Many people have that one pivotal moment, that changed their life. Mine was when a pair emerald green hands wacked a book upon my head, waking me from a carefree slumber both figuratively and literally.

Before that moment, I had lived an untroubled life, oblivious to the hardships around me. For nineteen years I had lived in my own little bubble, compete with all the material goods money could buy. The last four of those years had been spent drinking, partying, and in the company of nameless girls. I had convinced myself that I was happy, that my life was all I could ever need. In my mind, I was the scandalous Winkie prince, Fiyero Tigelaar, revered and envied by everyone, and I didn't need more.

I was truly brainless.

The first thing I noticed about the girl who had disrupted my nap, was not the peculiar color of her skin, that registered a few seconds later. But how beautiful she was, not the type of beauty I was normally attracted to, no she was not the soft sort of beauty, she had a more practical air to her. Her face angler, with high check bones and big brown eyes. This was completed by a look of utter loathing directed at me.

"Is this really how you go through life? Nearly knocking people over and not even noticing them?!" She fumed.

"Well maybe the driver saw seen and thought it meant go."

Real smooth, Fiyero. I thought. Before I had a chance to apologize, she stormed off.

The rest of the day blurred together, I met Glinda ( then Galinda), I planned a party at Shiz's dance hall, the Ozdust. There I learned the green girls name, Elphaba. Though most of the school referred to her as "Artichoke" or any other green inanimate object they could come up with.

Weeks blurred together, full of studying, and in my mind, other wastes of time. But among all this I could not shake Elphaba out mind, it scared me. Never had I given much thought to a girl before, nor had ever wanted have a real conversation with one. Something that proved quite difficult, for Elphaba made a point of avoiding me at all cost. I noticed not only was she beautiful on the outside, she was beautiful in mind too. Smart, with a strong sense of morals, she never shied away from standing up for what she believed in. And above all that, she was very perceptive, something I would notice in my first real conversation with her.

"Oh, sorry. But can I say one more thing? You could have walked away back there." She interjected.

"So?" She was getting to a topic that I didn't need to be in touch with. And I tried to avoid the topic with a cocky response.

" No matter how shallow and self-absorbed you pretend to be—"

Oz, she could read me.

"Excuse me, there's no pretense here: I happen to be genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow."

That was the charade I had presented to everyone, and she saw right through it.

"No you're not. Or you wouldn't be so unhappy."

Right then, she had just addressed what I had hid my whole life, something I had never dared to think about, in fact I had avoided all thought, especially that regarding my pathetic life.

What had been staring me in the face since my arrival at Shiz finely made sense

in that moment. I was in love with Elphaba. Nothing in my whole life had scared me more. I had never fallen in love with someone, the very idea of love i had always laughed at.

"I better get to safety. I mean the cub!" I stuttered.

I ran, as fast as I could. I ran from her, and from my feelings for her.

I never got the chance tell Elphaba how I felt at Shiz, for by the time I had faced my feelings, she had left for the Emerald City. She never returned.

The next two years, were lived in a haze. I finished school a year early, something I never thought would be possible for me, she inspired me. I took up a position as Caption of the Guard, working for the Wizard along side, Glinda. Now the unhappiness I had experienced my whole life, I was aware of, painstakingly so. My one thought was to find Elphaba, after that I had no idea what i would do.

Two years and three months after Elphaba left for the Emerald City, I found her when I least expected it, in the Wizard's throne room. We shared a night together, the best of my life. I told Elphaba I loved her. We didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but tomorrow didn't matter in the slightest, we had each other tonight and that was all we needed.

"Yero, what are you doing?" Elphaba asked, her voice groggy from sleep.

"Just writing, my love"

Elphaba got out of bed and went to me. Gently removing the pencil from my hand, laying it on my journal, and blowing out the lamp.

"When I learned you started writing, I didn't expect you to write all night, I must have rubbed off on you," she said with a laugh.

"That you have my love."

"Thank you," I Whispered into her hair as we lay together in bed.

"For what?"

"For hitting me over the head with a book, you changed my life."