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Chapter 2 Gon's Rage

Pitou rushed back to the palace as quick as they possible could, they were able to make it back in a fraction of the time it took for them to follow the boy back to the manor. This time they weren't holding back and they knew their destination. Though as they made their way back their mind was clear ready to take whatever punishment their king would have of them. 'I am unworthy of serving the King. Death would be a fitting punishment for me.'

As they made it back to the castle Pitou stopped as they felt their kings nen. 'That was my Kings En. Is he looking for someone? Me?'Thought Pitou before giving a sad smile. 'I guess I should go and meet my end.' as she began to walk past the crowd of enslaved humans that were still under Pouf's power.

It didn't take long for Pitou to find her king as he landed right in front of another chimera ant. The wolf chimera ant Welfin, who was still injured. Welfin became terrified as he felt the king approach and became more afraid then he had ever been in his life. For a moment Pitou thought all of his fur would fall off before he turned and looked at them.

The king then followed his line of sight seeing his third royal guard. "Neferpitou"

"Pitou!" said Pouf. Though there was no relief in his voice. 'Pitou don't say anything, please for the sack for our king he mustn't know about the girl.'

Though what Pitou did next stunned all of them. Pitou got on her knees. "I'm sorry my King I have failed you. I was unable to kill two strong enemies. Not because I lost to them in a fight but because I couldn't bring myself to fight them." Pitou said with full honesty. She clutched her chest. "I just couldn't." as she began to shake. "I just couldn't bring myself to hurt anymore. I don't know why, I just can't." Pitou could feel tears. "I'm unworthy to serve you. I'm unworthy to fight along Pouf and Youpi. I'm even unworthy of helping Komugi."

"Komugi" said the king in a strange way. Pitou looked up to see her king's face was stunned. Unbeknownst to her, Memurem's memories were returning to him. "Komugi."

Shaiapouf then fell to his knees as well. The king turned to his other royal guard. The king looked through his guard. "However you would wish to punish me…"

"There is no need," said The king, completely calm. "We share the same heart in separate bodies. There will be no punishment."

Pitou was greatly confused by the way they were all acting. She clearly missed some developments. She was almost afraid to ask, she never saw this, then again she quickly realized she hasn't seen a lot of things. "My King?"

"You have missed much, Pitou. I have a name now please call me Memurem. For however long I have left."

Pitou froze. "For however long you have left." just saying those words made shivers go down her spine. "What do you mean my lord?"

Memurem was silent for a moment. "Youpi is dead and Pouf is about to go." Pitou turned to pouf seeing him lying still on the ground. "We have poison running through our bodies. As we speak, my internal organs are being destroyed. Soon I will pass."

"WHAT, NO." yelled Pitou as she got to her feet. "You're the ultimate being. You are perfection. You can't die. Your...Your supposed to become the king of the world." Pitou felt that her world was shattering before her.

"I'm sorry what I tell you is truth. There is nothing you can do. Not even your Dr. Blight will be able to save any of us." said Memurem looking at her right in the eye. "Neferpitou as your king I give you one final order, not only from me but also from the other royal guards. Neferpitou I want you to live. Live as you please any way you'd like."

"My King." Pitou was now crying. Her world was truly shattering around her. "Lord Memurem I...I don't know what to do."

"I'm sorry Pitou. I can't give you orders anymore. It is up to you to find your own way in life." said Memurem as he began to return to the compound. As he went to see Komugi one last time.

Then everything froze not only for the chimera's outside of the compound but everyone inside as well. The darkest, bone chilling aura anyone had ever felt passed over them. It put Memurem's and Pouf's aura to shame. For a moment a few of them thought they felt death itself. Every single one felt the instinct to run, those who were weak but strong enough to feel it fainted or those who were able to stand were feeling it.

The effects could be plainly seen on Welfin as he rapidly aged. It was as if eighty years pass by in a second. He could feel death coming. "What is that?"

They all saw a man was walking towards them. He was giant even by human standards, he was big. There didn't appear to be an ounce of fat on his body; he was all muscle. Though the clothes were several sizes too small. Though the biggest thing about the man was he was covering everything around him with dark nen. His Nen was so dark that they could almost not see him. If it wasn't for their enhanced vision they most likely couldn't see him.

Though Pitou did recognize the clothes and when he got close enough for them to his eyes she knew who it was. It was the same eyes that stared down at her while she was healing Komugi. "It's…. The boy!"

"Pitou, you know this… thing." Even Memurem with all of his power was concerned about this thing.

"It was the boy." siad Pitou still not believing what she was seeing. "The boy that attacked the compound along with the other humans. He allowed me to heal Komugi before asking me to heal his mentor but I couldn't cause he was already dead."

"That isn't a boy." said Welfin, still freaking out. If his leg wasn't in so much pain keeping him awake he would have passed out long ago.

"Something happened. He changed." Pitou's mind was going into overdrive to try and explain what she was seeing. "Did I do this to him?"

Gon stopped when he was close enough. For a moment everyone was silent, either frozen in fear or suspension. "You," he said as he pointed at Pitou. "And you." as he then pointed at Memurem. "All of you will pay. For the evil you have committed."

For a moment they just let his words sink in. 'It is clear in his eyes that he has no intentions of backing down.' thought Memurem as he felt Gon's Nen. 'Clearly from his Nen he has put everything on the line for this. This fool is going to sacrifice everything he has to kill us. Is there anything left inside him? Is he willing to put innocents in danger? One way to find out.' "So you plan on killing us then. Even though there's a good chance these people will get caught in the crossfire."

Gon tilted his head slightly. For a moment the chimeras thought he was second guessing himself. "How does that matter? Anyone who gets in my way will die."

"So you're really going to fight us right here, right now." said Memurem. Gon responded by raising his fist and gathering his Nen around it. That was it. Memurem knew this was the final fight. He took a deep breath and as loud as he could. "ATTENTION TO ALL CHIMERAS THIS IS MY FINAL ORDERS. GET THE HUMANS TO SAFETY AND TO LIVE."

Everyone in the compound heard these words and for most they were unbelievable. Chimera ant king was asking for the safety of the humans he was trying to imprison. Though his voice was loud enough and laced with enough nen to wake some of the people who were under pouf's nen scales. They were awake enough to see a giant of a man attack Memurem.

"Jajaken Rock" yelled Gon as he unleashed his attack on Memurem. Memurem tried to take the attack head on but it was too much. The resulting explosion covered the field in dust. Those who near thought for sure that was enough to kill everyone. Though as the dust settled the view became clearer. "Oh you're alive."

As the dust settled the aftermath of the explosion could be seen. Memurem was able to deflect a majority of the blast away from him and the people. He had protected them. The blast had made a gash along the ground in front of him and the humans. Welfin was still stunned by this development but Pitou wanted to intervin. "My lord please allow me to handle this. This, the boy. ALL of it is my fault."

"Stop Neferpitou." said Memurem as he dusted himself off. "I admit that attack was impressive but the old man's attack was far better than yours." Gon then looked Memurem up and down and could clearly see that he wasn't hurt. "As king I have a responsibility for all my subordinates actions. If you have a problem with her then you have a problem with me. PITOU."

"Yes sir."

"I already gave you your orders. Live. Live for all of us how you want to." said Memurem. "I will deal with this one." as he began to concentrate his nen.

Many of the human people who were watching this began to realize two monsters were about to fight each other and they were way too close for their own safety. Panic began to set in as the people began to run as fast as they could grabbing their loved ones and running in various directions.

Welfin ran back to his truck as quickly as he could. Not giving a second thought about anyone else. 'Got to get out of here. Got to get out of here.' these words began to repeat in his mind as he fled the scene.

Pitou couldn't move no matter how much they wanted to. She could only stare at the two ready to fight. She saw her king the reason for her birth, the reason she lived, the only thing in the world she knew. Then she looked at Gon, the boy she hurt, the anger she caused him, the emotions that she couldn't understand. The chain of events that she started led them all here. On one hand she wanted to fight alongside her king and stop the boy but on the other hand she was afraid of what she had made, guilt for the pain she caused, remorse of her actions, her duty to follow the last request of her king.

"Piitoou." said a quiet voice catching her attention. She looked over at her fallen comrade to see the pouf was still clinging to life. With blood now coming out of every opening in his body. It was clear that he would be dead very shortly. "Dooo as you were told. Go"

They didn't know if this was Pouf trying to be kind or if he simply didn't want Pitou to go against the words of their master, but it was enough. So many emotions were entering PItou. She began to cry. She bowed. "Thank you for being my king." she said through tears as she turned and ran away as fast as she could.

"How dare you think about running." said Gon as he jumped after Pitou. He charged up another Jajaken Rock punch. Memurem was having none of this as he intercepted him with his own giant nen punch. This punch was enough to knock Gon back. Though Gon quickly stood up straight as if he did feel the punch. He was filled with too much rage to feel it. "You will die along with Neferpitou."

"We all die eventually." said Memurem as he sprouted Pouf's wings from his back. "Though you will not be the one killing us." Gon's only response was to charge his nen again. "I see. We already have said our 'hellos' now is the time to fight. Monster vs monster."

"There is only one monster here." said Gon but to those brave enough to stay and watch, they couldn't tell who was the monster.

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