Back with Miles, Julia, and Hoagie, the three of them were still making their way down the hallway to try to get to the rest of Sector V in the office room that they were hiding out in. The three of them stayed low as they were making their way towards the garage room that they were heading towards. This seems easy enough, considering that they didn't see a lot of the soldiers around this location.

That was when all of the sudden, they heard sirens from above, as well as flashing red lights coming from the ceiling above. The three of them froze where they were, before looking up, and seeing that they were either caught, or their friends were caught. Either way, it wasn't anything good to them.

"Shit..." Miles mutters, looking up at the ceiling above. "...We should probably hurry up, guys. I think they know where we are!" Julia and Hoagie nodded, as they headed their way towards the garage door where their friends were located at.

But just as they approached the door, a metal plate came out of nowhere, blocking them from entering the garage. The three of the froze in their spots, seeing that the GKND operatives were not going to allow them to free their friends too easily.

'You think you'd managed to get to this door without us noticing, but you were wrong!' The speaker on the ceiling above said. The voice sounded like the alien in the throne room that Nigel was talking to moments ago. 'The Delightful Child from Down the Lane are on their way here, and the last thing we need is trouble inside of the mothership while they are on the way here!'

"Wow, with a rule like that, they sound so much like adults, it's unreal." Julia said, sarcastically.

"We heard that." The soldiers said, causing all three of them to turn around, noticing the group of soldiers behind them. "It was a huge mistake leaving you and your sister together, boy with the blue jacket. This time, we're bringing you to stay in the same room as Chad Dickson instead!"

"First of all, it's Miles...not 'boy in the blue jacket'...also, give it up! We're not scared of you and your army of ants behind you!" Miles shouts, holding up his 2x4 tech weapon in front of him. "Now stand down, before you leave us no chose."

"There's only three of you, and a lot more of us." One of the soldiers said, before they all pulled out the pens they use to capture humans with, aiming them at Miles, Julia, and Hoagie. "I wouldn't underestimate us being able to take all three of you down, and back to your tubes. Or, in Hoagie's case, his own tube." The one soldier that was talking, immediately points at Miles. "However...we're going to have to bring YOU with us..."

"I'm not going anywhere...Nigel Uno is now a monster for destroying Earth!"

"He did what he had to!"

"He didn't! Doesn't he know how many lives are gone?! How many of the other KND operatives you saved are going to wake up to see that you pretty much ended the lives of their own parents, or probably other friends that were still on Earth?!"

" seem to be missing the entire point of why we did what we did...if you won't accept what we have done to Earth, then we should bring you, as well as your friends in that garage to the tubes where you belong..."

"HOAGIE, JULIA, NOW!" Miles shouts, as he pulls his M.U.S.K.E.T. out of his pocket.

Without hesitation, Miles, Julia, and Hoagie started to fire their 2x4 tech weapons at the aliens, trying to take them down. Most of the soldiers were down, some others started to flee away from their spot so that they can try to get more of them down here to try to make sure that they are taken down easily. The three of them took this as a chance to try to move forward.

Hoagie led the way, trying to find a room for the three of them to try to escape into, as Miles and Julia kept their eyes out for any other soldier who might end up ambushing them in the process. The trio continued to run through the entire hallway, until Hoagie found what looked like a three-direction hallway that had a door in the middle of it. It seems to have a glass door with a button that said 'Close Doors' inside of it.

"Guys! I see a place where we can escape!" Hoagie shouts, pointing down the hallway.

Hoagie ran towards it, as Julia and Miles stood there, watching him enter that room. "How do we even know if that room is going to lead into another room that won't get us ambushed by more of those soldiers?!" Miles shouts, as he felt like this was a bad idea.

"Have faith in this, Miles! I'm sure I know that this place is..." Walking inside, Hoagie turns his head to the left, seeing a map of the entire mothership there, showing that the next room is a storage room. "...Hold on...this isn't a room...this is an elevator. It seems like this mothership has another floor aside from this one, as it seems. How intriguing."

"Intriguing or not, I don't think that a room like that will be useful to our little..."

Julia was then interrupted by the sound of a blast coming from behind her. Then a sharp pain came out of nowhere on her leg, as she yelps, kneeling down. Miles ran over to his sister, before looking up and seeing a couple GKND soldiers aiming their S.C.A.M.P.P. 2x4 weapons at the two siblings.

"Hey! You'll regret that!" Miles shouts, pulling out his M.U.S.K.E.T., and firing some blasts at the GKND soldiers, scaring them off, only to see an entire army of them coming their way down to them. "Oh crap! It seems like they are not giving up on us easily anymore!"

"Uh...guys!" Hoagie shouts, seeing that both sides of the hallways were being filled by an angry mob of GKND soldiers. "They have us surrounded now! GET TO THE ELEVATOR, NOW!"

"Don't worry, Julia...I got you..." Miles picks up Julia, as he began to run along the hallway, trying to make it in time.

Miles kept Julia by his side as he was helping her get to the elevator. Many soldiers were coming from the left hallway ahead of them, as well as to the right. With Julia being carried by his side, they were a lot slower. It seems like both of them getting to the elevator was going to be completely impossible for them.

It appears that all three sides of this hallway was going to be completely engulfed with GKND soldiers, and Miles and Julia were going to be completely recaptured by them. It seems like it's going to be the end for the both of them. Once Miles and Julia have gotten to the middle of the hallway section, and every single spot is about to be filled to the brim with GKND soldiers...

Miles willingly pushes Julia into the elevator so that she doesn't end up being taken away. Both of them outrunning the group would have inevitably been impossible, so seeing that this was the last resort, Miles had to allow his sister to be the one to get into the elevator.

Once Julia was in, Hoagie presses the button to close the door, without knowing that Miles was still out in the hallway. Julia quickly sees her brother out in the hallway through the glass doors, before pressing her hands on the doors. She saw that her brother was being apprehended by the many GKND soldiers, before they picked him up to bring him to the room where Nigel Uno was in.

"MILES!" Julia screams, seeing her brother being taken away. "NO!"

The elevator went down just as the boy was being taken away from the hallway itself. Julia backs up, shocked that this is really happening right now. She held the sides of her head, wishing that this wasn't happening right now.


"I tried! The doors won't open!" Hoagie shouts. "These controls...they're...they're more than I would've expected...these are not like KND 2x4 tech..." Julia turns around, holding the sides of her head, before turning around, looking at the wall behind her.

"I-I can't believe this..."

Nigel Uno was standing at the entrance to the jail room of the mothership. He was waiting for the soldiers to capture either Julia or Miles, and then bring them to his location right now. He sighed, waiting more and more impatiently, before looking over to the left, seeing the soldiers coming to him right now, with Miles too.

"Nigel, we have finally gotten one of those two siblings." One of the two soldiers holding Miles said. Nigel looks over to the two soldiers, seeing the boy that they have captured.

"So you captured the brother of the two, hmm?" Nigel asked, as he glared at the boy that they were holding. "I got to say...I was expecting you to put up more of a fight...even if you are a teen..."

Miles looks up, seeing Nigel right in front of him for the first time. Considering that he was still a kid, Miles was confused at how that is even possible. He was too furious to even think about how that's possible, considering that Earth was destroyed, his parents are gone, he's away from his sister, and now he's in front of the person who's done all of this to him. Miles glared at the former leader of Sector V.

"So you're Numbah 1...the guy who betrayed all of his friends...destroyed all hope for humanity..." Miles said in a growl. "...Don't you know what you have done?"

"I know what I have done. I must say that I have not destroyed any hope for the human race..." Nigel said.

"Bullshit! Earth is gone, and I doubt you have any sort of plan up your sleeve!" Miles shook his arms, trying to get them free from the guards who was holding him. "Don't you know my parents are gone because of you! Now my sister is all alone on this ship, and the thing you tell me is that YOU, the asshole who destroyed Earth right before me and my friends eyes tell me that you didn't destroy any hope for us?! You have some nerve, really do..."

"Clearly, you're hostile by everything that had happened still..."

"Get bent."

"Well...I have a lot of things to explain, but when the time comes, I will inform you why everything is going the way that it is." Nigel turns away from Miles, before walking a few steps away from him. "...I would tell you now, but the Delightful Children from Down the Lane are now coming their way down here. Now because of you and your sister causing this inane riot throughout the mothership, I have no other choice but to keep you inside a cell so that you don't cause another situation like THIS again."

"I know the Delightful Children are coming...I heard it on the walkie-talkie while I was...trying to free my friends with Julia and Hoagie."

Nigel raises an eyebrow. " in Hoagie Gilligan?" Miles nods his head. "...Hmm...that's a name I have not heard of in awhile now, huh? I feel terrible putting him in a tube, since...I've known him forever." Nigel sighed. "I guess for now, they are trapped in the storage room. It's rather dark down there, so it's almost impossible for anyone to know what's happening down there."

"That's my sister you're trapping down there!"

Nigel remained silent, before sighing. "I could explain to you a lot more of this...but...I have no other choice but to place you in one of the cells so that you can calm down." Nigel looks at one of the soldiers, before placing a hand on that one's shoulder. "For now, put him in the same cell that Rachel is in. She shoulder be able to wake up any moment now, considering that she's been passed out for awhile. Hopefully she wakes up from my visit to the Moon Base..."

"Let me go! I am not letting you guys take me away from my family like this!" Miles shouts, as he tried to get himself free from the grip of two soldiers holding him.

As Miles went into the jail room to be placed into one of the cells, one of the soldiers walked over to Nigel. "Hold on, Nigel...I want to ask about Numbah 362. She hasn't woken up for a long time now. Not after we made to pick up some of the KND operatives still hiding out on the Moon Base because of the fact that Earth being gone might take the moon out with it..." The soldier explains to him. "...What do we do if she' know? Gone for good?" Nigel sighed, before looking away from the soldier who was asking him this.

"I hope not...she's been the only person who made me feel better after Lizzie and I broke up..." Nigel said, shaking his head. "I just hope that her being knocked out didn't end her life...but if she's gone for real...then we'll throw an actual funeral for her." Nigel sighed. "She always wanted to protect the KND from adult tyranny, and I respect her for that."

"Don't worry, Nigel. If we figure out if she's alive or not, we'll make sure that we inform of you this."

"Thank you." Nigel then turns around, before walking down the empty hallway nearby. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to meet up with an old enemy that I use to know."

"Alright. You take it easy now, Nigel." The soldier walks away to help the other guards place Miles into one of the cells in the jail room area.