Important decisions

Once in the castle, the four of them seated themselves in a large hall called the Great Hall. Roth's new friend, F1-TC4, followed closely behind and laid down next to his chair. McGonagall's stun spell managed to short his circuits, but after a little work from Roth, he was back on his feet, even though he still seemed very hostile towards both Snape and McGonagall. Once there, Roth began tell them about the Jedi Order, how the Galactic Republic has been at peace for almost a millennia and how the Confederacy of Independent Systems, also called the Separatist Alliance, went to war against them. How the Jedi became generals of an army of Clone troopers that ended up betraying and killing them. How he survived and ended up on earth and how relieved he was after hearing the message of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He added his own interpretation that with the Chancellor has now turned the Republic into the Empire and that the war was a plan to exterminate the Jedi. During all of this the three wizards listened carefully, only interrupting from time to time to ask about certain things. After hearing that force-sensitive children were taken from their home as infants, they were shocked, but Roth assured them that each child was free to leave the Order whenever it wanted, however few ever left. Surprisingly, after hearing about the Sith and the dark side of the Force they nodded, as if they had already encountered something similar.

Following his explanations, they began talking about their own world. How magicians lived as their own separate community and that this castle was a school for young Wizards and witches. They talked about a dark Lord who called himself Lord Voldemort. At the mention of his name, which only the old man seemed to have the courage to speak, McGonagall shivered and even Snape showed a rare sign of emotion. Roth couldn't see exactly which one it was. It could have been fear, anger, sorrow or even a mixture of all of them, but it was gone only moments after it appeared. This dark Lord seemed to resemble the Sith in a lot of ways. They were both hungry for more power, sought to dominate their respective population. These wizards also showed remarkable resemblances to force-sensitives. And the sentence 'The wand chooses the wizard' seems very similar to the connection between a Jedi and his Kyber crystal. Overall, Roth didn't feel as alone anymore. Then Dumbledore broke the silence.

"My, look at the time, it's almost midnight. After this exhausting journey you must be very tired" he said. Roth didn't realize that he was very tired. The old man waved his wand around a bed immediately materialized out of thin air. Minutes later, the boy was asleep in the deepest slumber he ever had. But his sleep was everything except calm. He constantly saw images of his dead Master and the Clones. That combined with his usual routine of getting up early caused him to wake up at sunrise. He felt a lot better but when he tried to get up he heard the three wizards talk about him.

"Are you sure that is a good idea Albus?" asked McGonagall

"Minerva, he's just a boy. If he wants to leave this planet, he has to get his spaceship repaired. And the fastest way to do that is with magic. And even if he could repair it himself, he needs every advantage he can get to survive under this Empire that is after him. I won't just send him away if I can help him protect himself" replied the old man calm

"But your brilliant mind forgot one obvious thing, Albus. The boy needs to have magical powers to learn it. And the odds of that are very small" he heard Snape say

"That is why I asked you two to come here with me, so we can figure this out. You can get up now Roth, it's time to talk about your immediate future" said Dumbledore

Roth was surprised that the old man knew he was awake. He thought he hadn't moved at all.

"How did you know I wasn't still sleeping?"

"Because you could barely lie still while you slept. You were constantly thrashing around but right now you were lying perfectly still"

At that moment Roth knew this man was extremely smart. He recognized so many qualities in him. He had the wisdom and calmness of Master Yoda and the Intelligence and logical thinking of Master Kenobi. It wouldn't be surprising if he was a skilled warrior too, thought Roth.

"Like you already heard we talked about taking you into our school to teach you thinks like the repair spell 'Reparo', which you could use to fix your ship. But there are also spells that can be used for combat, like the stun spell Severus used to attack you or the 'Legilimens' spell to see other people's memories. These are skills that will be of great use, if you want to keep yourself hidden" continued Dumbledore.

"But to perform this magic you have to have magical powers. Minerva would you please?"

The witch stepped forward, pointed her wand at him and spoke 'specialis revelio'. He felt a gust of wind flowing through him, then his skin began to glow in a slight gold color. The three wizards watched interested as the aura intensified.

"He has potential" said Snape.

But the aura began to glow stronger and stronger, until he couldn't look at his hands anymore because they were glowing to bright. The three had to look away and McGonagall said

"I haven't seen an aura like that since…"

And just then it stopped. His eyes were still suffering from the extensive glow, but he managed to see the wizards in awe.

"It seems that you do indeed have magical powers. Welcome to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If I judge your age right, you will be enrolled in the third year. So you have two years of school to catch up on until the end of next month. Minerva and Severus will help you catch up on the subjects. I will take care of the organizational matters" said Dumbledore in his usual calm voice.

Then he turned around and walked out of the great hall.

Over the next month he was constantly learning and practicing. First he had to go to a place called Diagon Alley, where he received his wand. His was 11'', made from firwood with unicorn hair core. According to his seller, a man named Olivander, the core made it very loyal and consistent. Because of the firwood Olivander called it a "survivor's wand", which Roth thought to be very fitting. After the passing of this month, Roth had somewhat of an idea what it meant to be a wizard and what kind of subjects he had to expect. His previous training at the Temple thought him the discipline and focus he needed to learn very quickly, but his work did suffer from a lack of quality. His potions were barely acceptable and he had trouble remember the dozed of spells that had been thought over two years. But overall after this month he was confident he could repair his ship and be prepared against everything the Empire threw at him. But something kept him here. Maybe it was the Force, maybe it was something else. He decided to stay at least this year and study here. This planet wasn't known to the Empire so staying here couldn't hurt. And even CT4 enjoyed it here. McGonagall was able to trasfigure his robotic abearance and now he looked like a black and white colored cat, an animal that she herself was able to turn into. It even began to act like one by purring and wraping around his leg. It seemed to enjoy ist new form so Roth left it a that. At the beginning of the month he had to choose two additional subjects for his third year. His choices were Care of magical creatures and divination. The first one he chose because it might strengthen his connection to other animals and thereby the Force. The second one held the premise of being able to predict the future which was very useful. When the time came to get the school supplies Dumbledore approached him.

"I have spoken to the head of the magical government and managed to get you a scholarship. You will not need to pay for the supplies yourself, but they will be second hand and not new"

This was perfectly fine for Roth. As a Jedi he was thought that material possessions mean nothing and he never really had something to call his own except his lightsaber.

"Good. Then I'll provide you with a list of things to purchase until the beginning of next week. You can stay in the 'Leaky Cauldron', a Pub leading up to the Diagon Alley. On the first of September, go to platform 9 ¾ in the King's Cross Station. If you have any trouble ask some of the people around and I am sure they will help you. From now on you will be treated like any other student here to avoid any suspicion. You'll be introduced as a bureaucratic mistake in our system and will join the other third-years. As a third-year Student, you would have the privilige of visiting the town of Hogsmede, but only with permission of your parent or guardian. Since you have neither, Minerva has been kind enough to sign the form for you. Now, I'll take you to Diagon Alley and I hope I'll see you again at the opening ceremony. Take my arm"

As soon as Roth touched his arm, he teleported to a dark alley near the place where McGonagall had opened the way to the Diagon Alley. He wanted to ask Dumbledore how he managed to teleport but the old man was already gone.

"I guess there is more to a wizard than just making lightballs"

With these words he exited the alley, carrying the now catlike TC4, and went to get his supplies.