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Draco paced back and forth in front of his fireplace, fidgeting with the phone in his hands. He knew he couldn't be jealous of the Potters, they had been her friends for ages, and he was just the new guy she was sort of seeing, who also may have been horrible to all of them in school, but that didn't stop the anxiety coursing through him. He knew he couldn't ask her to totally hide their relationship, not to them at least. But what would they think? How would they react? His mind raced through all their possible reactions, and what Hermione's would be. He couldn't ask her to stand up for their relationship, they had only seen each other twice as something slightly more than friends, hell, they hadn't even made it to second base yet. He ran his hands through his hair, frustrated and overcome with emotions. Draco jumped as his phone vibrated in his hand.

Can I come over? Hermione had sent.

Of course. Draco replied quickly, sitting down on the couch to make himself calm down a bit.

Only a moment passed before the brunette witch was standing in his fireplace. "That was fast," Draco teased, getting up to greet the witch.

"Harry and Ginny just left," Hermione admitted, quickly kissing the blond before he could pull away. "They invited us to lunch at their place next Sunday."

Draco paused, pulling away from his witch. "I'm sorry?"

Hermione blushed, taking the wizard's hand and guiding him back to the couch. "I left the flowers out and Ginny practically interrogated me, she really should have been an Auror herself." Hermione laughed, keeping her hand on Draco's. "I held out for a while, simply being vague, but Ginny practically guessed, and I let your name slip." Hermione paused, searching Draco's face for a reaction. "Is that okay? I should have asked you beforehand."

Draco sighed, looking away from Hermione, "I figured it would happen, I can't ask you to keep that kind of secret. I'm not mad, if you trust them, so do I." Hermione beamed at the man next to her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed, "So, what about next weekend?"

"Do we have a choice?" Draco smirked, he remembered the fiery temper the former Weaslette had back in school.

"No, not really," Hermione laughed. "What did you have planned today? Did I interrupt anything?" She looked at him, suddenly aware she had barged into the man's flat multiple days in a row.

"Nothing really," Draco responded, "I just need to be around to keep an eye on my potions."

"Potions?" Hermione asked, studying the blond, looking for an explanation.

"Yeah, I've been helping supply the Auror department with some essentials, it's cheaper for them to get some from me, as I only charge them for the supplies." Draco shrugged, holding out a hand to Hermione as he got up, "Let me show you."

The pair walked into what Hermione guessed would have been a second bedroom, and she stared in awe at the setup. Draco had more bookcases, filled partially with books and some ingredients, three cauldrons were set up on the far wall, stirring themselves. There was a work bench cluttered with ingredients and parchment on the furthest wall, taking up almost as much space as the cauldrons. Hermione turned to Draco, their hands still intertwined. "This is incredible, Draco."

Draco felt his cheeks flush at her praise, his lips softly kissed the top of her head in thanks. He walked over to the first cauldron, checking the color and steam levels of the potion. Hermione leaned against the doorframe as he worked, efficiently checking the potions, adding things as necessary. Hermione watched the blonde as he worked, his face tensed up the way way she remembered from Potions class. A small smile crossed her face as the wizard checked and rechecked his potions. "Have you thought about opening up your own apothecary?" Hermione asked quietly. "You look so at home here." She walked over to the blonde, wrapping her arms around his waist from behind.

Draco chuckled, "I've thought about it, but who would want to buy from me? I've put out a few requests for a spot on Diagon Alley, but they don't want to sell to me. Apparently, my name still isn't worth much." He absent-mindedly rubbed his hand over hers as he manually stirred one of the potions in front of him.

Hermione felt a surge of anger rise up in her chest. "Are you serious? They won't sell to you because of your name!? Surely that's illegal.." Her voice trailed off as her thoughts took over, reminding herself to check into that in the Ministry library come Monday.

"Hermione," Draco said pulling the witch out of her thoughts and turning to face her. "It's fine, really. I enjoy the Auror work well enough."

"But-" Hermione started, but Draco cut her off.

"No buts, unless it's your's we're talking about, princess." Draco teased, flashing his trademark smirk at the pretty brunette. Hermione flushed, understanding Draco was changing the subject.

"Any other surprises in your flat?" Hermione teased back, swaying her hips as she walked away from the wizard.

"No, not really," Draco admitted, his eyes locked onto her hips. "This potion is almost done, half an hour or so." He turned back to the swirling purple potion in front of him.

"Okay," Hermione replied, not turning around to face him. "I'll go find something to read."

Draco laughed, and turned his full attention to his work, grabbing vials and stoppers. He could hear the witch settling down on his couch, the rustling of the pages as she began to read. His whole body relaxed, knowing that his witch was comfortable enough in his flat to make herself at home. She's not your witch yet, a voice reminded him. Draco rolled his eyes at himself as he continued to work. After he finished, he walked back into the living area, pleasantly surprised to see Hermione curled up on his couch, her shoes discarded by the fireplace. He smiled to himself as he came up behind her, gently snaking his arms around her, placing his head on top of hers. Hermione jumped, "Jesus, Malfoy, you scared me." Her breath shaking as she spoke.

"Whatcha reading?" He asked kissing her neck as he tightened his arms around her.

The witch moaned quietly, leaning her head back to give Draco more room to continue. "Shakespeare," she murmured as her mind began to cloud as Draco kept kissing her, his hands roaming the front of her body. "Light reading, then?" Draco whispered in her ear as he nipped her lobe. Hermione practically heard the smirk in his voice. She turned around, grabbing Draco's shirt collar and pulling his lips to hers. Hermione moaned again, sending chills down the blond's back. He broke their kiss for a moment, scooping up the witch from the couch and carrying her to his bedroom. The witch giggled, feverishly returning the favor on his neck. Draco lightly dropped the witch on his bed, "Stay here," He said, his silver eyes dark with desire.

"Yes, sir." Hermione whispered, shifting due to the uncomfortable wetness of her underwear. Draco smirked, and quickly returned with his old Slytherin tie. Hermione's mouth was suddenly dry. Her dream the other night suddenly at the forefront of her mind, though at least he didn't have the whip with him. She looked up at the blond, hoping he'd say something. He leaned her down on her back, their lips interlocking as they went. His teeth gently grazing her lips, Hermione gasped, wrapping her arms around Draco's neck pulling him closer to her. The wizard's hands reached up under her shirt, undoing her bra quickly. He massaged her breasts, gently pulling at her nipples. Hermione moaned into Draco's mouth at his ministrations, her eyes closed. The blond's warmth was gone for a moment, and just as quickly, returned. Suddenly very aware of the temperature of the room, Hermione looked down to see that Draco had magically removed all of their clothes, save their underwear. Draco smirked at her, leaning down to kiss her again. "Red." He said between kisses.
"What?" Hermione asked as she ran her hands down Draco's front, attempting to slide off his boxers. "Red. If you say the word, we'll stop. No matter what." Draco said, tilting his head back in pleasure as the witch beneath him grabbed his hard member. "Yes, sir." Hermione said, gripping him tighter as she spoke. "Good girl," the wizard replied. He quickly grabbed her hands and tied them together above her head. "Don't move."

Hermione felt her body react to his words, silently cursing at herself for reacting so strongly. "Yes sir." Draco moved from on top of her, placing kisses down her body as he went. He slid her underwear aside, massaging her thigh as if to keep himself from touching her. "You're so gorgeous," Draco murmured. He traced her outline, teasing her as he went, not giving her the satisfaction of the full contact. She bucked her hips beneath him, wordlessly begging him for more. He kissed down her thigh, finally placing his lips around her clit, gently sucking. Hermione heard herself moan loudly, as if she wasn't the one making the sound. "Fuck Draco!" She claimed as his tongue quickly flicked her sensitive nub. One of Draco's hands found its way to her breasts, pinching her nipples, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Hermione moaned again, desperately searching for release. The brunette gasped as the blond slid two fingers inside of her, curling forward as they slid in and out. Hermione's breath quickened as she felt herself getting closer and closer to the cliff. "Draco, I'm so clo-" Her words were cut off by a scream of pleasure as she orgasmed, her whole body tumbling as Draco guided her through the waves of pleasure. Hermione's eyes fluttered as she came down from her high, suddenly exhausted.

Draco kissed his way back to her lips, "You taste amazing, princess." The brunette moaned in agreement as she tasted herself on his tongue. "You're body is so amazing." He whispered in her ear, leaving love bites on her neck as he went. Hermione sighed with pleasure, pulling her arms up to touch the man on top of her. "No, princess," Draco said, his tone stern. He pinned her down with one arm, his chest heavy on hers. He nipped at her nipple harshly as he leaned up, quickly inserting himself into her. "Fuck!" Hermione yelped between the pain on her breasts and the suddenness of his cock. "You're so tight princess," Draco breathed, looking at her with his darkened eyes. He slowly began moving, keeping the witch's arms pinned beneath him. Hermione bucked her hips into him, encouraging him to pick up his pace. Draco smirked, pulling out of her, "Roll over." He commanded. Hermione blushed, his commanding tone sending all kinds of feelings throughout her body. Once she obeyed, Draco picked up her hips, her arms pinned beneath, just like her dream. The blond smacked her ass, the sound echoed in the large room. Hermione let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. Her backside tingled with pain, but as Draco slid a finger inside her, she felt her wetness drip out. "You're so wet for me." Draco whispered, tenderly massaging the now pink mark on her ass. "Fuck, you feel so good." He thrust himself inside her, suddenly yanking on Hermione's hair and lifting her torso up off the bed. The brunette gasped at the sudden harshness, the pain of her scalp mitigated by the pleasure his cock was giving her. "You're so big," Hermione started, unable to get her balance as Draco quickened his pace. "Fuck!" She yelled as Draco smacked her again with his other hand. "Draco!" She screamed again, orgasming around his huge cock, leaving her breathless.

"I love when you cum for me," Draco whispered in her ear as he lay her back down, releasing her hair, his hands gripping her hips so tightly, Hermione knew she'd have bruises in the morning. Draco soon found his own orgasm, whispering her name in her ear as his seed filled her. The pair laid there for a moment, then Draco got up, untying her arms. Hermione studied his face, searching for any emotion, "Draco," the softness of his name on her lips drew him out of his thoughts, "what's on your mind."
Draco sighed, grabbing his wand and cleaning them up, "Dinner, this Friday." He said simply. The witch just stared at him, waiting for him to continue. "I don't want this to just be about the sex," he admitted, not looking at her as he returned his the to the closet. "I want this to be real."

Hermione nodded, laying down on his comfortable bed, opening up her arms to him. The wizard smirked at her, playfully rolling his eyes. "Friday works great" she agreed as he lay down next to her.

"That wasn't too rough?" The blond wizard asked quietly after they had cuddled in silence for a moment.

Hermione smiled to herself, "No, that was fine."

"Fine?" Draco asked, tilting his head to look at her on his chest.

"Okay, it was incredible." Hermione admitted, sheepishly refusing to look at him. She couldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her blush.

Draco murmured in agreement, letting his hand play with her hair. "Good." Was all he said, and soon they were fast asleep.

The morning sunlight streaming through the windows woke the witch. She lazily rolled over to find that her arm touched something firm. Suddenly very awake, her eyes widened as she realized she was still in Malfoy's bed. She quickly shot up, rushing to grab her clothes still folded on the chair in his room. Draco awoke with a start, Hermione's sudden movements must have frightened him. "What's wrong?" He asked. "It's Monday morning, we have half an hour to get to work." Hermione said breathlessly. "I've got to go home and change.

"Okay," Draco said, getting up to kiss her. "Have a good day, I'll get in touch with details about Friday."

"And I'll let Ginny know about Sunday!" Hermione replied as she quickly kissed him and walked out towards the Floo.
Draco smiled to himself, today was going to be a great day.

After her Monday morning meeting, Hermione's boss pulled her aside, "Granger, I need you to go see Potter in his office."

"Okay?" Hermione said, gathering her things from the conference table. "Any particular reason?"

"Potter needs a curse-breaker to work with one of his teams." Her boss replied, handing her a case file. "He, correctly, assumed I'd be sending you to his office after the meeting to offer your insight."

Hermione nodded, flipping through the files, "Of course, I'll head straight there."

On her way to Harry's office, Hermione studied the file. It appeared that whatever was happening in this case, was eerily similar to the case she had given Malfoy merely days ago. Lost in her thoughts, she barely realized she was at Harry's door. She knocked quietly, peaking her head into his office. "You called?" She asked, noticing that the office was empty of other visitors.

Harry smiled at his friend, waving his hand at the chair in front of his desk. "I know you gave Malfoy a similar case on Friday," Harry started, his green eyes boring holes into hers. "I think this is much more serious than we thought. This came to my attention yesterday after we left your place. These groups are becoming more active, and more aggressive. I need your help." He ruffled his hair the way he used to when he was frustrated with a homework assignment. "I'm going to put you on a team with a few of my Aurors," Harry started, "You're probably going to have to go out into the field with them."

The brunette nodded, it was odd seeing Harry so serious. "Of course, Harry. You know field work doesn't bother me." Her thoughts drifted back to their year on the run.

"Good, I'll have you working with myself, and, if you're okay with it-" Harry stopped as someone knocked on his door. He smiled to the witch across from him, "There's our other team member." Harry got up, letting the person in. Hermione's breath caught in her throat as she recognized who she'd be working with.

"This is a pleasant surprise," Draco said, smirking at the brunette witch.

"Have a seat, Malfoy." Harry said, Hermione recognized the amusement in his voice. "I called you in here Malfoy, to say that I'm bringing Hermione on the case. The three of us will be working together to get a better idea of what we're dealing with. That won't be a problem, will it?" He asked, staring pointedly at the blond across from him.

"Not a problem at all," Draco practically beamed at Hermione, who felt herself blush.

"Good," Harry replied, "Malfoy, go set up the office across the hall while I finish bringing Hermione up to speed." The blond nodded, leaving the office. "If this is too uncomfortable, Hermione, I can grab someone else." Harry said, his eyes soft.

"It's fine," Hermione nodded as she spoke. "No one else knows yet, and besides, it's not really serious yet." Harry raised an eyebrow at her, knowing there was more to her statement.

"Okay, let's get to work." Harry handed her more files as they gathered up their things to take to the other office. Hermione's mind swimming with thoughts of working with Malfoy. She had hoped to have one or two days to herself, she needed to figure out what was happening between the two of them. Was this serious? She knew that it was high time she moved on from Ron. But was Malfoy the right choice? Their interactions over the weekend made her feel alive again, like work wasn't everything she lived for anymore. Were they moving too fast? Hermione's thoughts echoed throughout her mind as the trio began working.