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++Lingua Technis++

=System Messages=


=Error: System failure detected. Elapsed time: UNKNOWN since last operation=

=Alert: Multiple data banks are corrupted=

=Status: System Check=

=Power: Green=

=Life Support: Green=

=Sensors: Green=

=Adeptus Mechanicus Database v0.9.070 999.M41: Green=

=Organic Mental Relay: Green=

=System Integrity: Green=

=System Restarting=

I jumped awake, nearly slamming my face into...something that I couldn't see clearly.

=Sensors at 30%. Status: Activating Optic 001 through 003.=

'Much better now.' A glass door in front, and looking around I see that I am inside a pod of some kind, my three eyes scanning the minuscule room in multiple spectrums.

An Omnissian Power Axe laid right beside me and an Accatran Pattern Mark II Laspistol rested in a holster on my chest, under my robes. Three solar rechargeable power-packs are stored in my pockets.

Pulling a lever, the pod's door burst open. A chilling wind passed through me, but my exoskeleton and robes fully blocked it. My pod had fallen in a tundra, with no living signals around me, with only occasional bryophytes or as commonly called, moss.

'Curious. Initiate full internal scan.'

=Status: Scanning all internal systems.=

=Mechadendrites: Yellow. Damages detected in Mechadendrite 003.=

=Mobility: Green.=

=Internal Systems: Green.=

=Mind Impulse Unit: Green.=

=Structural Frame: Green.=

'Everything in order. Activate Mechadendrites.'

=Mechadendrite 001 - Primary Servo-Arm: Online.=

=Mechadendrite 001 - Secondary Servo-Arm: Online.=

=Mechadendrite 002 - Primary Utility Mechadendrite: Online.=

=Mechadendrite 003 - Ballistic Lasgun Mechadendrite: Offline.=

I unfurled my mechadendrites behind my back, pistons groaning and steam hissing from exaustors. Taking a look in the ballistic one, it had a simple lasgun painted in brass and black, but it had a good deal of damage, the energy receptor being completely broken.

'Analise the data banks, which ones were corrupted?'

=Status: Scanning Data Banks=

=Alert: Corruption detected in multiple files.=


=Data files content approximation: 78% of chances of being Tech-priest memories, biological childhood, and others.=

'Mmm, so that's why I can't remember where I came from. Which forge-world am I from?'

=Status: Processing. Analysing Structural Frame iconography.=

=Conclusion: 99.9% chance of being from Stygies VIII.=

'Stygies… Those are the xeno-tech lovers, aren't they? Search for any other abnormalities in the data banks.'

=Status: Analysing=

=Result: Numerous unknown data files detected. Contents are encrypted=.

'Encrypted files?' I thought before starting to skim through the memories, 'Decrypt them.'

=Status: Decrypting=

=Error: Level of encryption is too high, more processing power required.=

'Damnit, try to find the most vulnerable ones.'

=Status: Processing=

=Result: Unknown biological memories detected. New files added to personal database.=

'Let's name is Calhouln Pickle, a student in Us-Ess-Ah?'

=Scanning database for 'USA'=

=Result: USA, country of 'Earth', obsolete name of Holy Terra. Ceased use 0 857 009M3=

'Memories from a life from the past, very far past. Curious.' I felt a metaphysical pain coming from how confusing, better not focus on this, 'Call this section as PL.'

=Status: Processing=

=Result: Section renamed to PL.=

Hurrying back to the pod, I take a look at myself in the door's glass. Black robes with white cog-trimming and Stygies VIII stamps, deep red armor plates and three green optics glowing from beneath the hood, the third one above the right optic, being slightly smaller. The cybernetics seem very extensive, my face looks fully replaced by metal or machines with a few remains of skin looking more like rags hanging by lines.

I don't know...what I should feel. Actually I feel nothing, just a cold numbness and the drive of my directives or the Motive Force.

'Time for the next step. Scan for any type of machinery in the surrounding area.'

=Status: Processing=

=Result: Servo-Skull detected in Life-pod cargo compartment. No signs of sapient activity detected in five hundred meters.=

'Again, curious.' I pried open the pod cargo, finding the said machine. The skull had two optics on each eye-hole with the Mechanicus Cog etched on the forehead. A simple manipulation pincer is attached to it, but I could see a retracted optical tentacle.

++ I call thee holy machine, by my command, awaken.++ I intoned a quick rite of activation, the Servo-Skull's optics flaring red while it started to float, my MIU connecting with it.

=Status: Connection with RS-01 established.=

Immediately I felt the influx of more information gathered by the Servo-Skull. It is a Monotask variant, very common and basic, but the normal programming was replaced with advanced targeting, scanning and tracking modules. I suppose that it can be called a Reconnaissance variant then.

'Mmmm, where should I go now?' I rubbed my apparatus covered chin while weighing my options and checking anything that I should do. 'Find out where I am, acquire transportation, return to Imperial controlled space if possible.'

'But first.' I turned to the Servo-Skull, 'Scout ahead. In case of any kind of sapient activity or hostile wildlife, standby and hide.'

It beeped a little before floating away. Strangely, my pod didn't make a crater, not even damaging the rocky ground. It seems almost like someone or something put it there.

'If this is not the work of the Omnissiah, I'll eat my own boot.'


"Now that is surprising." I mused to myself. Forty-two minutes after dispelling the Servo-Skull, it got an unknown stray radio signal, an non-natural one, coming from northwest of my position. Looking at that direction, I could only see the vast plains and hills of whichever planet here is. The atmosphere is very rarefied, being mostly composed of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. If it wasn't the extreme cold, this would be a perfect candidate for colonisation.

I huffed in minor glee, steam exiting from exhausts. I advanced towards the signal.

Half an hour later I reached a hill, RS-01 floating lowly on top of it while 'gazing' directly at my target, roughly one hundred meters away.

Crouching and bringing down my mechadendrites the lowest I could, I downloaded all information that RS-01 gathered, 'Status report.'

=Status: Processing=

=Report: Multiple unknown xenos spotted, shuttle of unknown design spotted.=

'Analyse the xenos, search the data-base for any matches.'

=Status: Analysing=

=Match found in PL section, 97.4% chances of being Batarians.=

'So, in my past life Imet these batarians in some way… Classification of threat?'

=Threat level: Moderate.=

=Targets: 9.=

'Better not let them surround me.' I thought while relaxing my shoulders, drawing my las-pistol. A shadow casted over me, courtesy from a darker cloud passing by. From all the travel, I noticed that this planet -or at least this region- is abundant with clouds of gasified water, casting gloomy shadows everywhere.

'This gives me an idea…'

Waiting for the next black cloud, I stalked forward lowering mine and RS-01's optic lights.

Beyond the hill is a small, ugly, sleek ship, barely reaching fifteen meters of length. It's coloring was akin to rust combined with brown patches and possible repairs that look more like rags.

The nine opponents look worse than the ship, four-eyed moustruosities with differing shades of yellow or brown as skin, using red and black shoddy armors, although none are using helmets, only two are wearing some kind of visors.

From my point of view, four are sitting on boxes boredly, one is leaning on the ship while sipping something, another is sleeping and the visored duo are discussing something, the rightest one using a holo-pad attached on his wrist.

=Skitarii Protocols Activated.=

Combat information flooded my mind, the most effective route of eliminating the xenos being formulated by internal cogitators, and thus I executed.

I approached like a ruststalker minus the blades and, well, stealthiness. The closest in the boxes never saw what came, a laser bolt exploded his head like a rotten fruit, sending greymatter and blood over his shocked comrades. One of the batarians was faster in recovering, the hand that tried to draw a pistol from his hip was ripped violently from its place, his chest following it.

With a hum, my Omnissian Axe sparked to life. I brought it down on the third soldier, the energy-covered blade carving half his chest and head off like a hot knife on butter. The sleeping xeno screamed in surprise while being forcefully brought from his nap, a perfectly aimed shot at his chest turning his disgusting voice into a gurgle.

The xeno who was probably on lookout was the first to properly react, drawing a boxy but sleek object that extended into a rifle while turning on an energy shielding of some kind, shooting a stream of bullets at me. I quickly moved my axe to block the hail, responding with a single shot. The beam of energetic photons completely bypassed the blue field that enveloped him, exploding his neck.

I saw the last two panicking at how quickly their comrades died, the first one tried to run away to the ship, but a well aimed shot severed his head. 'Better keep the last one. I might need help in using the ship systems.' I thought before the said xeno went to draw a weapon from his armor, my laspistol quickly shooting the pistol away from him.

The batarian screamed in pain as his hand felt the heat of the laser. I rushed at him like a lightning, my hand clamping around his neck while lifting him up. He pitifully clawed my arm until he went slack, my sensors indicating that he was alive but unconscious.

It all happened in exactly forty-five seconds.

=Targets: 0.=

=Skitarii Protocols Deactivated.=

'Good. These corpses will be useful…' I thought, holstering my laspistol and allowing myself to relax. Picking the xeno up by the head, I walked to the ship ramp. The ship interior was...rather clean, exceeding my expectations. Of course, there is some clutter here, and a patch of dried blood there. Most imperial ships are dirty, sans the sections which the command crew travel or live.

The ship is cramped, having a small barracks attached to public toilets and a small armory, a bridge, an engineering section for the engines and other machinery, a small brig and a small cabin for the captain, the entrance of the ship itself is a cargo bay. I immediately put some old cuffs on my prisoner, throwing him inside a cell. I went back to haul the corpses and stray body parts into another cell.

I checked every dead or alive xeno, removing any hidden knives, contraptions that morph into firearms, personal objects and gadgets. One particularly stood out, as nearly all of them had one, a small holo-projector band for the wrist. My sensors indicate that it is...compact, functioning like a smaller MIU without the need of surgery, but with much more functions. I wouldn't call it advanced but it is much more practical than an implant.

I quickly put it into my own wrist, an orange interface being projected around my forearm and hand. 'Should I be shamed in using xenotech? Hmm, no. Most mechanicus in Stygies don't mind using, and others even actively do.'

My metal boots clunked as I walked to the captain quarters, clearing my mechanical throat I started to chant a Rite of Sanctification, ++Oh glorious Omnissiah, I beseech thee, purify this tainted xeno machine.++ Using my mechadendrites, I carved a mechanicus skull in the private terminal -a small cogitator also having holographic tech-, seems like this people really love putting this type of interface in everything.

Turning the terminal on, I opened a connection through my MIU, whatever software protections it had were quickly destroyed without mercy, it's access opening for me. I started to skim through whatever it was connected. To my surprise, it had some kind of Noosphere, a much bigger and higher range one. According to my calculations, it's range could be even...the entire sector, if not more. Seems like this 'Extranet' has a limited bandwidth, with the access having some hierarchy of priority for access. I scoffed, my cogitators quickly breaching this protocol.

'Search for anything related to Batarians, priority on their language. I want to interrogate my prisoner.'

=Status: Processing=

=Status: Transferring data, estimated download time: 45.2 minutes.=

'Troublesome, but I can wait. Cursed limited communication buoys.'


=Status: Data transfer finished.=

=New Language integrated into Data Banks.=

"Finally." I groaned, 'that felt a bit longer than it looked'. I ordered RS-01 to stay at the brig, my prisoner had awakened twenty-one point four minutes before the download finished, hopefully the striking appearance of the Servo-skull would keep him quiet.

I sat beside a desk in the quarters, putting my body into immobility for increased processing power, resulting in the transfer finishing five minutes earlier.

Getting up, I strode back to the brig. The crates outside were now neatly organized in the cargo bay, they were empty, and I will soon learn why. I had surveyed the entire ship and I found minor damages in the engines - at least from what I could learn from the dents - and repaired it, cleaned the corridors and mapped the entire ship, marking each room to their according uses.

It still irked me to use a xeno ship, so I did the pleasantry of using it's intercoms to play in a loop a common mechanicus ambience song, the choir of it's systems now being accompanied by organs.

The door slid open before I entered inside, the prison still looked the same from before but with the addition of a flabbergasted batarian and a Servo-Skull 'staring' directly at him. I released a small blast of vapor in a way that a non-augmented would see as a huff, my prisoner jumped and turned his attention to me.

++ RS-01, stay idle in Cargo Bay 1. ++

=Status: Acknowledged.=

The grim themed drone did a short spin before floating away from the cell and outside the brig, the door closing behind it.

Crossing my arms inside my robe sleeves, I quietly intoned a short prayer to the Omnissiah for patience before clicking a button beneath my audio receptor.

=Translator Module Activated.=

"Greetings, xeno." I said to the four-eyed abomination in its native tongue, "I am Tech-Priest Calhouln of the holy Adeptus Mechanicus, and you will answer some questions to me. Failure to comply will result in physical pain." I flashed my Axe power field to emphasize my point, the machine spirit humming in bloodthirst.

"Who are you and what were you doing on this planet?" I asked.

The pitiful creature snarled, a small pool of gastrointestinal fluids in the cell corner opposite to the 'morgue' indicating its discovery to the fate of it's comrades, the cells are made of a hardened polymer, giving a clear view from inside and outside.

"I ain't gonna say nothing ya, weirdo!" It barked to me, its four eyes trying to be menacing, only managing to look uglier.

If I had lips, I would sigh. Putting my Axe aside, I opened the cell door and stormed inside. The batarian barely could scamper away before I grabbed it by the throat and stomped it's leg, the bone popping out by the shin.

It garbled a scream as I tightened my hold, "Answer the question, xeno, before I make you join your brothers in whatever afterlife you believe." I released my hand a bit, but still maintained my literal iron grip.

"W-we are pirates! We were j-just doing some scouting for the big ships!" it explained, the pain evident in his voice. "Please d-d-don't kill me, I am just a engineer!" The batarian desperately said between gasps, tears rolling down it's cheeks.

"Why did you stop on this specific planet?" I inquired.

"We g-got a weird energy spike from the surface, w-we thought it could be a s-stranded ship or something! This p-planet is a fucking backyard dustball in the middle of the Attican!" It screamed in response.

"Good. That wasn't so hard, see? Now your death will be painless." I calmly said before snapping its neck like a twig. Letting the body drop in the ground, I exited from the brig now satisfied with some answers.

'Maybe I could do more research in this extranet. But for now, let's exit from there.' I planned while quickly going to the bridge, I performed the Rite of Sanctification and the Liturgy of Activation before turning on the ship motors. A feeling of weightlessness passed through me before it disappeared, the ship starting to rise and quickly flying away out of the surface, and soon the atmosphere.

As I started to see the stars glistening out of the clouds, something clicked.

'I should have asked it where this 'Transverse' is.'


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