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The Battle Worth Fighting

Chapter 1

Bodies littered the ground. So many were already lost. He could see the mangled corpse of his esteemed snarky potions professor, Severus Snape, still bleeding from the puncture wounds given by Nagini. The Weasley patriarch, Arthur, who was like a father to him, stared emptily towards the burning sky. Ron, his first friend in the magical world, lay hand-in-hand with his girlfriend and best friend, Hermione, after being taken down by a rogue spell that nobody recalled hearing, holes where their hearts should be.

In the hour of ceasefire so both sides could collect their dead and wounded, it was found that Molly Weasley had been hit by the Killing Curse just as she had dealt the final blow to Delores Umbridge, so witnesses say. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks were found together in the Astronomy Tower where they were crushed to death under the weight of the falling stones of the tower after a powerful bombarda hit the base. I told them to stay with him, thought Harry as he recalled looking down at their bloodied and bruised bodies all those hours ago. Recalling all those that had lost their lives, Harry used it as fuel as he stared down the one who began it all.

So many lost, and yet so much to gain if victorious. Oh, he was not thinking about fame or fortune, no. He was thinking about the freedom from the prophecy, freedom to have a family, to choose how he lived his life for the first time. The freedom to not have to keep looking over your shoulder every second of every minute of every day. The freedom to live. This was all that was going through Harry's mind as he stared down the monster who stole his childhood and ripped his family from him. Voldemort. Tom Marvolo Riddle. The Dark Lord.

"So, Harry Potter. Come to finally die at my hand, oh this is a blessed day, truly!" Voldemort hissed in glee as he smirked at Harry standing opposite him. "Do you see all these people who foolishly gave their lives, for you? Oh, how disappointed they will be when they come to realise that it was all for naught. Tell me Harry, what would you filthy mudblood mother say about what you've done?" Voldemort cackled.

"Don't you dare mention my mother, Tom! Or are we all forgetting that your father was a muggle?!" Harry smirked victoriously, knowing that he had hit a nerve. "Oh, and don't worry about your precious horcruxes, they are already gone." Harry gloated; it didn't suit him to gloat but he wouldn't get another chance to tell Voldemort that he had destroyed his backups. Voldemort looked thoroughly angered and had concluded that the time for talking was over.

"Avada Kedavra!"

"Sectumsempra!" They both yelled at the same time causing both spells to collide and thus the power battle between the two half-bloods began. The look of concentration on their faces were clear to see, but with only 1/64th of his soul in-tact, Voldemort was losing and fast. Harry, seeing his opening, thrust all of his power into his spell, causing it to hit its target and throw Voldemort through the air. Tom landed with a thud as several deep lacerations appeared across his torso, deep red staining though his robes so that the whole world could see that he was just a man. Harry walked up to the body slowly, reaching it in time to see the light leave Tom's eyes for the final time, his robes that were faded through use, suddenly a deep dark red as he bled out until there was no more blood to bleed. Harry bent down and closed Tom's eyes as he lay there motionless. Dead.

Upon hearing cheers, Harry stood and turned to see those that were left celebrating the end of Lord Voldemort's era. Harry could not bear the thought of celebrating where he had lost so many in this single battle alone. Ron, Hermione, Neville, Moony, Tonks, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Aberforth, Snape and countless others whom he had grown to either love or respect during his years at Hogwarts and in the magical world. Closing his eyes, Harry wished the joyous shouts of celebration out of his mind. When he opened them again, he saw the survivors; Luna, McGonagall, Fred, George, Hagrid, Kingsley, Ginny, Draco, and others whose names were unknown to him.

Ginny came up to him and slapped him across the face, "This is your fault! My family is dead because of you!" She screamed with tears in her eyes. Fred and George approached, and Harry thought that they would calm Ginny down.

"You fucking bastard! You killed our parents! Our baby brother! How could you!" They cried in anger. The Andromeda, who was not supposed to be anywhere near the battle, appeared.

"You killed my daughter! You left their son parentless you vile little boy!" She screamed. Harry grew more and more confused because Andy was not at the battle.

"No Andy, I swear. I never wanted anyone to die." Harry stammered, trying to gain sense of this situation. Before he could grasp it, he felt himself being shaken and yelled at by the older woman…

Seeing his Uncle Harry moaning and crying out in his sleep scared little five-year-old Teddy Lupin.

"Uncle Harry, wake up!" He cried, shaking his uncle in an attempt to wake him. "Aunty Loony, Harry won't wake up." Teddy called to his aunt, Luna Lovegood in the hopes that she will be able to wake him up. Luna walked into the bedroom in a light bounce as she always does.

"Harry James Potter, you wake up right now or we are going to be late!" Luna called in an authoritative tone. When that didn't work, she looked at Teddy and gave him a wink. Teddy grinned and slid off his Uncle's torso just in time for Luna to say, "Aguamenti." And suddenly Harry bolted up off the bed as a freezing cold jet stream of water hit his face and chest. Gasping, he looked around the room to see his sister in all but blood and his little godson rolling around on the floor laughing to their hearts content.

"Haha, very funny." He scowled before grinning. "Who wants a hug?" He said getting up off the bed and chasing his godson out of the room. Teddy ran off giggling to his own bedroom, leaving a soaking Harry and a giggling Luna. As Harry turned around to see his sister, her giggling slowed to a stop.

"Was it the dream again?" She asked in an airy voice. Harry nodded and Luna tutted and sighed. "You can't let the nargles bother you Harry. Besides, I see some blithering humdingers in our future, but they only begin to appear after the birds fly the nest." She said in her usual Luna kind of way. Harry gave her a curious look before deciding to go with rule number one: Always trust Luna. So, with a grin, he nodded and asked her to leave the room so that he could get showered and dressed for the day. "I hung your robes up in the bathroom, just wipe off the nargles and it should be ready when you've showered." She said lightly with downcast eyes before leaving the room. Harry smiled in thanks as he watched his sister leave his room.

Harry made his way into his en suite to shower and prepare for the day. Upon entering, he saw the robes that Luna had spoken of, the black mourning robes that he hasn't worn since in five years. His memory came back, and he sighed realising the date. He had never truly forgotten the date, just put it to the farthest reaches of his mind as he was reluctant to say goodbye to yet another family member. Alas, it could not be avoided, Harry was just thankful that she had not suffered like her husband, daughter, and son-in-law. Yes, today was the funeral of Andromeda Tonks née Black, who passed away peacefully in her sleep a little over a week ago.

As he exited the shower, Harry sighed, thinking about the speech he had written for this day. There were only going to be two three speakers, him, the Minister, and Andy's younger sister, Narcissa Malfoy. After the war, the realisation that they were both the last remaining members of their family brought them both together after Narcissa and Draco were tried and found innocent of willingly following Voldemort. It had come out that they were both forced by the Imperius curse to take the mark and were threatened by Lucius Malfoy thereafter. It took them both a while, but soon enough the bond between sisters grew once more and they had both become a constant in each other's lives.

After ensuring he was presentable, harry went looking for his godson, who was attempting to put his own robes on and he had managed it, but they were inside-out.

"Come on Teddy, lets get these sorted out, we need to go soon." Harry chuckled at the state his godson had gotten himself in. Teddy grinned bashfully at his uncle before he turned sad.

"Are we saying bye to Nana today?" Teddy asked quietly, a sad note to his little voice. Harry looked up and then sighed as he looked at the little boy who had already known so much loss.

"Yeah buddy. We're saying goodbye to Nana today." Harry said, ruffling Teddy's hair. Harry heard a sniffle and looked at, the now properly dressed, Teddy's face. "Come on mini-moony, let's go meet Aunty Luna." Harry said, picking up his sniffling godson.

"At least she will be with Grandpa again, and Mummy and Daddy!" Teddy said, brightening up as he tried to be a brave boy. "It's okay if you hold my hand Uncle Harry." He whispered making Harry chuckle and Luna, who had met them at the door, giggle.

"Thanks, little man, I'll be sure to do that." Harry grinned as he placed Teddy in his seat on the Night Bus. Soon enough, the little trio were on their way to Hogsmeade, where Andy's funeral would be taking place. She had always wanted to be buried with her family, and her husband, daughter and son-in-law were all buried in the graveyard in Hogsmeade along with those who had also fallen in the Battle of Hogwarts.

As the Night Bus pulled into the small wizarding town, Harry and Luna's demeanour changed from content and happy playing with Teddy, to somber as they took in those who had gathered for the funeral of Andromeda Tonks. The trio made their way off the Night Bus after Harry handed the conductor a few galleons. They saw many familiar faces on their way to the burial site. Some of the surviving Order member and others unknown to Harry, stopped the three of them and gave them their condolences. The first person they knew of very well came to a stop in front of the small group.

"Harry, I am so sorry for this loss. I know it's hit you quite hard." Minerva McGonagall stated, her voice full of sorrow. "It was a peaceful passing, wasn't it?" She asked, concern over her long term friend's suffering.

"It was very peaceful, in her sleep." Harry spoke softly. "I'm just glad that I found her before Teddy went in." He mentioned as an afterthought. Minerva gasped.

"Oh Teddy, the poor thing. How is he handling all of this?" She asked worry and sympathy evident in her eyes.

"He is surprisingly doing okay with it all. He says that he is just happy that she gets to be with Grandpa, Mummy and Daddy again – his words not mine." He said afterwards when Minerva eyed him. She chuckled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Well, I suppose a child does see things a lot differently then us adults. I hear you're giving one of the speeches today? Andy would have been proud to know you spoke for her." Minerva said smiling at one of her favourite ex-students. Harry smiled and nodded his head as Minerva patted his shoulder once more and headed off to talk to another. Luna smiled at him from her spot next the Ginny Weasley and Harry made his way over to them.

"Harry, how are you?" Ginny asked, placing her daughter on her hip to give Harry a side-hug. Harry gave her a squeeze back and placed a kiss on both her and her daughter's, Vanessa, heads.

"I'm good, all things considered. How have you been?" He asked in return. "How's my little goddaughter?" Harry asked, tickling Vanessa, or Ness, while she squealed.

"Uncle Harry, you'll mess up my hair!" She giggled. Harry and Ginny both chuckled and then a gong was sounded, indicating that everyone should take their seats.

"I'll see you after, at Grimauld?" Harry asked hopefully, hoping that his friend could come to the wake. Ginny smiled and nodded before heading over to her seats. Harry, Luna and Teddy made their way to the front row where the speakers and their families would be sitting. Upon arriving there, Teddy ran up to his cousin Draco and jumped into his arms. Draco caught him with a chuckle, before setting him down.

"Harry. Luna." Draco said to his once enemies in a friendly tone. "How are you both?"

"Despite everything, not too bad. We have an announcement to make at the Wake and I'd like you and your mother to be there if possible." Harry stated looking him in the eyes so that he knows it was a serious request.

Draco nodded, "Of course. Wouldn't miss it. Ahh Mother." Draco welcomed his mother Narcissa into the little circle they had formed. He promptly kissed her on the cheek.

Narcissa had aged beautifully despite the war and the damage it put on her. She was looking very elegant, as always, in her black velvet mourning robes and hat. She smiled as her son kissed her cheek. "Draco. Harry, Luna, Teddy, how good to see you three again." She smiled though her eyes were slightly less bright than they had been the last time they had met. Harry smiled and gave Narcissa a small hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"We are well thanks. Also, thank you for allowing me to speak today. It means a great deal, to both me and Teddy." Harry said respectfully. Narcissa sighed and smiled.

"Of course." Narcissa responded. "Minerva told me that you are hosting a Wake at Grimauld Place after the service, I would be honoured if you would allow Draco and myself to attend." She asked in her aristocratic way. Harry smiled.

"You are always welcome in my home Narcissa, you too Draco, anytime." Harry responded before they all took their seats in the front row, after Teddy had give Aunt Cissy a hug first.

The Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, stood in front of the crowd who had gathered to honour Andy and began his speech.

"It is with the deepest sorrow that I see you all here today. We are gathered here today, to say goodbye to yet another member of this community, someone who was thought of very highly, and assisted in the passing of laws after helping restore Hogwarts to its former glory over five years ago. Last week, on May 26th, 2012, at age 62, Andromeda Tonks née Black, passed away in her sleep at too young of an age. But we must not feel sad for she is now reunited with her daughter, her husband, and her son-in-law, and many other friends and family members. She lived a happy life as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother, and will most definitely be missed by all who knew her. Why she died so young we do not know, but as she would say, everyone has their time to go. It was an absolute pleasure working with her, and knowing her as a friend, and I can tell you that this world has lost a very bright star here on the ground, but know that Andromeda is shining even brighter in the night sky. I now pass you over to her younger sister, Narcissa Malfoy née Black." Kingsley said and he left the stand to allow room for Narcissa to make a speech. Narcissa let out a gasp of air as she stood and walked to the front with shaky steps.

"Thank you Minister. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending today's ceremony to say goodbye to my loving sister whom I did not know half as well as I should have. It warms my heart to know that my sister was loved by many during her life that I was not present. Though it seems an age ago, to me it feels like yesterday when Andy was burned off the family tapestry for getting engaged to a muggleborn by the name of Ted Tonks. My parents were furious and I was not allowed to say goodbye or even speak to my sister again. I had always been closest to Andy and so it hurt that I was forbidden from contacting her. After many years, I learned that I had a niece, that Draco had a cousin and I planned to write to her, but I was stopped before I could send it. That letter spoke of my love for my sister and how much it hurt that I could not write to her and that she appeared to not write to me. I later found out that she had tried, but the letters were returned unopened thanks to my husband. After the war, we got back into contact and our relationship blossomed like it should have. She would invite me to her favourite tea shop in Diagon Alley, we would go shopping together and invite each other for dinner every week. These last five years that I got to truly know my sister, were some of the best five years of my life, beaten only by my time with Draco. I will cherish the memories that Andy and I made together over the last five years and she will always have a place in my heart. I hope that, one day, I shall see her again in the next life, and that she will introduce me to her doting husband, my niece and nephew-in-law. I am grateful for the chance to have gotten to know my great nephew, Teddy, and I am more than sure that he will grow up to be a strong, intelligent, and brave man, just like his Nana, Grandpa, Mother and Father. I know she will be watching over him for eternity. I loved my sister, and I have never been prouder to say that. Thank you." Narcissa stood down from the front wiping away the odd tear from her eyes. When she sat down, Teddy crawled over both Harry and Luna's laps, to give his Aunt Cissy a cuddle.

"It'll be alright Aunt Cissy, it's okay to cry." Teddy whispered in her ear, causing her to squeeze him in a cuddle while Draco had an arm wrapped around her shoulders. Kingsley was back up front.

"I would now like to welcome Harry Potter to the front to say a few words." Kingsley said before stepping down once again. With a sigh and a slap of his knees, Harry stood and walked to the front, already wiping a stray tear from his eye. He cleared his throat and began his speech.

"Thank you, Kingsley. Narcissa, that was beautiful, and I know the Andy would have adored every word and then promptly tease you for shedding a tear." Harry smirked as the crowd chuckled. He even got a small laugh from Narcissa herself, both giving the other a smile and a nod of thanks. "I didn't know Andy that well before the war. I had only met her a couple of times before I had to go into hiding. As such, I'm not sure if I should be up here giving a speech about her life. But Andy was family, to me, to my godson, to my godfather, and to my honorary uncle and his wife. I didn't think that I would be here again to make a speech about another of my friends that we have lost, didn't think I'd be wearing this old thing again. But Luna dusted off the nargles and made sure that I would be in it today, because Andy would have wanted that. I got to know Andy a lot more after the final battle when she became the primary guardian for my godson, Teddy. She begged me to stay in their lives, and as soon as I set my eyes on Teddy, how could I not? I loved them both the minute I laid eyes on them and soon enough, I had asked them both to move in with myself and Luna at Grimauld Place. I convinced her that we could help out with the night feeds, the nappy changes, and just generally looking after Teddy, and he made it a lot easier for us by being so well behave. We don't get much of that anymore." Here he stopped to allow a few chuckles and to send a wink to Teddy, who was sat on Narcissa with his arms crossed and a fake scowl on his face. "Haha, I think he's hanging around Draco too much, look at that scowl!" Harry chuckled, causing Draco to join his cousin in a scowling contest.

"Andy helped me to know my godfather, Sirius. She told me stories of what everyone was like when they were kids and in Hogwarts. How she still met up with Sirius after they were both kicked out of the Black family for their views. How even though Andy was a proud Slytherin, she fell in love with a muggleborn and the hurt she felt when the disowned her for the fact. She taught me how to be a father figure to Teddy without replacing Remus, she taught Luna how to be a mother figure without replacing Tonks. She welcomed us into her family and cherished us like we were her own, never turning us away when we needed to talk. Andy allowed me to reach a happy medium… I had never truly had a childhood and I had to grow up a lost faster than my peers, but when she and Teddy moved in, she became a parent figure to me and allowed me some of that childhood that I lost. For at least a year, I would wake up screaming every night, and Andy would always comfort me, let me cry on her shoulder while sending Luna back to bed, before tucking me in with a kiss on my forehead. I never thanked her enough for it, but she would just brush it off like it was nothing. But it wasn't nothing, not to me. These past five years, Andy has been an incredible grandmother to Teddy, and an amazing friend to both me and Luna. I don't think we will be able to live in the UK without her. She had given me her blessing to adopt Teddy if I so wish, but I will wait until he is older for that. Andy was a very fun and loveable woman, who loved with her whole heart. She will be sorely missed by anyone who knew her, but more so by those she considered family. It helps a little that she is now with Remus and Tonks and Ted, but also that she is back with her cousin, and friends. My mum and Tonks have help now when trying to wrangle those pesky Marauders. Don't worry Andy, I won't teach Teddy any pranks or mischief, the Weasley twins will do that for me. I'm going to miss you Andy, you'll always be in our thoughts. Always." Harry finished with a tear making it's way down his cheek. Harry stepped down and went back to his seat, Teddy climbing onto his lap and squeezing him tightly. Harry let a few tears loose into Teddy's hair which was currently sporting a deep midnight black colour, representing his sadness.

Kingsley made his way back to the front. "Thank you for that Harry. Andromeda will always be in all of our thoughts. I believe Harry is hosting a Wake at Grimauld Place shortly after and I have been told to tell you that all are welcome. Now, would you all please join me in raising your wands to Andromeda Tonks as her casket is lowered." One by one, wand after wand was pointed towards the sky, each sporting a lumos in respect for Andy. Harry, Draco, Luna and Kingsley pointed their wands at the casket, gently lowering it into place beside her family. Once it was settled, the four of them also raised their wands. After a few more moments, they all lowered their wands and began to leave the graveyard.

Soon enough, Harry, Luna and Teddy had said their farewells to those who would not be joining them for the Wake and apparated home. They knew they only had a short space of time to gather everything they had prepared. Teddy was given the job of bringing in the tins of brownies and cookies that he and Harry had made the day before. Harry had also prepared some cooked food for people to enjoy in a buffet style, while Luna brought out the glasses, plates and cutlery into the living room and dining area before proceeding to fill the glasses with wine. They chose to use some of Andy's favourite zinfandel rosé as it would most likely appeal to all.

Just as the last glass was filled, the guests began arriving. Of the fifty people who were at the funeral, only twenty or so showed up to the Wake. The first to arrive were Ginny, Fred, George and little Vanessa.

"Oh Harry, such a wonderful speech, but what did you mean by you couldn't live in Britain without Andy?" Ginny asked, her eyes a little red from crying. Harry hugged her and then handed her and her brothers a glass of wine each.

"All will be explained Gin, promise." Harry replied. Ginny smiled and nodded. "Hey Ness, could you go and find Teddy for me and tell him that his aunt and uncles are here please?" Harry asked, bending down to little Vanessa's height. Ness giggled, nodding her head before speeding off to find her godcousin.

Next to arrive were Narcissa and Draco, both greeting Harry with a hug and a firm handshake respectively. As more and more people arrived, the Wake got into telling stories about Andy and her life. Harry spoke with most, if not all, of the guests, to thank them all personally for attending knowing it would mean a lot to Andy. As the night began to end, Harry started preparing to give another speech, this one a little different to the one from the ceremony. He looked to Luna to see her holding a sleeping Teddy. She smiled and nodded her head, indicating that it was time. With a long sigh, Harry tapped his glass and got the attention of the room.

"Firstly, thank you all again for coming here to celebrate Andy's life, it means a great deal to us and to me. To know that she had people around her who loved and adored her really warms my heart. However, one thing that Andy has always preached to me, was to follow your heart and your dreams and I fully intend to follow her advice. That is why I have a meeting at Gringotts tomorrow morning to look into moving myself, Luna and Teddy out of Britain." Harry paused here to let that sink in for everybody and to allow them to express their feelings and horror of them moving out of the country.

"What – Why are you leaving?" Ginny's voice carried over the rumble of yells from the other guests. Hearing her voice the question, knowing that Harry would answer her, they all piped down and waited for Harry to continue.

"Since I entered the magical world, I have always had this cloud over me that I had to defeat Voldemort, and that was my only purpose. I had people pushing me to take subjects in school that would lead me to becoming an Auror, just like my dad and Sirius. I never had a quiet school year when all I really wanted to do was get my head down and do well in my classes. Every year, situations arose where I could not do that and instead was being pushed towards a life and a career and a war that I did not want to fight in. I never asked to be who I am, to do what I did all those years ago, but I took on the impossible job and I got it done at the cost of my friends, family, and education. I did what you all expected and graduated out of Auror training early and I helped round up the last Death Eaters on the run. Andy and Luna were the only people who could see how truly unhappy I was, and they cornered me to ask me what was wrong and what I wanted to do. I sat and thought for a long time about what I truly wanted to do with my life because nobody had asked me that before. Everyone just assumed that I wanted to be an Auror like Dad and Sirius. As such, I had never really thought about it as the world had clearly decided my life for me. But Andy told me that I should be able to do anything my heart desires and asks me what I truly love doing, not because I had to, but because I personally felt joy from it. The answer was feeding people. So with Andy's help, we devised an idea that would allow me to open up my very own bakery café, what I would need for it, everything. So that is what I'm going to do. Luna has decided to join me, and I'm also taking Teddy with me to. I don't know where we will be moving, but wherever it is, we will be living a nice quiet life. Don't worry, those who need to know, will know where to find us. When the shop is up and running, I will send out some leaflets for you all. Thank you all, for coming this evening, I know it would mean a great deal to Andy. All have a safe journey home." With that, the night had ended and his guests began to leave.

As the last guests left, Harry started to take Teddy up to his room to put him to bed. Teddy clung to Harry like his life depended on it and almost refused to give up his hold once on his bed. Harry chuckled as he unclasped the iron grip that his cub had formed around his neck. Harry smiled at his godson from the door of his bedroom and quietly closed the door and retreated to his own room after pecking Luna on the cheek.

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