. "What did you do!" He yelled. Jack didn't respond. "Fine I end my turn!" He growled. Just then,then the two monsters reappeared.

"My turn,I drew!" As he drew,his dragon gave a low growl. "I activate Galaxy Swarm!" He yelled. "When I control a 'Galaxy' monster, I can summon all 'Galaxy' monsters in my hand like Galaxy Tyranno!" A Galaxy Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared.

Galaxy Tyranno LIGHT

Level 8 [ Dinosaur / Effect ]

ATK:2000 / DEF:0

"Next I Overlay my level 8 Galaxy Eyes and Galaxy Tyranno!" He yelled. A large portal appeared and the two monsters were sealed inside. "I Xyz Summon!" Jack yelled. From the portal, a dragon larger than Galaxy Eyes appeared.

Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon LIGHT

Rank 8 [ Dragon / Xyz / Effect ]

ATK:3000 / DEF: 2500

Two Overlay Units

"Finally I activate Cipher Dragon's Effect,By using one overlay unit, I can take control of one of your monsters." Jack said as Galaxy Eye's wing shined and grabbed Battleguard Queen. The Bully was terrified when Battleguard Queen turned into energy version of 'Galaxy Eye Cipher Dragon'. "No! You can't do this to me!" He yelled. Jack just pointed as the Cipher Dragon clone blasted a large beam at him.

Bully: 1000

"Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon Attacks with Cipher Stream of destruction!" Jack ordered as his dragon blasted away the Bully's remaining life Points.


Bully:0 LOSE

Jack looked to see a girl with the same hair and eye colour as him. "Found you!" She yelled as she and Jack left.

Bolt logging out