Everything goes well, too well

Roth Feara was woken up by the sound of the sirens.

"All personnel immediately report to the battle stations. We are about to leave hyperspace and engage Separatist forces above the planet of Yaatana." It sounded over the speakers.

Roth needed a moment to organize his thoughts. His Jedi training thought him to get up early but the past few days had been too much for him. They had learned of a secret droid factory on an Outer Rim Planet but it had taken months to learn of his location and the Separatists protected their location fiercely. By the time they learned it was on Yaatana they have had enough time to prepare for their arrival. Now there were three Venator Star Destroyers under the command of his Master Jadonna Tok. He got up and put on his robe and grabbed his Lightsaber. He was very short despite being a 13 year old human. He had curly dark hair and deep brown eyes. But despite his size he had displayed an impressive Midichlorian count and was now training under Master Tok since he turned 13. She was a very strict Master, but there was a kindness to her, which he got to see from time to time. On his way to the bridge he met Crasher or CT-5218. He earned his Nickname by falling from a gunship right into a squad of droids on his first day under General Tok. Roth and his Master saw that and immediately jumped after him and helped him cut down the droids. They have been friends ever since.

"Hey Kid, the General's waiting for you."

"Thanks Crasher." He replied. He would have loved to make a conversation but since he didn't have much time, he thought he would catch up later.

Upon arriving at the bridge he saw his Master and Commander Brick stand over a hologram of Yaatana with about a dozen red dots all over the planet. They were accompanied by the holograms of the commanders of the other two Star destroyers.

"We will engage the Separatists here and send small Strike teams to the surface to check every likely location. I and Padawan Feara will take this location, as it is the most likely." She pointed to a red dot on a mountain. "As soon as someone has spotted the factory, we will all converge on that location."

"Yes, general" replied the Commander.

Not ten minutes later, twelve strike teams had been assembled. For on each cruiser. Each consisting of two dozen Troopers, spread over two Gunships. Roth felt a rush of joy when he saw they were heading for the Gunship with Crasher on it.

"Looks like I am going to have to babysit you." Said the Clone.

"Just make sure you hold on this time, or I will have to babysit you again." Countered the Padawan.

They were silent until there was a rumble and they could hear the sound of Turbolasers and explosions. The battle has begun.

As soon as the Star Destroyers exited hyperspace, they were bombarded by a broadside of two destroyers and a dreadnought. Their shields absorbed most of the damage but the ships were still shaking. From the landing platform they could see about ten fighters exit the hangar. The same must be happening on the other ships. They waited for five minutes before Master Tok gave the signal to start their mission.

Roth had never liked space battles. They were way too complicated for him and he didn't like being in the small enclosure of a cockpit. He knew how to fly a ship, it was standard training for any youngling since the clone wars started three years ago, but he wasn't very talented at it. Where he was good at was engineering. He loved putting things together and make something functional, and even chose the parts of his lightsaber from a junkyard instead of accepting parts provided by the Order.

But as soon as they deployed the Strike teams, Roth wished he was in a cockpit. He felt so powerless and exposed in the gunship. But the Separatist cruisers were preoccupied with the fighters and the few droids that did notice them were picked off by fighters, before they could relay their information. The teams arrived on the planet with only two gunships being slightly damaged and another one that blew up. After scouting their area the Jedi and their clones realized that they would have to cover more ground. The split into three groups, each composed of 8 troopers and went to scout. The walked west around the mountain, while the two other teams went east and above the hill. If none of them reported anything, they would know it had been a dead end. Suddenly Master Tok gasped in surprise.