After a long day of helping out Riley out with her daily schedule the emotions,thoughts and feelings inside of her head were telling her to get ready to go back to sleep. Joy was finished with making room in the aisle. She put them in memory lane so they could make new memories. The rest of the emotions were making their way to the bedroom so they could sleep.

Joy had instructed everyone since Knowledge was brand new. Knowledge was going to be sleeping in Anger's room tomorrow. They could make a new room for Knowledge, eventually. That's a scary thought...

After what Joy had done, she made her way up to her bedroom. On her way there, she could see Sadness. She was on the staircase making her way up the room. Joy was seeing she could tell Sadness was moving pretty slowly...well not the normally slow on how she always walks. This walk was not the normal of what Joy was used to...

"Sadness, what's wrong?",asked Joy.

Sadness turned towards her.

"I'm fine,said Sadness

"Are you sure? You have been acting weird ever since last night.",claimed Joy. "Joy, what does this have to do with last night? Last night was just a bad dream I had.",shared Sadness.

Joy was silent for a couple of minutes before saying, "Alright, maybe you're just tired.

"Come on, let's go to sleep.", said Joy softly.

She helped Sadness up to her room. After Sadness got into her room, Joy also got into her room as well.