Prepair yorselfz forr teh sadest storree ever told. Get sum tishoos or an hankercheef.

Blu is a blue Spix's Macaw, he was born in Rio, but was raised in Moose Lake, Minnesota. He is what many might call a 'pet', but he preferred the term 'companion'. He lived with a homo sapien named Linda for 15 years. One day some guy named Tulio convinced Linda to bring Blu to Rio. He met Jewel, a female Spix's Macaw. They quarrelled, battled smugglers and an evil cockatoo named Nigel. They fell in love and had 3 children. They were happy. But sadly Blu died from auto-erotic asphyxiation whilst dressed as Batman. Jewel became depressed and fatally killed herself to death. Her children then died of sadness. Linda cried so much she drowned, and Tulio also drowned. So many tears were shed that their whole house was flooded with tears. A Jahova's Witness knocked on their door and opened it. Sending a tidal wave of tears that drowned the Jahova's Witness and half the neighbourhood.

The end.

*Sob* so sad lol. Please no hate I'm new. Hope I didn't send you into a crippling depression, that wouldn't be good. If you criticise me then you're nitpicking and biased. Also I will report you for cyberbullying lol

In case you couldn't tell, this story is a joke. Tomorrow I'll write a serious story. Until next time, goodbye.