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Chapter Two: Do You Remember?!

"Mum," Benny looked to his mother as the tea kettle whistled. "Are you sure?"

Lexi pulled the kettle off. "I think it will be a good idea Love," She said.

Benny wasn't sure about that. Sure, he played, but a camp? Especially with what had happened. He'd never lost a grip like that before. He poked around at his cake.

"Benny, what is it?" He heard the gentle clink of the kettle being set down between them. "I've never known you to leave chocolate sitting," She reached over and scooped a bit of the frosting with her finger placing it in her mouth.

He gave a half smile, which fell fast. He shrugged as he fiddled his hand making a fist, then releasing then placing thumb and forefinger together releasing. "Do you remember...a lot about it?"

"About what Ben?" Lexi poured the tea into two mugs scooping extra sugar and milk into Benny's.

"That place...before we came here? The Neverside. Him?"

Lexi sighed. "I do," She said. She remembered it, she remembered Tom Clarke, their relationship, having Benny all of it. The stones had granted them that. But even though Tom had made her human, she was unenchanted, and Benny, he was still a wizard. That had not been altered by the magic those years ago, but it seemed, enhanced, as Benny grew older.

"Then, where is he?" Benny normally wouldn't ask, normally wouldn't raise his voice preferring the quiet, but he remembered too. And sometimes his time with his father, it felt like a dream fading at sunrise with the spells he gained each day no answers but the so called gift of magic energizing and draining. The dream that felt a very real dream. Sometimes he wondered if he'd had a dad at all, where these memories came from. And with all of this, it was absolutely frightening. He'd very nearly made one of his mates disappear, over a football foul. He'd never lost control before, not like that.

"I don't know Benny,"

Benny studied his mother. He pushed his plate away, pushed his chair from the table. The mug teetered precariously close to falling.


Benny clicked his fingers, and the mug righted itself, but he said nothing. He blinked hard and left grabbing his football on the way out.

Lexi flinched as the front door slammed.

She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, an archaic form of communication even for humans, but one she'd quite grown to enjoy after the technological overload of her former life. And she penned a desperate plea.

Tom's eyes roved over the letter, and he could scarcely believe it. "Lexi?" His voice was soft. He hadn't… well he'd scarcely thought of her since the end of the war, moreso out of some crazy desperate hope that she was happy. After all, he'd given her another chance did what he knew would make her so, and save her life, even if the details were a bit hazy. Being on the raw magic, it was a bit like doing things smashed. His first drink and the similarity well, it pretty much proved that.

Tom Clarke,

It has been quite a while, has it not? I hope you are doing well. Benny Jr. and I, well we've managed. He's thirteen now. He still loves football. I signed him up for a camp. I thought he would enjoy that, but...well I suppose what humans go through with teenagers is true. After these years, I should stop separating the facts being that I am in fact human, but the decision to write this, well it's all a bit of a trip back.

He's having a hard time Tom. It's difficult to explain. His magic...unfortunately I feel ill equipped for what is happening. And he's been asking after you. I don't suppose I could convince you to meet up for chocolate in the park Saturday afternoon for a chat.

I hope you're happy Tom, truly, I know I am.


A/N: Well, the letter was from Lexi. And she took things into her own hands in asking Tom for a meetup as Benny Jr. is struggling a bit. What do you suppose Tom will do?

Fun little note: The older Benny Jr. is portrayed by the same actor in the series Ilan Galkoff. It took me a while to find a photo as I like to have photos to work off of at times to get the canon character in my mind especially with characters that grow in my stories older than they were on the last appearance, and I very much don't see him looking that similar to how he was on his last appearance hairstyle and fashion choice wise, so Benny Jr. went through a couple different possible face claims: Finn Wolfhard, Isaac Hempstead Wright, and Anton Starkman being the top three.