Now that Julia was on the other side of the door, she now was able to try to find a way to get the door to open for Miles and Hoagie. There were only three paths that she can actually take from the looks of what was ahead. There was a door to the right, there was the door that leads to nothing more but a supply closet, while the last path was just the hallway that leads deeper into the mothership.

It was quite obvious what path Julia was going to be going towards between all of them. She noticed that there were shadows of what appeared to be GKND members coming their way into view. Once the girl saw this, she immediately went over to the door that was to the right, entering it as quickly as possible.

She closes the door, turning around and seeing that there was a couple machines that were in this room. There were buttons and switches on a lot of tables and counters, here and there, meaning that any of these switches could be the one that should unlock the door to let her brother and friend enter. This was probably going to be extremely difficult for her to find this switch to find the main button.

Julia walked over to one part of the room, seeing what appears to be a note that was on the locker nearby. She picks it up, reading it to see what was said on it, seeing that one GKND member wrote this note to another. She read it to herself.

'If anyone sees Samson today, tell that slacker to get the door to the larger garage to finally be turned on. All he has to do is pull the only red switch down, then press the three green buttons that were to the left of the room. If he keeps slacking off on this situation, we will have no other choice but to leave him out into space if he keeps this up. From the Commander.' The note said.

Julia places the note down, as she looks behind herself, seeing that this note completely narrows down what she needs to find in this room. However, the only problem in this room is that there were no red switches anywhere in this room. There was a door that was locked at the end of the room, most likely having the switch inside of the room on the other side, so Julia went to see what was in that room.

Going through the door, the girl saw that there was the red switch inside of this closet-sized room. She went over to the lever, pulling it down, turning on the light that was out in the hallway. Julia ran over to the counter of buttons, seeing that there were a lot of blue buttons instead of blue.

"You have got to be kidding do these GKND members handle activating these machines around here?" Julia mutters, as she was looking for about three green buttons on this machine.

Eventually, Julia found all three buttons on this counter...

Once she presses all three of them, the doors out in the hallway opened for Miles and Hoagie, letting them into the mothership's corridors. The two boys stepped inside the hallway, holding out their 2x4 weapons, making sure to fight off any of the GKND members if they attempt to attack. Julia steps out of the control room that she was inside.

"I told you I'd be safe." Julia said. "Nothing to worry about, Miles." The brother smiled, nodding his head, before bowing his head at his sister.

"Glad to see that you managed to get us through. Thank you, Julia." Miles said.

"No problem, bro." The two bumped fists, before Julia pulled out the M.U.S.K.E.T. from her jacket pocket. "We ready to pass through this lunch room? How do we even know if it's empty?"

Hoagie looks at the signs on the ceiling above. There were three signs pointing at a couple different directions, one way had a fork and spoon on it, one had a crown, and the last had a car on it. The sign with the fork and spoon was pointing at two doors that were by the end of the path they were on.

"It looks like we're going to have to be lucky if none of them decided lunch...or breakfast...or dinner...or...I don't exactly know what time it is now that Earth is gone..." Hoagie said, looking at the doors.

Miles pulls out his phone, seeing what time it was. "It's about seven in the evening, and...holy shit, it's Christmas Eve as well? Jeez...I forgotten that Christmas was actually around the corner back on Earth..." Miles said, placing his phone back into his pocket. "But that's not important. Hoagie's right, we're going to have to hope that those GKND operatives are not eating dinner yet."

"Just stay low. As long as they don't see us, then we'll probably be able to get to the other side without being caught."

Inside the lunch room...

Hoagie was the first one to enter the lunch room, with Miles and Julia following suit. They remained low, making their way over to a line of food counters that were at one part of the lunch room. The three of them slowly moved their way over to the counter.

While they were slowly moving their way over to that spot, Miles looks over to the other tables, seeing that there were about a couple GKND soldiers that were either eating lunch, or being pacing around the lunch room. This sight made all three of the ones sneaking around to sneak a little bit more faster to the food counters. They hid behind them, as they were making their way to the other side of the lunch room.

All of this seems to be pretty easy for the three of them. Everything was going according to plan, all they had to do was to go and try to get to the door at the end of the room. But that's when something rather...odd and unexpected happened.

The sound of static came from the walkie-talkie that was in Miles's pocket. He completely forgotten that he had the walkie-talkie from the Moon Base with him when he heard that Abigail and the crew were safe. Seeing this, Julia took the device from Miles's hand, and threw it straight at one of the nearby corners of the room, making sure that they were caught.

"Julia? Are you crazy? We could get caught!" Hoagie said in a rather harsh whisper.

"What else should've I done? They could hear the walkie-talkie if we kept it." Julia whispers back, only to turn around to take notice in something. "Quiet down...look over there..."

Julia points at the corner, seeing that one of the GKND soldiers have picked up the walkie-talkie, bringing it over to his comrades. Hoagie, Miles, and Julia peeked out from behind the counter, seeing that the soldiers were most likely going to catch Abigail, or the Moon Base in the process. However, a voice that was way too familiar to Hoagie came up onto the walkie-talkie, and that voice, or...voices, was not a good one to him, or Nigel.

"I see that you have been hiding out have you..." A couple voices said in unison on the walkie-talkie.

"Oh no..." Hoagie whispers, knowing who was speaking on that device right now.

"This can't be..." One of the soldiers said. "...They were suppose to be gone, according to Nigel Uno." That soldier looks up at his crew, before speaking in a demanding tone. "One of you, bring this to Nigel. If this is some sort of threat to the GKND, we most likely him and our commander know right away."

"Of course. Right away." Another soldier said, as the group of soldiers went off to do a couple other things.

Some of the soldiers went off to go find Nigel, while some stayed to have some more lunch. The three hearing this from the counter ducked behind the counter once again. Hoagie was completely stunned hearing those voices coming from the walkie-talkie, nothing can describe how shocked he is by who that was.

"Hoagie...who was that?" Julia asked in a whisper.

"That...that was..." Hoagie said, shaking his head, eyes widened in pure horror. "...It's could they be able to survive something like..."

"Hoagie! Tell us who that was on the walkie-talkie."

"Those people...they were the Delightful Children from Down the Lane..."

"Those kids with the cake?" Miles asked raising an eyebrow. "How is this a surprise?"

"They disappeared, remember?" Hoagie looks down at the floor, explaining what had happened in the past. "...From what I was told, me, Kuki, Wally, and Abby all remained at their house, fighting off father...while Nigel went off to go bring the last item to the scavenger hunt to that Rainbow Monkey park...on a log-ride, he and the Delight Children from Down the Lane fought to the death up on one of carts in that ride...all I know is that Nigel had won that battle, however...the Delight Children on the other hand..." Hoagie turns his head over to the two teens he was with. "...They were trapped on the ride when they fell into a trench. Nobody, not even Father, knew where they went...all I know is that when they disappeared, everything completely went south afterwards. The fall of the KND happened a couple months later..."

"Then...if that's them on the walkie-talkie? That means..."

"...They survived?" Julia asked, finishing her brother's question.

"I...don't know how any of that is even possible, let aloud how they could be able to...find their way to the GKND mothership." Hoagie said, confused and intrigued by how things are leading to this moment. "...I'd think that the villains would not know about the GKND mothership...but...seeing that they are calling from up here...I don't know how this...adds up..."

"Well...logical or not, they know..." Miles said. "...But if they know we're up here, and from what me and Julia heard what the KND had to deal with when it came to those guys...something tells me that this mission is about to get a little harder..."

"I'm more worried if...Nigel actually is responsible for what happened to Earth...I'm a little worried how he's going to feel about his former enemy being defeated coming back into his life will make him feel..."