It was time for the dragonet to be released from it's prison. It was a day to be remembered. But the dragonet would never remember. Only it would remind them.

It controlled and watched as they squirmed inside their tight prison. They needed to be free. They wanted to be free. Their talons pressed against the shell and pushed, hearing a small crack. Dim light shone through the crack, drawing them to it. They pushed outwards with all limbs, needing the freedom that her prison kept her in. With a final crack, they rolled out of their cell into a big room. It looked just like her old prison.

They were reminded of freedom by it so they walked towards the light. They followed it to an opening that led to a big blue area. It was freedom.

Go, it told them.

They crawled out and sank to the bottom. The sand was squishy and soft on their talons. They started to crawl towards the free open space. They could see others like them staying near the prison.

Dreadful, it said. Move along.

They continued to move on from the prison. They wouldn't be trapped by walls like the others. The other sad creatures stuck there not knowing which direction to take.

It could feel alarm coming from the cell, hurrying the dragonet along. The dragonet ran as fast as they could through the water. It wouldn't work.

Swim, it told them. Swim.

They held out their talons, seeing the webs between each claw. They spread the wings on their back and swam up. They swam towards the light, that's where they were drawn.

Away, it ordered. Quick.

They wanted the light. But they obeyed. They swam fast away from the prison. It reminded them of what they left behind. Of the freedom that awaited them. They didn't understand, but it would remind her forever.

They thought they were safe when more creatures came in their direction. They were scared.


As soon as the creatures arrived, they ducked. The creatures knocked into each other and they giggled. They swam away as fast as they could. As they swam, a different kind of creature came towards them. These ones didn't stop. These ones were blood-thirsty. They could feel it, knowing to let it take control.

As their mind was taken, it kept them safe. It blasted the new creatures, scaring them off. It returned the controls back to them. They were grateful.

As they were going to swim away, they were snatched up by a creature's talons. They struggled to be free. They needed freedom and the light. They looked up and reached for the light that shone through the water.

They looked back at their capture who was smiling. They were confused, but felt a connection. It told her no. They obeyed. It told them to play along for now.

They would never remember this, but it… would always remind her.