One of the random soldiers had to go and tell Nigel Uno about what had just been discovered. The Delightful Children from Down the Lane somehow surviving what had happened years back, especially with Earth gone now is confusing already, but maybe he can try to figure out how any of this is possible. He will be angry knowing that he has to face his former enemies again, but this if they find the GKND mothership, everyone on the ship is doomed.

The soldier walks into the meeting room where Nigel was standing at, looking out the window with the same stoic face he always has now. The man walked over to the boy, handing him the walkie-talkie.

"What is this?" Nigel asked the soldier. "We have more important things to do rather than me hold something that's completely useless to us right now."

"It's not..." The soldier said. "A certain somebody has gotten a hold of the mothership by this walkie-talkie alone, and...well...I don't think you're going to like who it is that's found us?"

"Is it those two teenagers who have found their way to free my former team?"

"Not exactly, Nigel...but this is a little more serious than those two. I believe it's a lot more...dire than those two."

Nigel took the walkie-talkie, still a little confused with what the soldier was referring to. He presses the red button that was on the side of the device, causing the sound of some static to come out of it. A couple voices that were in unison were coming out of the walkie-talkie as Numbah 1 was trying his best to get some sort of way to hear what the voices were saying.

When he finally was able to see who was on the walkie-talkie, he was taken aback by who he was actually hearing on the other line. A group of voices that he was not expecting to hear for a very long time, considering that he thought they'd disappeared, years ago. He thought he'd never hear them again after the day they disappeared.

"Is anyone there?" The voices in unison asked on the walkie-talkie.

"The Delightful Child from Down the Lane?" Nigel said, completely in awe. Despite wearing futuristic glasses that completely cover his eyes, making it unable to see his eyes visibly, it was pretty obvious that he was shocked and horrified hearing those voices. "I-It's impossible..."

"Oh...hello, Nigel Uno..." The voices said, a lot more sinister this time. "It turns out it isn't over..."

" How did you guys survive?" Nigel then loses his shocked tone, before speaking in a more serious, yet confused, tone of voice. "Come to think about it, how in the world did you manage to get away from the planet? I don't recall anyone finding you guys alive!"

"Well...let's just say that when you allowed us to fall to our doom back at that Rainbow Monkey park, we found ourselves in the sewers of our entire neighborhood. After that, we were able to find our way out of there, then found ourselves in a forest...however, we were located in another town near the one we live in." Nigel stood there with the same stoic look on his face, as the Delightful Children continued to talk some more. "However...while we were at this neighborhood, we discovered that there the KND had failed...leading to every tree-house being destroyed, all 2x4 weapons being gone, and all operatives being unable to stop adult tyranny. After all of that, we waited until the perfect time for us to return to our Father."

"Does...Father know where you are right now?"

"No...he was left trying to search the world for you...he was still trying to talk to other villains, trying to figure out where you were located at...until" The Delightful Children were heard sniffing on the other line. "...You took our father from us...the planet we lived on..."

"I had no other tyranny took over the Earth...and I had avenge the Kids Next Door."

"Well, since you think that the safety of the KND is more important than anything that has happened...we have no other choice, but to put an end to your little Moon Base..."

"You wouldn't..."

"Oh, we would. It's pretty clear that no other spot on Earth had you on it, so that only leaves the one place where we know you'd run off to." Nigel just glared forward, as the soldier apparently seemed extremely worried for the Moon Base's safety. "It's time that we take what we tried to make you say back there, then actually mean it this time..." The sound of a laser activating was heard on the other side of the walkie-talkie. "Step outside of the Moon Base, and surrender to us...or you and the rest of the Kids Next Door suffer for it..."

Nigel stood there, seeing that they will destroy the Moon Base, the only tree house left in existence. He stared forward, as his face remained stoic, yet it was pretty clear that he was still extremely worried for some of the remaining KND operatives who are still hiding on that base. Seeing no other choice, after a bit of silence, Nigel finally spoke.

"Stop!" Nigel shouts, as the sound of the laser turning off was heard on the other side. "...I'm not on the Moon Base...if you want where I am right now, then come find me outside of the Solar System itself..."

"Outside of the Solar System, you say?" The Delightful Children asked.

" can find me somewhere out there...if you see a mothership, you know very well that I am on that one." Nigel sighed. "However, considering the KND group that I am in right now, I must warn you right now...we won't hesitate to fight back."

"Very well then...we won't destroy the Moon Base, since nobody on there is anyone we are after's you we are trying to locate anyhow." Nigel glared forward, before handing the walkie-talkie back to the soldier. "...We will meet again, Nigel Uno..."

The call ended right than and there. The two stood there, unsure with how to take the fact that the Delightful Children were still standing after what had happened after the scavenger hunt years ago on Earth. Nigel turns around, as the soldier was shocked by Numbah 1 bringing up the mothership during that conversation.

"Nigel, are you insane? I never seen these Delightful Children from Down the Lane before, but...all I know about them is that they are very bad people to encounter on Earth, because...they don't share their cake, and they brag about it...but...are you sure that telling them about the GKND mothership was a smart choice?" The soldier asked him.

"I believe it was..." Nigel said. "...The GKND haven't been defeated for a very long time now, hasn't it? They didn't get defeated when Father turned the kids around the world into animals. They didn't get defeated when Father turned every treehouse into broccoli. Nor did they get defeated when Grandfather was turning everyone on Earth, kid or adult into Senior-Citizombies. The Delightful Child are no different in being weak compared to the methods that you do."

" have a point...but still, wouldn't the leader of the aliens be awfully sore hearing that you did this?"

"I couldn't allow them to destroy the Moon Base. Imagine who could still be there if they destroyed it." Nigel looks behind himself at the soldier. "Even with Earth gone, we must protect the KND operatives every way when it comes to the Delightful Children themselves, leave them to me, I handled them more than any of the KND operatives alone. I'm sure I can handle them again."

"I sure hope you know what you're doing, Nigel. Because I'm a little worried."

"Don't be worried...I haven't failed the GKND once when I first joined. I won't fail on you guys now." Nigel then walks over to the window, glaring out of it, as the soldier asks one more question.

" more thing I need to ask...what about the people who have escaped? Like that one boy with the blue flannel jacket, and his sister with that neon jacket?"

"Those two who have escaped first before the other members of Sector V?" The soldier nods his head. "I have never seen them before...but considering that they are still somewhere on this mothership, I advise we find them and make sure that they return to the tubes."

"What about the escaped Sector V members? As well as Numbah 23 and Numbah 30?"

"The mission on trying to get them back into their tubes hasn't changed in the slightest." Nigel looks forward, seeing that there was one choice that he can do to try to make sure that things go back to when they were only moments ago. "...Bring the brother of the two to me...I feel like if those two are separated from each other, they won't be able to try to get the rest of the KND operatives who were on Earth out of the rest of the tubes."

"Why not bring the sister instead?"

"Why not...oh, why are we still having this conversation?" Nigel said, getting annoyed, before turning towards the soldier. "Listen, all of this is simple. No other questions asked. Make sure to get the escaped KND operatives back into their tubes, bring the brother or sister of that duo over to this room, then we place him in the room with all the cells in them." Nigel faces the window once again. "Then things will go back to when they were the moment I have arrived at the mothership. This, I will promise you."

"Of course, Nigel...of course..." The soldier fearfully backs away from Nigel, before running off to go tell the plans to the rest of the soldiers. Nigel remained at the window, glaring out it with the stoic look on his face still seen.