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Albatross stretched his wings as the sun shone through the cave. He walked past Conger and headed towards the water. Conger was annoying in his opinion, but, why not leave him alive? He could be fun in the future.

"Saianara sucker," Albatross said before slipping into the water. There was no way he was letting that slime-ball come with him. He headed towards the main continent, or at least tried two. It had been a thousand years since he tried to swim. Well, except when he went to the Underwater Palace. But that was a short swim. He didn't know the currents that well anymore.

"Slimy-four-eyed-octopus…" he mattered through bubbles as he tried to let the currents carry him. "Forget it! I'm flying?" Albatross swam to the top of the water, hitting the surface with his tail for lift. Or is it with her tail? Because it's not technically his, it's Atolls. Albatross rolled her eyes and flew towards the Sky Kingdom. He decided that would be a good place to find charcoal.

As he passed over islands, he started to hear wing beats behind him. "For the love of…" Albatross turned around to see Conger winging his way towards him. "You're real pain in the tail, you know that?"

"I'm actually a very likable dragon," he gave him a toothy grin, making him roll his eyes.

"Stupid Seawing," Albatross muttered. He flew away, hoping Conger would leave. But of course, that didn't happen. He groaned as Conger followed him through the sky.

"Why don't we just swim?" Conger asked. "It would be so much faster."

"Because unlike you, I haven't swam in a thousand years. The currents have changed and I need to get used to it first. But I don't have time for that, so if you want to swim, knock yourself. But actually knock yourself. It would save me a lot of trouble," Albatross heard Conger grunt in annoyance.

"Aren't you killing her more by using her body," Conger asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Dang it, I thought you finally shut up," Albatross stopped to look at Conger. "No I'm not. She is basically frozen in time. I'm not sure how it works. And yes, she will have to be awake when she eats the cures and stuff or it won't work. And I know she has a really high chance of dying, but it's worth a shot. And I have thought about just eating it beforehand then letting her wake up, but some of the stuff doesn't need to be consumed. I'd rather not eat charcoal. Anymore questions?"

"Uh yeah," Conger said. "What do you need charcoal for?"

"Uuuuuugh! You don't know anything," Albatross continued flying. "Charcoal can absorb poison out of her blood stream. I don't know why you guys didn't think of that. And no I'm not going to tell you the rest of the cures. You know, after watching you for ten years, you get pretty predictable."

"I do not," Conger protested.

"Well your jokes no. But it's easy to tell when you're going to tell a joke. And which questions you're going to ask. Because you always ask the obvious one," Albatross explained.

"Couldn't we just get another animus to cure her?" Conger asked.

"Like who?" Albatross looked back at Conger with an annoyed look on his face.

"Prince Turtle?" Conger suggested.

"I don't like him," Albatross said.

"Why?" Conger wondered what relationship they had together.

"One, he looked exactly like my grandson Fathom. And two, he never listened to me. He's a useless coward," Albatross counted, holding up two claws.

"Oh," Conger said. "But wouldn't it save us the trip?"

"Now what would be the fun in that?" Albatross smiled wickedly at Conger, making him nervous.

They flew on for the rest of the day, before landing and moving towards them in the distance.

"Finally!" Albatross complained. "I thought we'd never get there." He led them to the shore where he landed the loudest he could. "Ugh, my wings hurt." He stretched his wings back before looking for somewhere to sleep. He settled himself down underneath a tree near the edge of the beach. "Okay good-night." Albatross quickly fell asleep, not wanting to talk to Conger.

-Time Skip-

Albatross tried to sneak away in the morning, but was caught by Conger. They then continued to fly towards the Sky Palace. They had to pass Mudwing territory, even though Conger asked them not to. It didn't take them long to get to the Sky Palace. Albatross didn't need to stop because he wasn't actually there and he didn't care if Conger needed to.

Albatross wasted no time in finding charcoal.

Conger gasped, splaying himself on the floor. "We couldn't even have stopped once?"

"Nope," Albatross looked around, trying to find out where he could find charcoal. "Hey bubble head," he called to a Skywing. "Do you know where I can find charcoal?"

The Skywing hissed at them. "It's a Seawing. Give us our queen back." A few other Skywings glared at them, forming a circle around them.

"Skywings have always been annoying," Albatross rolled his. "Just give me some charcoal."

"We don't take orders from the likes of you," the Skywing bared his teeth.

"Oh come on. Fine, we'll do it the hard way," Albatross shot his talon at the Skywing. Nothing happened. "Dang it, I forgot I don't have my animus powers anymore."

"Get them!" The Skywing shouted at the other Skywings. They slowly started to move in, not leaving them and exit.

"Well, if we're going to die," Albatross said to Conger, "at least I'll die knowing you're dead."

"Take them to the throne room," he shouted at the Skywings as they grabbed their arms.

"What, no!" Albatross pleaded. "Kill him please! I'll die too if I have to!"

"Shut up!" Conger shouted at him. The Skywings holding them, flew them up to through a window, where they were dragged through numerous halls.

"You'd think they'd make a palace a little less confusing to walk through," Albatross said, looking around. Two guards opened a door leading them into the throne room. Inside sat a dark red Skywing, who was scowling at them.

"Princess Atoll?" the Skywing said confused. "Aren't you supposed to be dying?"

"Obviously not," Albatross said, standing up when the Skywings released them. "Who are you anyway?"

"I'm… General Vex. From the meeting," Vex seemed confused that she didn't remember him. "But you can call me King Vex."

"Queen Dandelion married this guy? Ha!" Albatross said. "What'd you do? Kill a goat that was trying to ram into her leg? I bet it was so heroic."

"Is she okay?" Vex said some-what angrily.

"Uh, no," Conger said. "She's still sick."

"No I'm not," Albatross was poking around the room. "I'm dead! Well, she's dead. I'm not. Well I am, but my spirit lives on!" He lifted his talons for dramatic effect.

"What happened to no one knowing about you?" Conger asked.

"I changed my mind. Everyone shall know I'm the mighty Albatross! Murderer of the Royal Seawing Family! And a Skywing," Albatross picked up a branch and tossed it out a window.

"Shouldn't she be in the medical den? Or at the Summer Palace for that matter?" Vex asked.

"She should," Conger said, kind of embarrassed. "It's hard to explain."

"Well at least tell me where Dandelion is," Vex said.

"Who cares? She probably got herself stuck in a clam and can't get out. Ooo! Shiny!" Albatross picked up a piece of gold off the floor, looking at it.

"What did she just say?" Vex said, obviously mad.

"Uh-" Conger was interrupted by Albatross.

"She probably drowned trying to get the clam off, I wouldn't be surprised. She trusts things too easily. The clam probably convinced her tiny brain to come close enough that it could clamp shut on her," Albatross began to pick up anything shiny he found and add it to the pile in his arms.

"What!' Vex yelled.

"Hey, calm down. The truth can hurt sometimes but we just have to accept it," Albatross started to sort out his shiny things.

"Albatross, shut up," Conger told him.

"What?" he said innocently. "He obviously needs some light shed on him."

"Albatross?" Vex asked.

"Oh, uh…. you see…," Conger looked at Albatross than back at Vex. "It's kind of a long story."

"Well then you have my full attention," Vex said, sitting back down on his throne. "Unless you want to be executed immediately."

"Uh…" Conger looked worried.

"Ugh, I have to explain everything!" Albatross stepped in front of Conger. "Alright, so, before I died thousands of years ago, I placed an enchantment on animus that I would be inside their head. But no one listened to me except Atoll. But now, she's technically dead so I'm controlling a corpse. So since she's dead, I'm off to find stuff to get rid of the poison inside of her so she can be not dead."

Vex stared at him, confused. "So you're telling me that you're the Albatross from the Seawing Massacre?"

"Yes," Albatross said, somewhat annoyed. "Do I need to repeat myself?"

"That poison has made you crazy," Vex said. "Take them away."

"Yeah, that's not happening," Albatross immediately flew out the nearest window. It didn't take him long to get away from the palace. He flew down along a waterfall that fell down into a river. He rolled her eyes when he heard Conger catch up to him.

"Grab some of that grass looking stuff that's not actually grass," Albatross told him, pointing at the plants that grew underneath them. "I'm going to search for coal."

"Shouldn't we be escaping?" Conger asked.

"Not without that coal," He tucked in her wings, pulling himself into a dive. He found a cave near the waterfall that he decided to search. That stone was cold under her talons as he landed in front of the cave. A small breeze came from inside the cave, sending a chill up her spine. Albatross stepped inside, engulfing himself in darkness.

"Fish-sticks!" Albatross stubbed a claw, causing him to fall over. He quickly stood up, making sure no one saw. He slowly descended into the cave, making sure he didn't stub another claw. "How do you find coal in this place?"

As he got further into the cave, he began to turn over rocks, looking for coal. He couldn't tell the difference between a regular rock and coal, so it made searching harder.

He eventually came across a rock that left a sort of powder on his talon.

Finally! He picked up the rocks and headed back out the cave. When he made it back to the exit, he peeked his head out to make sure no one was there before flying away.

Albatross glided over the forest until finding a nice lake to land in. He glided down, landing gently down on the surface of the water. He spread her wings, floating on the top of the water. He held up the coal to make sure it was actually coal before putting it back in his arms.

As he floated there, he saw Conger poke his head out of the water. "There you are. I was starting to think you just flew away without me," Conger climbed onto a rock that was in the lake, shaking the water off of his scales.

"I would have. But you have what I need," Albatross swam over to him and put the coal in the satchel that was on Conger's shoulder. "You did get the plant I asked for, right?"

"Yes," Conger pulled out a grass looking plant. Albatross nodded and he put it away. "Where to next?"

"Possibility?" Albatross offered. "I don't know, where should we go?"

"I thought you had a plan?" Conger asked, a little confused.

"Pfft! Who said anything about a plan? I just know what we're supposed to get, not how or where we are supposed to get it," Albatross climbed onto the rock and pushed Conger off so he had room.

Conger swam back up to the surface, flinging droplets everywhere. "So, to Possibility then?"

"Sure," Albatross shrugged. "For now, I'm just going to rest."

"What about Atoll?1 We need to cure her as soon as possible!" Conger was furious. All he did was sit around and talk.

"Listen, kid. We have all the time in the world," Albatross said, looking down at Conger. "Plus, I stubbed my claws so many times in that cave like you would not believe. "So just sit back and relax right now. You can't do anything without me so you're kind of stuck relaxing."

Conger couldn't argue. He needed the information Albatross had. Plus, he didn't want to leave Atoll, or leave her in the talons of some lunatic.

He swam down to the bottom of the lake and curled up in a ball. He poked at the muck at the bottom of the lake, waiting for Albatross to be done resting.