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Chapter 1 Pitou's choice

Pitou kept switching their attention between her arm that was being healed by her ability Dr. Blite, and the boy that was crying in front of them. Pitou's mind was racing then anything else. Pitou had killed this boy's friend, his mentor and now Pitou had a responsibility to kill this boy for their king. This boy was too powerful and he was a clear threat to their mast, their king. Though they also killed this boy's friend.

As they saw the corpse that she briefly reanimated. 'Would I do the same in this boy's shoes. Would I weep for my king.' Then they remembered what happened when their king was born and how they had abandon their queen, they had ignored her while they were dying, they could have saved her and yet they had ignored it. 'If my king died would I really weep, would I be in as much pain as this boy in front of me' they thought. 'Would I be in the same amount of pain. No, he's not injured and yet he's in so much pain, someone so strong is in so much pain, because of things I've done.'

Then a realization crossed Pitou's mind 'This is what would happen to my king if he lost Komugi. That girl was someone special, someone who meant something great to my king. Is this what my king would be, no don't you dare think like that. There's no way my king would become such a mess like this boy. My arm is almost healed, and then it will be my duty to finish this boy off.'

She then took a look at the body of the boy's former master. 'Sending this boy to that man would be a mercy.' even though they thought that, they couldn't take their eyes off of the corpse. 'He was a worthy opponent. I shouldn't do this in front of him. Maybe I can convince the boy to fight outside….Wait why am I worried about this? It's pointless right.'



"Oh hello there miss Komugi," said Pitou "Where are you going?"

"Oh miss Neferpitou," said Komugi "The supreme leader said that I'm starting to smell since I haven't had a chance to bathe since we started to play and that a bath may help my injuries."

Pitou remembered the bird that attacked Komugi and how she was punished early that morning for not protecting the young girl. 'I guess I should do something to apologize for the blind girl.' "Hey do you need any help?"


"I mean you are blind is there something that I can help you with?"

"What nononononoono" the girl said as she began to shake her head and wave her hands. "There's no way I can ask the supreme leader's aid to do something as lowly as to help me."

"Oh come on I insist, you are the supreme leader's guest after all. If you weren't in top shape for your next game with him then I would be at fault for not helping you."

Komugi took a second to digest her logic. "Well I guess it's okay if you're not bothered by it."

'I am but if this gets me back in good graces with the king then I'll do it.' "Of course it won't be a problem. Now come on let's get you to the bath." as they lead the blind girl to the royal bath.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the bath. "Oh wow it smells so clean and the floor and tub feel so fancy." said Komugi as she took her socks off and explored the room a bit. "Is it really okay for someone as lowly as me to use a bath this fancy?"

Pitou was a bit confused by that remark. "What a bath is a bath, does it matter what kind of tub it's in?" as they began the bath and the tub began to fill with warm water.

"Well of course it does, I mean well for my family growing up we had to use a bucket and a towel to wash ourselves, but a few years back I used one of my tournament winnings to get a bathtub and it was by far my best investment. It was like washing myself in heaven and that's when I knew what my mother meant by how a girl could get lost in a good warm bath." as Komugi got a big smile remembering her first time in a bathtub.

Pitou was surprised, the only time they had ever seen the girl happy was playing that Gungi game with their king. "A bath is really that great?"

"Of course it is, I'll never forget my first bath. My mom has told me that a bath is a big part of a girl's life. Though I guess with someone who has had a bath everyday of their life, it probably doesn't seem that big of a deal."

"A big deal? I couldn't say I've never had a bath." said Pitou honestly. She had never had one since she was born.

"Oh you don't need to worry yourself about my feelings, I already know that some girls have more luxuries than my family." she said, thinking that Pitou was trying to be nice with her.

Pitou raised an eyebrow. "Well whatever. The bath is ready so take your clothes off and hop in."

"Whaaaaat." said Komugi as her face turned red. "That's um i mean i know un but I."

"What's the matter, do you need help taking off your clothes."

"No its not that it's just that I have taken baths before with my family but I have never taken one with someone else before."


"I mean I know that your girl, like me, but I just haven't gotten undressed in front of anyone else before."

Something about this nonsense caught Pitou's attention. "A girl?"

"Yeah I know I should because we're the same gender but,"

"How can you tell that I'm a girl?" Pitou was curious now.

"Well um, your voice. It's soft like a girl and so are your hands."

"My hands?" said Pitou as she took a look at her hands.

"Yeah, girls have soft hands while boys have rough hands and deep voices, your voice is high pitched."

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter right now, You should hop into the bath before it gets cold." said Pitou as she made their way to the door. "I'll come by for you in 20 minutes."

"Okay miss Pitou and thank you so much for kindness."

Again more nonsense. 'Kindness, since when was I kind to her, I was just doing this for my king.' "Hey komugi, you think the king is kind right?"

"OH yes, he is such a kind and thoughtful leader, and he's really good at Gungi too."

"Really," Pitou paused "What if I told you he wanted to take your life?"

"Huh oh he can have it." she said with no hesitation.

This surprised Pitou. 'Don't humans value their own lives above all else. Yet there is no hesitation in her voice or her actions.' "Really even if I was ordered to kill you right here and right now."

"Well I guess if you could at least show enough mercy to kill me in my sleep or when I'm doing something I love like playing Gungi with the Supreme leader, that would be alright." she said with complete honesty.

Pitou was still surprised but kept her head leveled. "Huh I see, well enjoy your bath."

"Um miss Neferpitou" the now nervous girl said

"Hmm yes"

"Can I ask a personal question?"

"I did ask you a question so I guess that would be fair."

"Umm earlier when I pointed out your features, you were a bit surprised by them, do you not know what you are or are you one of those people that is a boy and a girl at the sametime?"

This was doing nothing but confuse the Chimera. "Boy and a girl? What does that matter?"

"Well I just thought it would be rude calling you something that you're not. So I just wanted to know what to call you."
"I don't see why that's a big deal but for now you can just call me miss Pitou for now if you want. If that's all I'll be leaving now."

"Uh okay thank you." said Komugi as she began to enjoy her bath.

As Pitou left the bathroom they took a glance at their reflection in the mirror. 'I do look more like that one chimera that came with the lion and also all those humans that are in the basement, those were women that the human we kept bought. Am I a girl?' Pitou pondered on that thought for a moment. 'No it doesn't matter, right now what matters is the king and nothing else. Who or what I am doesn't matter.'



'That's what I'll do,' thought Pitou 'I give this boy a mercy kill, that's what I'll do, put him to sleep and end him.' as she finished the thought Dr. Blite finished healing her arm.

Pitou gave the arm a few test swings before she turned to face the boy in front of her. What they saw was unexpected. They saw a boy that the boy who has done nothing but cry finally looked at them since the time they told him that they could do nothing for the man, what was in the boy's eyes was nothing but sadness and glimmer of hope. They couldn't tell why but it filled their heart with sadness as if it was infectious. 'Don't look at me like that. This is war, you're a human, I shouldn't have any pity for you. He died because he chose to protect you and not worry about himself.' she thought

"Are you going to save him." said the boy had a steady stream of tears pouring out of his eyes.

Eyes that pierced their soul. 'Why do you keep looking at me like that, I can't do anything. Why would I want to do anything, you're just a nobody human, your life doesn't matter, I can't help you, you can hate me all you want, my life doesn't matter either only the kings, so for his sake please die.'

"Tears? Why do you have tears?" he said.

'Tears I don't have tears." as Pitou raised her hand to strike they felt something on their cheek. They grabbed it and felt water. 'Rain but we're underground.' That's when they realized he was telling the truth. 'I'm crying. I'm actually crying. Why' as they looked at the boy again they couldn't stop the flood of tears coming out of their eyes. "I'm sorry." they said as they bent down and gave the boy a hug.

The boy was still in too much shock about the death of his mentor that he physically and mentally could understand the hug. It was as if life was playing before his eyes as if it was a movie. He was completely numb to it.

"I'm sorry." she said as they powered a nen infused chop to the boys neck, with no time to put up a defense he went out cold. He slumped over onto the ground. Pitou raised their hand. 'One quick strike, just one quick strike that's all it will take, just one strike' but she just couldn't do it. No matter how much they wanted to fight for their king, they just couldn't bring themselves to put more pain onto the boy.

'One quick strike and this boy's life will end.' as pitou began to move their hand. 'Just one quick strike.'

After a few moments of doing nothing, they picked up the boy and went up the stairs and out of the basement and into the manor above. Pitou found a nice couch to lay the boy down still unsure of what they were doing. 'Why' that word began to echo in their head endlessly with each second that passed.

Upon realizing that they could not kill the boy. Pitou began to make their leave, as they left the building, something caught their eye. A simple gardening tool, a shovel. After thinking it over for a moment, Pitou grabbed the shovel and found a nice spot near the manor and began to dig.

They kept digging for a moment until they had a wide hole ten feet deep. Satisfied with the hole, they put the shovel back where they found it. Then they made their way down into the basement once more, as they made their descent they wondered what the king would say to them, how would their comrades accept this, should she lie. Tell the truth but part of them knew it didn't matter. Not anymore. They were unworthy of their king.

Pitou looked down at the corpse of the man that they had killed, he was her first worthy opponent, the first to make her bleed, the first to make her try as hard as she could to defeat. 'This was the most I can do for him.' she thought as she picked him up.

They carried the corpse outside and carefully using some Nen thread lowered the body into the grave. "I guess I should say something, shouldn't I. You were a good opponent and good master to that boy. I think….I think I regret killing you. I don't know why to be honest. I didn't know you beforehand and you did kill several of my they weren't my comrades. They were more like underlings. I didn't know them either. I guess I had no real reason to kill you other than to just test out my own strength, hell the King wasn't even in any danger at the time. I guess I just wanted to for some reason, I'm sorry you probably don't want to hear that the person that killed you can't even think of a good reason for doing so. I guess there's a lot I don't know. Sorry." Pitou stood there for a moment at the side of the grave she made. "I guess I shouldn't cover you up just yet, give some of your friends a moment to say goodbye, the ability I used on you has the effect to stop you from tiring or breaking apart so it should give someone enough time to say something better and to lay you to rest."

Pitou turned to leave and to their surprise there was someone there. The other boy from earlier when she was healing Komugi, the one that convinced the other to let me heal Komugi. He was staring back at her in complete shock as if he just saw every miracle in the world happen at once.

"How long have you been their." asked Pitou

The boy broke out of his shock when he realized that he was being talked to. "I got here as you were finished with the grave, right before you went and got Kite's corpse."

"Kite." as Neferpitou realized what the boy was screaming about earlier. "Yes Kite was this man's name, that's the name the boy was screaming earlier." as they turned to the corpse. "I'm sorry I forgot your name, I won't forget it."

"The other boy? Where's Gon."

"Gon, that's the boy's name. He's inside sleeping. I knocked him out. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to kill him. I just saw how much pain he was in and I just couldn't bring myself to kill him." she said to the white haired boy who was now opening and closing his mouth like a fish. "Hey would you mind telling me your name?"

The boy thought for a moment before replying. "Killua, my name is Killua."

"Killua, could you please tell Gon, when he wakes up, I...I'm sorry." said Pitou as they took off running back to their King.

Killua stood there for a moment as he watched Pitou ranaway. 'She's acting like that other chimera ant, Yopi, no this is different. According to knuckle Yopi was acting like an honorable warrior and earlier Pitou was acting like a mother protecting her young. Now she looks like someone who is lost as if she has no idea what she's doing. These ants, they are finding their humanity.'

Even though this was a big revelation, Killua knew now wasn't the time for that. Right now he needed to make sure he's friend was okay.

"GON" he shouted as he ran into the manor. After a few moments of searching he found his friend at the window looking down at the grave. Gon didn't turn around and greet his friend; he just kept staring at the grave. "Gon"

His friend didn't respond; he only kept staring outside the window. "Killua"

Killua stopped as he felt Gon's Nen spike. Killua watched as Gon Nen turned black and began to surround Gon. "GON."

"She's screwing with me." he said in a calm voice as his eyes filled with rage and darkness. "I'll kill them Killua, I'm going to kill each and every single one of them."

Killua could barely see what was going on as the room began to fill with Gon's dark Nen, it was as if he was in the eye of a dark storm. 'This is bad I have to stop him before it's too late.' "Gon you have to stop, this isn't you, Gon,GON." then suddenly the black Nen stopped. When Killua looked to see where Gon was, he couldn't find him, all that was left was a massive hole in the wall. Killua knew where he was going, the palace of East Gorteau.

Next Time: Gon's Rage

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