It was a quiet night in headquarters. IRiley was fast asleep in her bed outside of the headquarters. She was asleep. One of her human like emotions, Joy ,was on dream duty.

If Riley's dreams were running smoothly and were okay. There wouldn't be any alarms and there would be happiness. It could literally be seen from her head, the second floor of headquarters had all the other emotions,Fear,Disgust,Anger and Sadness all sleeping quietly and comfortably in their bunk beds. In one of the bunk beds below Anger ,Sadness begins moving in her sleep. She was having a dream which was usually impossible for emotions like her to dream.

This dream was unusual to her. In the dream, she was in a dark room trying to follow a slightly pinkish dot that was calling her name. It was almost like forever running to that dot, it seemed like it was further away then she could ever imagine.

"Sadness!",should a voice that is when Sadness sprung awake she looked up to see who the person who called out her name to wake up it was Joy!

"Joy shouldn't you be on dream duty?",whispered Sadness.

"I just came to check on you you seemed like you were having a bad dream.",said Joy.

"Yeah,I guess your right.",agreed Sadness.

"It almost felt like a bad dream to her,

"Well do you want to stay awake for a little while? I mean you can be on dream duty with me if you want.",offered Joy.

Sadness thought about it for a little while,

"That was uh nice of you Joy I think I'm good.",said Sadness.

"Oh alright, then ,try and get some rest.",said Joy

Sadness laid back down to sleep leaving Joy to go back down stairs so she could continue