The next day in headquarters, Sadness walked down the stairs to get the day started. She expected that the rest of the emotions would be waiting for her. They were ready to help Riley get through the day. Sadness made it through walking down the last couple of stairs. She saw that the rest of the emotions turned their faces towards her, but ,it turned out. It wasn't the emotions like just Joy,Disgust,Anger and Fear.

There was one that used to being around,taking turns. There was a new emotion with them, he was tall,his skin color was orange, he was wearing a suit and top hat and when they saw Sadness trying to join them. That is when Joy pulled the new emotion towards Sadness, so he could get a close look up on who she is

"Sadness I would like you to meet the new emotion joining us-Knowledge.",introduced Joy. Sadness smiled a little as her eyes were looked into Knowledge's face. She cleared her throat a way to make herself feel more comfortable and introduced she herself.

"Good! Welcome to headquarters! Knowledge, let's get you what are you supposed to be doing.",exclaimed Joy.

She lead Knowledge back to the control panel. Sadness was shyly smiling about the new emotion that just joined them but like motion her smile quickly turned into a frown as she thought about the dream that she had last night.