Note: So, I'm not sure if this story will get a lot of eyes or not, but a person's gotta try. I recently remembered this series last year, after so long of no longer watching it. I got to admit, it was a lot more crazier than I remembered. Which kind of made me feel like writing a story about it, because why not, right?

Anyways, enjoy the story guys.

It was 2012...

It was pretty much half of a decade of being with the Sector V leader, Numbah One, or as some call him, Nigel Uno was still on Earth...

Back in 2008, he left to join some group in the sky called the GKND, whatever the heck that means. What was thought to be a savenger hunt for cake was really some sort of thing to help him become something bigger and better. Or that's what most are assuming. So far, something good is nothing more but hearsay.

But that was only five years before now. Some say, this year was suppose to be the end of the world, who knew that something much more unexpected took place. They don't even know how it even happened in the first place, but it really happened.

It appeared that the adults were somehow able to overpower the KND themselves. They didn't know how but they did. They didn't know how, but the only thing that anyone knew about this whole ordeal was that Father was involved after the Delightful Chuldren from Down the Lane disappeared at the abandoned fairground out near the outskirts of the town. Nobody knew how it happened, but they were to get the upper-hand on the KND immediately after, then they took over. It was game over for the KND from there.

It seems like the only safe places for the kids now were the Moon-Base or where the GKND were located at, and none of the other kids knew where that location was even at. But now that the adults took over, it seems like those options are impossible due to the fact that they made sure to get rid of all other tree-houses and vehicles that they've created.

But that the only thing that was about to catch the Earth off-guard that year...

It seems like it was going to be just another night as always, one of the people in the neighborhood were sleeping in their own house...

Then the boy woke up in complete shock, as if he woke up from a nightmare. The boy has messy black hair, with a dark blue plaid flannel jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, as well as baggy dark blue pants. He appeared to be in his mid teen years.

He had no idea what he just woke up from. It was mostly a nightmare, or a sudden change in the air in his house. But either way, he was woken up out of nowhere by some sort of strange reason. He can't really explain why. Deciding to get fresh air, he headed outside to try to clear his mind.

The teen walked out into his front yard, looking out to the sky. He was trying to figure out what he even him wake up like he did. He couldn't understand or describe what he was feeling at all right now. He was also too distracted to even heard the back door opening behind him.

"Hey, Miles, you okay out here?" A girl's voice said right behind him.

The boy turns around, seeing a girl standing there, short black hair with purple headphones on her shoulders, as well as a dark blue neon jacket with a red t-shirt underneath, and black jeans. The boy turns around and faces the girl behind him, taking a deep breath in relief.

"Oh, Julia. Sorry, I got spooked there..." Miles said, rubbing his head. "...Sorry if I woke you up. I woke up out of nowhere myself."

"What may that reason be?" Julia asked him.

"Beats me, honestly. I don't know if it's because of the fact that I'm use to hearing adults being angry and being demanding all the time now, or something...I don't know if it's because Christmas is around the corner, because...2012 is almost over..." Julia rolled her eyes hearing that last part.

"Okay, dude. That stuff about the end of the world happening around 2012, it's not going to happen, so chill out about that. For now, focus on stuff like your graduation that's going to be happening next year."

"I...guess you're right. Thanks sis."

"No problem." Julia sighed, before placing her hands in her pockets, then turning up face the back door of the house. "Well...I guess the only thing to do now is go back inside and try to get some sleep again. Don't want the local guards out here to be angry at us for leaving our house."

"Tell me about it...those jerks don't know when to shut the hell up about what I should be doing or what not..."

The two began to walk into their house, ready to get back to sleep. But little did they know, out of nowhere above them, a shine of light appeared in the sky for only a split second. It would be mistake as a tiny star if one were to look at it from below, but it disappeared the instant it appeared in the sky.

Note: I know this was an extremely short chapter, but just like most of the work I do, I always like the first chapters to be short as always. But yeah, hopefully that was a good start to the story. Either way, next chapter should be up later on.