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Chapter 15 the end of the new beginning

"Whoa!" as Pitou and the others awed at the sight before them, it was a massive tree taller than the mountains that surrounded it, they had just gotten over the final mountain putting the whole tree into view. "That's one big tree."

"Wow," said Gon as he looked at the tree. "And Ging is at the top of that tree."

Killua whistled, "Even for a seasoned hunter that's one hell of a climb."

"Wow are we climbing that big brother?" asked Alluka as she looked at her brother.

Killua's face then turned sad, "I'm afraid not, that tree is where we part ways."

"But those two are climbing with Gon." as she pointed at Cheadle and Pitou.

"That's because the two of us need to have a word with Ging." said Cheadle as she tried to keep her cool.

"Still angry on how he left, huh." said Pitou.

"Yes, because for a single moment, I actually thought we were on the same page and then the next thing I know he runs away, without even a word as to why." Cheadle sighed "Not to mention, I need to speak with him, there are several things I need to talk to him about." Cheadle then noticed the look Pitou was giving her. "No. I don't know what you're thinking but no."

"I was just thinking this sounded like one of Jessica's books."

"I don't know which one you speak of but I assure you I am more willing to kick Ging butt than anything else."

Pitou gave a sly smile. "Then doesn't that just make you a tsundere."

Cheadle's eye opened wide at that before turning a bright red, "Come here and all show you tsundere." as Cheadle began to playfully chase Pitou down the road.

Killua couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. "And here I thought those two were supposed to be the adults here."

Gon tilted his head, "Hey, Killua, what's a Tsundere?"

"Uhh," Killua felt sweat roll down his head. "I'll tell you when you're older."

Both Gon and Alluka looked at each other before tilting their heads in confusion.


"The world tree sits at an incredible 1784 meters." said the tour guide as he walked the group through the city. "In fact it gives it the distinct honor of being taller than any man made building ever created." He said as the others stopped for a moment to get a snack of bean buns, "Reaching the 500 meter point isn't hard, you can reach it either by stairs or elevator, but past that point you'll be risking your own life." Killua tossed a bean bun in his mouth before Pitou signaled for one. Killua tossed her one and she ate it out of the air. "Roughly 3000 people attempt the climb each year but roughly 94 percent fail to reach the 1000 meter point." As he then noticed the small group were ignoring him as they posed for a picture. "There is another 4 percent that must pay a pricy fee to be rescued from the branches." as Cheadle payed for the pictures. "Which to say is much better than the 1 percent who fall to their death and die." They all then watched as a small rescue squad with small helicopter chairs flew up the mountain for a rescue. "That means only about 30 people are able to make it to the top and come back down without any injury." The guide then gave up as he turned and started walking away, somewhat sad not being able to get them interested in his facts, but before he left Cheadle gave him a tip and Pitou gave him the remaining bean buns.


"Well I guess this is it," said Killua as he looked at Gon.

"Yeah, it's been a long bumpy road," said Gon as they remembered how they first met.

"It sure has," said Killua as he remembered how Gon and the others traveled to his home to get him. "You better not do anything too crazy the next time we meet.

"I won't," said Gon giving him a reassuring smile. "Take care, Killua, you two Alluka."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure Killua will be okay," she said before waving Pitou and Cheadle. "Bye, Pitou, Bye lady Cheadle."

"Bye," said Pitou waving back.

"Take care, young ones," said Cheadle.

"Oh and Killua," said Pitou. "Tell Gotoh I said thanks for the help."

"Will do see ya," said Killua as he and Alluka turned and walked onto their adventure.

"Come," said Cheadle as she turned toward the world tree. "We have a climb to make."

"Okay." said the others as they started walking towards the tree.

As they started walking up the ramp to the base of the tree Pitou could feel something from the tree, she had no idea what it was but she couldn't deny something was there, though as she got closer she also noticed something else, a lot of people around the tree fully geared out with climbing rope and harnesses. 'Huh, I wonder how many of these people make it towards the top with all that gear.'

They made it to the end of the ramp where they found a small shack/ office for the tree climb, "Excuse me, sir," said Cheadle getting the man's attention. "We would like to climb the tree please."

The man blinked as he noticed the trio, "Uh you three want to climb the tree," he then took a look at the three of them. "We have an age limit and you two ladies aren't dressed like a climber."

"Here, will this work?" asked Gon as he showed his Official Hunter ID.

"A HUNTER ASSOCIATION ID!" said the man as his eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of the card.

"Wow, that card has a lot pull around the world doesn't it," said Pitou.

"Of course, the hunter association is known worldwide and is almost recognized in every country around the world," said Cheadle as she also took out her ID. "I know we don't look like it but we are all more than qualified to climb the tree."

"Huh, okay hold on one moment while I get the wavers and emergency alert buttons."

Pitou gave them a confused look. "Wavers and emergency alert buttons?"

Cheadle smiled and held up the paper. "The Waver is a simple document that explains that you are okay with the fact that you might die on this climb and that the town and organizers of this climb are not at all responsible for any injures that might occur on the climb."

The man stepped forward holding out a small button. "And these are the emergency buttons, press em and out the top of the line rescue team will be at your position within minutes to bring you down safely.

"Oh," said Pitou feeling a little embarrassed realizing that this was stuff for people that weren't like them. She then quickly signed the paper before handing it back to the guy. "Here you go."

"Thanks, if you guys want we have some spare climbing gear that you can rent for a few bucks.

"No thanks."

"Uh, you serious?"

"Don't worry, we'll be fine," said Cheadle reassuring the man. "Are you two ready." They both nodded before jumping.

"Whoa," yelled the man as he looked around trying to find them.

"Up here," yelled Gon down to the man as he looked up to see the three of them were already very high up.

The three then started to climb up at a brisk pace, none of them feeling tired in the slightest but none of them could help put stop now and then to see the amazing view behind them, as they climbed it felt like more and more of the world could be seen.

"I think we'll soon be high enough to whale island from up here." as Gon looked over the horizon.

"I think we'll be in space before then," said Pitou as she kept climbing as she did she could feel each piece of bark from under her fingers, it felt warm and most of all familiar. "This tree is amazing." As she couldn't help but feel in awe from the tree. "Hey Cheadle." as she got the other woman's attention. "Do other things like this exist in this world?"

"Why of course," said Cheadle with a smile. "It's the reason the hunter association exists in the first place, to hunt the unknown and to seek that which has not been discovered yet. Many trees and oddities exist in this world and you won't be able to find them unless you hunt after it."

Pitou stopped climbing as she wondered what else was out there, the more she thought about it the more she realized just how little of the world she's seen, as she gazed out over the horizon only one thought was in her mind. "I want to see more."

Gon looked down at her slightly confused. "Pitou?"

"Give her a moment," said Cheadle as she smiled down at Pitou. "She's just finally understanding how small she is and how big this world is."

"Well I already knew that," said Pitou as she started climbing again catching up to the others. "It just hasn't hit me as quick, that's all."

"Wait then are you going to be a hunter?" asked Gon.

Pitou tilted her head. "I'm not sure if I even can. Right now I'm just sticking to the agreement that the chimera ants have with the hunter association, though maybe someday I'll join. Hey Gon, why'd you become a hunter?"

"Oh me, I wanted to find my dad and I also wanted to see what was so great about being a hunter, I mean if he abandoned me to be a hunter then it must have been something amazing," said Gon as he started climbing again not noticing the other two looking at him in shock.


"He abandoned you at birth!?" said Cheadle in somewhat shock. "Hang on a second," as she caught up to Gon. "He left you at birth and you're not angry at him at all?"

"No," said Gon looking confused at Cheadle. "Why would I be?"

Cheadle was dumbfounded by this, and the look of Gon not understanding how messed up it was just made her feel worse, 'Something is not right with this boy, I haven't known him for long, but the way he acts is concerning, I need to keep an eye on him.'

"So is it worth it?" asked Pitou getting their attention. "Is being a hunter worth it?"

Gon smiled. "Absolutely, I was able to meet new friends and see the world, I've had adventures like no other, being a hunter is great."

Pitou just blinked for a moment before throwing the curveball. "Would you leave your son behind to continue being a hunter?"

Gon thought for a moment, "I don't know I don't have any kids, so I don't know if it would be worth it to stay with them or not." Cheadle did not like that answer.

"Well maybe you can ask your, dad," she said as she looked up, "I can sense him right up there."

Gon looked up and saw the pile of giant sticks. "A nest!" he then quickly sped up. "Come on, let's go."


Gon quickly climbed over into the nest where he was welcomed by the sight of several giant baby birds that stared at him as he stood upon the rip of the giant.

"Whoa, they're huge!" Said Pitou as she stared back at the massive birds. At the sight of Pitou, they instantly began squawking and chirping. "Oh I'm sorry, did I say that too loud."

"HEY SHUT UP!" roared Ging as he walked around one of the birds into their view. "Gee, took you long enough, huh, you brought her along?" as he noticed Pitou.

"Oh no no no," said Pitou, quickly feeling a little nervous. "Cheadle kind of dragged me along."

"Cheadle?" Ging then flinched as he felt a dark aura behind him, he quickly turned to see the current chairman right behind him. "Cheadle! What the hell are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing!" Cheadle yelled back. "You agreed to stay and talk with me after the election."

"I know that I was lying," admitted Ging, being honest.

"You no good, deadbeat," yelled Cheadle as the two of them started getting into a shouting match.

Gon and Pitou watched the two, not sure what to do. Gon knew that this was between them but was slightly worried since it was his dad and Pitou thought it would be better if they talked instead of shouting but right now Cheadle was kind of her boss and she had a weird feeling from Ging.

"Should we do something?" asked Gon.

"I don't know," said Pitou as she took her phone out. "But, this does remind me of one of the books Jessica put on my phone."

"A book?"

"Yeah, in the book the two main characters start arguing and shouting before one of them admits screwing up and the other admits needing each other, that's when they embrace each other and...kiss." Pitou looked up from her phone as she realized no one was shouting anymore, and both Ging and Cheadle were looking at her with a slight glare. "I'll just be on the other side of the nest if anyone needs me."

"No, wait," said Ging as he used his hands to rub his face. "Come on over here, both of you." Both Pitou and Gon stepped forward. "I'm sorry Cheadle dragged you here and I'm sorry she's kind of ruining our father-son time."

A tic mark appeared on Cheadle's head. "I am here because we need to talk and I know for a fact this might be the last time we speak, Ging. You're a man that can travel around the world easily without anyone being able to follow you, I had no choice but to come here today to speak with you before you disappear yet again."

Ging thought it over for a second. "Yeah okay that sounds about right, so what do you need to say?"

"For starters, I will admit I might need you with the zodiacs, as you know I have been trying to change many things about the hunters association and I am already facing heavy opposition. I need your cunning, you were able to rig the election before it even started. I need that."

Gon blinked "Wait, Ging rigged the election?!"

"Oh yeah," said Pitou. "From what I heard he screwed over that Paristin guy."

"What!" as Gon turned to Ging. "That's not nice, aren't you guys all on the same team."

Ging and Cheadle both gave each other a look before simultaneously saying "No." this just caused Gon even more confusion. "It's a lot of internal politics, kid. Just forget about it, for now, you'll understand someday," said Ging.

"Pariston aside," said Cheadle trying to get the conversation back on track.

"I'm not going back to the zodiacs," said Ging firmly and put his in front of Cheadle, "But I'm not quitting the hunters, the reason I'm quieting the zodiacs is that I'm not what the association needs right now if anything if I stuck around I would only be making things worse."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Cheadle I know you, you want to make a hunter association that is different from the one Netero made, but the problem is that I fit in with the old, not the new. You'll make a better association Cheadle but it won't be one that I can help run, I'll only get in the way."

Cheadle closed her eyes and breathed for a moment. "Fine, but I am still going to need your help," Ging was about to protest. "But not as a Zodiac, I'll hire you."

"Deal," said Ging.

"First thing I would like to ask now that I know you are not returning to the Zodiacs, do you have a recommendation to replace you?"


"EH!" as Gon went wide-eyed.

Pitou leaned towards Gon, "Who's Leorio?"

"Excellent choice, to be honest, I was going to recommend him myself if you weren't and I doubt any of the others will disagree after he punched you." She said the last part with a smile.

Ging rubbed his cheek, "Stupid brat."

"EHHHH Leorio punched you!"

"Oh yeah, glocked me right in the middle of the assembly hall."

Pitou then turned to Cheadle. "So Leorio is some kind of badass then?" as she imagined a freighting man that could take on Ging.

Cheadle shook her head. "No not like that, I'll introduce you later."

"You two didn't hear about this?" asked Ging a little surprised, he expected Leorio to show it to Gon almost immediately. They both shook their heads. "Well yeah, he punched me, not too bad of a punch either. I'd say he would be the perfect fit to replace me as the Boar Zodiac."

"Why don't you want to be the boar Zodiac anymore?" asked Pitou, genuinely curious. "It seems like a status of great honor among the Hunters, so why don't you want to have the position anymore?"

Ging gave her a look before staring out over the sea of clouds without answering Pitou which annoyed Cheadle, but then Gon asked a question. "What do you want?"

Ging looked at his son, "I guess whatever I don't have. You see, becoming a hunter was just the realistic way to get to the place I wanted to see. You see, the place I wanted to see was a burial ground for an old royal family, all expeditions were privately funded and sworn to secrecy, they didn't bring much research so getting funding was nearly impossible. No one wanted to fund an expedition if there was no research. That's when I realized my chance to get in was becoming a pro hunter, which I did. After that, I turned 15 and started my non-profit corporation."

"15!" blurted Cheadle, stopping the story and earning a look from Ging, Pitou nudged her with her elbow and a face that said I want to hear the rest. "Sorry, please continue."

Ging then continued. "Well to start my non-profit to repair and research the tomb I needed about ten eccentrics, people who were not after fame or riches, they just wanted to know the truth and of course be trusted with the secret of the tomb itself. I'm always going after the thing I want at the moment no matter what, I'm so focused I will completely forget the object of my desire."

Gon tried to think hard and understand, while Cheadle smiled as she somewhat understood what he meant and Ptiou. "What happened next?"

Ging looked at her and then Gon, "Well I guess you two don't get it so I'll keep going." As he then sat down on the rim of the nest. "I started recruiting, making friends, and meeting people online, the only problem was that they were all older than me, mainly pencil pushers, students, even a freelance journalist. We all spoke and when I told them my background they all pitched in to help start the non-profit even donated what little money they had. It was hard work but we had done it and were able to open the tomb, I couldn't hide exactly how excited I was to be there but the best moment wasn't when I finally learned the secret of the tomb it was when I saw the look on my colleagues faces and shook their hands." as Ging smiled at the memory. "They still work for the non-profit till this day, pro bono, they still give me information even now, compared to the people I met the information I got from that tomb was just a bonus. The most important thing by a long shot I already had."

Pitou and Gon smiled as she looked out over the sea of clouds. Gon remembered his friends Kirapika, Leoria, and Killua. While Pitou thought of Jessica, Mimi, and the other Chimera Ants old and new.

As they all sat down watching over the clouds, "So then what now?" asked Cheadle. "What is the next thing that Ging Frecess will be hunting?"

Ging tilted his head, "Well that is a little hard to explain, how would you guys describe this tree we all climbed."

They tilted their heads. "It's supposed to be the largest tree in the world," said Pitou.

"Sitting at 1784 meters tall." finished Gon.

Ging gave them a sly smile. "This tree is a sapling," This caused Gon's jaw to drop and Pitou's tail to go straight. "This tree wasn't able to get enough nutrients and stopped growing, the real-world tree is grown out of magma and reaches all the way out of the atmosphere, it quite literally reaches out of this world."

"Really!" said Pitou.

"Where is it?" asked Gon.

"It's not of this world or any world map you've seen," said Ging, making them think of the world map.

"What a minute so the whole world hasn't been discovered yet," said Pitou. "Is that true Cheadle?"

"Indeed," as Cheadle nodded. "There is a whole other continent that has yet to be explored and there is a good chance that you chimera ants might be from that continent."

Pitou looked out over the world tree wide-eyed as she thought of a whole new land that her ancestors might have been from. "This big world I have yet to see is way bigger than I even imagined."

"Only a select few have left records of their travels to the other side, a box only a few have opened or I should say those with common sense anyway," said Ging.

"Then I guess we hunters don't have much of that," said Cheadle.

Ging smiled. "No," he said as he turned to Gon and Pitou. "Get it now, the thing that I want is always the same, something that I don't have." Pitou couldn't help but be awe-struck by this man, he was a never-ending hunter for what he truly desired, not letting anything stop him or get in his way. "To do it right there are four things you need to get there, the means, permission, qualifications, and a contract. Right now I don't have any of that, but I'm in no rush, I'm just enjoying the journey," he said as he leaned back to relax. "If what your searching for is the same as mine, then enjoy the side trips cause it will be a long journey and there are more important things than what your hunting for."

Pitou had no words but etched those words on her heart as she and the others watched the sunset on the horizon and the giant momma bird return to feed her young.

"Oh yeah," as Gon reached into his pocket and brought a hunter's license. "I have your hunter's licenses, Kite told me I should give it back to you."

"Oh yeah," said Ging as he took the license.

"Wait, you gave your license away," said Cheadle before sighing. "Of course you did."

"It was a test for Kite," said Ging. "I told him when he was a pro hunter to hunt me down and return it to me, he did but at the time, I felt he return it to me later."

Cheadle stared at the man, "You truly are an incredible man, stupid and wise at the same time."

"Gee thanks."

"Hey Cheadle," Pitou got their attention. "Do you think I can become a hunter?"

The others all blinked and stared at her before smiling.


The sun rose again on another beautiful day, in NGL. Pitou took a step back from her work, "There the four of you look perfect." as she looked at the four statues she carved into the rock wall, all life-sized statues of her fallen comrades, with her king and Komugi in the middle together, overlooking the valley of the hive of the Chimera Ant Queen. "Sorry Komugi," she said to the stone statue of the blind girl, "I know this wasn't your home but I don't think anyone will destroy it here. She then turned to the statue of her king Meruem. "I know this must seem weird I was your loyal subject since birth and yet I'm joining the people who tried to kill us, but it seems right, so for once I'm following my heart and not my instincts and I hope you can understand that." She then looked at Pouf. "Yeah I know I have failed as a royal guard but I'm not going to let that stop me, I'm going to keep pushing forward and I will help out the rest of the chimera ants, I may not be able to make a kingdom for them as we had planned but I will make sure they live good lives in this big world." she then looked at Youpi. "To be honest I don't think you would have many opinions about this but I think you would approve of some of the humans I've met so far, some of them I think would have been good friends with you or would have at least given you one hell of a fight." She smiled at all of them "I'm going to live my life, I'm going to see this world and maybe even what's beyond it, there is just so much to see, so many places and people I have yet to meet. Cheadle and Ging mentioned a place called the dark continent a place where our ancestors come from, I don't know if I'm going just yet, I've seen so little of the world that we know of now, who knows just how much is left to see, but I'm going to see it with my own eyes, my hunt is just starting now and I hope someday I can share with all of you." as she fell silent, staring at the statues waiting for a response.

"It's quite lovely," Pitou turned to see Kite/Reina walking towards the statue with a small white flower in her hand. "You did a great job on the details, accurate, almost life-like."

"You never met them, how would you know what they are supposed to look like?"

Reina stared at the statue of Meruem before placing the flower at his feet. "I don't know but I technically was the king's twin, maybe it's a twin thing, I'm not sure, but I can tell he is happy to be with her," as she looked at Komugi. "In the end, she was the most precious thing in his life."

"Yeah," Pitou agreed. "I heard they never stopped playing together even in their final moments. It makes me wonder, if we were born different, maybe not as strong, could we all have lived together and seen the world together, would they have gotten a better ending."

"I don't think you should dwell on it," said Colt as he landed near the two. "We can't change the past, no matter how much we want to," as he looked at Reina. "We can however change the path we are on and how we see the things that cross it."

"I couldn't have said it better myself," said Kite/Reina while Pitou nodded.

"Now come," said Colt as he pointed towards the airship, "We must return to Ms. Yorkshire, we have a hunter's exam to prepare for, oh and Pitou, your friend Jessica called a little while ago, I didn't want to disturb you."

"Thanks," said Neferpitou as she gave the memorial one last bow as they saw them off, to the next big adventure, to new horizons, and many years to come. "Let's go and begin our journey."

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