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The Battle Worth Fighting

Chapter 4

The flight from Seattle to Port Angeles was uneventful. They landed fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled because of good weather. Soon enough, the family of three made their way through baggage claim at Port Angeles airport and then out towards arrivals.

Teddy was bouncing with excitement and any other day his hair would've been flashing an array of colours. However, before they boarded their first flight back in London, Harry had given Teddy a potion that would put a temporary block on his godson's metamorphmagus abilities while they were travelling. Teddy had almost full control of his ability and knew not to use it while in the muggle world, but he had a little more difficulty with his ability regarding his hair. You see, like his mother, Teddy's metamorphmagus abilities are controlled by him, but his hair is more controlled through his emotions. An example of this would be, like Tonks, whenever Teddy was angry his hair would turn an angry red. So, Harry and Luna had a discussion about it and decided that the best course of action, until Teddy could fully control his emotions, was to put a dampener on his abilities while he was in the muggle world. Of course, during school holidays when he would be around Harry and Luna, he could do whatever he wished to his hair, but when he began school in September, there would be a potion taken every morning before he left the house. It helped having Luna around.

"Griphook said tat there would be someone waiting for us, didn't he?" Luna asked Harry. Harry nodded and they both began to look around the arrivals area.

"There." Harry noted, pointing out a tall, official looking man in a black suit and sunglasses, holding a sign that stated Potter & Co. Luna chuckled at the sign while Teddy just grinned.

"Hello there, you must be our ride?" Harry asked, strolling up to the man who nodded.

"I am, Mr Potter. My name is Steve, Master Griphook sends his regards." Steve responded. "If you would all please follow me, we can get you to where you want to go as efficiently as possible. Also, why is there so much luggage? I was told not to expect luggage." Steve said with a frown as the four made their way out of the airport.

"Well, we thought it wouldn't look very good if we moved from one country to another without any luggage. Don't worry though, we can shrink it down to put into Luna's handbag when we are at the car." Harry said stiffly, not sure if he likes this Steve character. Steve nodded and showed them to their car. "We should make a show of putting the cases in the boot." Harry mentioned to Steve who nodded but was perplexed at the word 'boot'.

"Trunk, Harry. Here it is called a trunk." Luna giggled. "If we want to fit in we should start to use American words for things." She grinned as Harry made a face.

"Well, everyone will know that we are British, they won't expect us to know their words for things. So there." Harry pouted before sticking his tongue out at Luna.

"He's got you there, Aunty Loony." Teddy giggled.

"Oh, shush you." She responded, giving him a slight shove into the car. Teddy grinned sweetly at her before climbing into the car. "I swear, you get cheekier every day." Luna murmured before taking her seat in the back of the car with Teddy. Harry chuckled as he took out his wand and shrunk the cases down small enough to fit in Luna's bag.

"Alright, they are all shrunk now. Let's get going." Harry smiled, sitting in the passenger side of the front before handing the shrunken cases to Luna. As Steve sat in the car, he turned to Harry.

"And where exactly is it that we are going?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. Harry looked confused for a moment. "Griphook mentioned that you may want to go car shopping before I take you to your new house." Steve elaborated. Harry made a sound of approval.

"Actually, that was really well thought out from Griphook. Luna, remind me to send him a thank you note." Harry said, looking back at Luna who had Teddy's head resting on her lap. "And make sure he is buckled in properly please." Harry motioned to Teddy.

"I already sent one before we left, the wrackspurts told me his plan so I sent an owl before we left. And yes, Teddy is buckled in properly." Luna responded with a sigh as she corded her fingers through Teddy's hair. "Now what kind of car do you want?" Luna asked with a pointed look on her face. Harry looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Well, we definitely want a family car but also on that will be big enough for things for the café too. What kind of car dealerships are around here anyways?" Harry asked Steve.

"Well, there's Tesla, Mercedes, Porsche and a Ford dealership between here and your new place. Any of them take your fancy?" Steve asked with a raised brow. Harry thought for a moment.

"I want to look at the Porsche dealership! I've already found my perfect car!" Luna called from the back seat. "Ooo and don't forget Harry, we need to actually get our licences first!" She giggled. Harry groaned at the added extra to the to-do list for the day. Steve chuckled at Harry's pained look.

"If it helps, as long as you've had your British licences for more than 5 years, you can still buy a car and apply for your licence at the dealership and then it will be delivered to your address within the week." Steve mentioned. Harry's eyebrows shot up.

"That's perfect! Okay, so to the Porsche garage, then I want a Mercedes, and then I also want one of those big Ford trucks. Can we do all that today?" Harry asked, looking at Steve like a child on Christmas morning. Steve chuckled.

"If you know what cars you want, then I can't see why we can't fit them all in. Because your flight landed a little earlier, we have a bit more time. And anyways, dealerships usually close around 7pm so we have four hours to get everything done. If you go in knowing what you want and just get the buying process out of the way, then each car should take around half an hour. It's a short journey between each dealership too, they're all on the same strip of road." Steve explained as he drove out of the airport grounds.

Steve was wrong, it did not take them half an hour to get to the dealership… It took them ten minutes until they were driving into the Porsche dealership. Luna was practically bouncing in her seat.

"Alright, we shouldn't be too long. I chose my car before we got the documents from Gringotts." Luna smiled serenely. Harry smiled and the family of three got out of the car.

"I'll be parked over there." Steve said, pointing to the customer car park. Harry nodded and then Steve drove off. Walking towards the front office, Teddy took hold of Harry's hand.

"Uncle Harry, when we get the cars, can we go for food please?" Teddy asked, looking up to his uncle. Harry smiled.

"Of course we can cub. We will get the cars as quick as we can and then we can go get some food. There should be a restaurant in the town somewhere." Harry responded as he opened the door. "After you, fine lady." Harry smirked, bowing low to let Luna walk passed. Luna giggled as Teddy joined Harry in a low bow.

"Why thank you, kind sirs." She replied, eyes alight with laughter. The family walked up to the front desk and Luna took charge. "Hi there, I would like to buy a brand new Porsche Taycan Turbo S with a frozen blue metallic paint job and any and all extra accessories you could fit in the car. Please." She said with a smile on her face. The lady behind the counter just stared at Luna as if she was an alien. "Oh, and I would like to pay for it in full using my debit card." Luna remembered, pulling out her Gringotts card. Her and Harry had decided that for big purchases, like the cars and the necessary equipment for the café, they would use their Gringotts cards, while any other purchases would be made on their US debit cards. It made perfect sense to them. "Hello?" Luna asked, waving her hand in front of the lady's face as she had been staring for a few minutes. It seemed to do the trick and she was brought from her small state of shock.

"Yes, I apologise. We can sort that out for you, mam not a problem. If you'd like we can arrange a free test drive before you buy?" The lady asked, looking like she had won the lottery.

"No thanks, I already test drove one back in the UK and I fell in love with it. I would prefer to just get it ordered and paid for and then we will be on our way, Miss…" Luna trailed off.

"Abernathy, Emma Abernathy." Emma responded, shaking Luna's hand. "If you could just follow me over to an appointment booth, we can get everything sorted out for you." She said, leading the family of three over to a secluded little office area. The cars in the showroom were very impressive, one could even be a family car for them, but Harry really liked the look of the Mercedes he had seen. Thinking of which, the Mercedes show room was next door to the Porsche show room. Maybe we could kill two birds with one stone here, Harry thought, looking out the show room to the Mercedes building across the way.

"Hey Lulu, would you mind if I went ahead over to the Mercedes show room? Kill two nargles with one stone?" Harry pleaded. Emma looked between the two.

"I'm sure that we could find you whatever you want from our showroom?" Emma said, hoping to get a second big sale under her belt. Harry shook his head.

"I'm afraid I have my heart set on one already." Harry said apologetically. Emma sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, sure Harry. Do you want to go with Harry or stay with me, Teddy Bear?" Luna asked Teddy.

"Can I go with Uncle harry please?" He asked. Harry grinned and nodded, holding his hand out for Teddy to take.

"Alright, then I'll come over when I'm done here. Oh, and don't forget to let Steve know where you've gone." Luna called as Harry and Teddy made their way towards the exit. Harry nodded and waved over his shoulder and Luna got back to work.

Harry made a quick stop at the car to tell Steve where he and Teddy were going, and Steve just nodded before going back to the newspaper he had picked up. The pair then made their way to the Mercedes show room and walked into the building after Harry spotted his dream car.

"Hello, I would like some help in buying a car and hopefully driving it home today?" He said as they came to a stop in front of the main desk.

"Okay, sir, do you have an appointment?" The man behind the desk asked, a very bored look on his face. Harry frowned.

"No I do not, but I am looking to buy and pay in full today. Could you get someone to help me please." He asked in a more commanding tone. The guys behind the counter nodded.

"Of course. Jasmine! Could you see to this client please? He apparently already knows what he wants." The guy said before beckoning her over to him. "He probably wants the cheapest car that we do, just buy me dinner on the commission made." He whispered in her ear. They obviously had some flirty banter with each other, or at least he wanted to have that. She pulled back, a coy smile on her face, but Harry could see the loathing in her eyes and stifled a chuckle.

"Right this way sir. My name is Jasmine, and I will be taking care of you today and will be available to you for up to two months after the sale. If you and your son would follow me to my office, we can get down to business." She smiled in a very professional manner. Harry smiled back and with Teddy, walked behind her to her office. "Can I get you anything, a coffee, water?" She asked, heading over to her coffee station.

"I'm fine thank you." Harry responded.

"Could I have an apple juice please?" Teddy asked with a sweet smile on his face. Jasmine smiled and passed Teddy an apple juice box. "Thank you!" He grinned, taking the straw, and popping it in the hole. She smiled back at him.

"You are most certainly welcome. Now, what can I do for you today Mr…" Jasmine trailed off.

"Potter, Harry Potter. And yes, I know the car that I want and no I don't need to test drive. Also, please if you work on commission, I beg of you to not use it to go on a date with that slime ball out there." Harry asked, a look of agony on his face at the mere thought. Jasmine chuckled.

"Want me to take you out instead, Mr Potter?" She asked in a flirtatious manner. Harry chuckled.

"I'm afraid I bat for the wrong team." Harry said bashfully. "Also, please, just call me Harry."

"So do I Harry. I was just making sure that I was about to do business with a decent man." Jasmine responded. "Tom will be distraught when he figures out I'm dating his sister." She chuckled. "But enough about our private lives. You said that you already had a car in mind?" She sat behind her desk and was ready to begin business.

"Yes. I have already test driven the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Sedan and I fell in love with it as soon as I was behind the wheel." Harry grinned while reminiscing his amazing test drive on the motorways around the outskirts of London. Jasmine smiled.

"It is an amazing car. I had the privilege of driving one when they were first brought into the dealership. Would you be wanting any additional extras for the car?" She asked, getting the correct model up on her computer for them to begin to build the car. Harry looked thoughtful.

"Well, I definitely want a wireless phone charger in the front seat, Bluetooth audio system, and basically any other gadgets that can possibly fit in the car. Also, any extras like snow chains, spare tires would be amazing too. I would like a mahogany interior with white leather seats with the heating and massaging abilities, too please." Harry said, giving jasmine free reign on what went into the car, as long as it had the items he mentioned.

"Oh wow, okay. So, you want all the tech then. I can do that. I just need to make you aware that not everything comes as standard so there will be additional charges to the final cost of the vehicle." Jasmine said in a professional voice that told Harry that she had said that line at least a thousand times.

"So, out of sheer curiosity, how much commission will you make on this sale?" Harry asked. He was briefly interrupted by a loud shlurp from Teddy as his juice box ran dry.

"Sorry." Teddy mumbled as he looked at Harry with a grin. Jasmine chuckled as Harry ruffled Teddy's hair.

"Well, from the looks of it, this sale is going to come to $214,400. When a car like this is on lease, then I would get 10% commission on the deposit made, which for this car is $25,000 deposit. However, you mentioned that you wanted to pay it in full today?" She asked with a shocked look on her face. At Harry's nod, she continued, albeit a little more flustered. "Well, when a sale is made and paid for in full, we get 25% commission on the whole sale. So, with this sale alone, I've already made more than my annual salary before tax." Jasmine smiled. "That'll be a nice portion of my mortgage paid off, so thank you in advance Harry." She chuckled. Harry smiled. "Okay, is there a specific colour that you would like for the body?" She asked, going back into business mode.

"I was thinking a dark silver, so that it blends in a little more in our new town." Harry said with a bashful grin. Jasmine quirked an eyebrow but nodded her head.

"okay, not a problem. I just need to take a few details and your drivers license and then the payment and you should be good to go." She smiled. Harry nodded and fished out his UK drivers license.

"A friend of mine told me that as I've had my UK license for five years that I could still buy the car and you could order me a Washington State license to be delivered?" harry question, hope clouding his voice. Jasmine nodded.

"That's correct, I'll just need to scan your UK license and then take a new photograph of you for your new license. After that, I can fill the rest of the form in with the details you provide on the car purchase forms." Jasmine smiled as she took Harry's license, scanning it into her computer. "Okay, so can I take your full name, address, zip-code, and email address please." Jasmine asked, poised to fill in the form. After Harry had provided all of the relevant information, Jasmine nodded and printed out the purchase forms. "Would you like to purchase the insurance for the car as well today, or did you already have a company in mind for that?" She asked.

"I hadn't even thought about insurance. Yeah, let's add that on the bill. Could I get three years worth of insurance please? I'll pay it all at once too." Harry asked. Jasmine nodded, adding the three years worth of insurance to the bill. "Alright, your new total is $226,800." She said, handing Harry all of the documentation he needed to sign. Harry looked over everything and signed on the dotted line. "Okay, now onto payment. By cheque, credit, or debit?" She asked. Harry flashed her his Gringotts card. "Debit it is then." She smiled, fishing her chip and pin machine out of her drawer. "I'll just go grab the keys." She said, leaving Harry and Teddy while she fetched the keys from out back. Harry looked confused. He made his payment, magically adding an extra $2,000 for her amazing service.

Jasmine soon returned with the keys and handed them off to Harry. "Alright, so here are the keys. It just so happens that we actually have the specific car you want with all of the added features AND in the understated colour you wanted too, so I thought we could let you drive away today rather than waiting seven days for delivery." She explained, handing the keys over. "If you'd both follow me, I'll take you to your new car. Your licence has been ordered and will be delivered within the week, and I'll have all of your official documents printed off and delivered again within the week. You do, however, have all of your documents in an email that I have just sent over to you just in case you need them before the physical copies arrive. Is there anything else that I can do for you both today?" Jasmine asked with a smile.

"You have been an amazing help today; I could not be happier with the service you've provided. Teddy, say thank you to Jasmine." Harry said as they walked toward their new car, Jasmine alongside them.

"Thank you!" Teddy grinned, smiling sweetly up at her. Jasmine grinned down at the little boy.

"It was my pleasure. Thank you for your business, drive safely, and have a nice day!" Jasmine smiled. Jasmine walked back towards the show room while Harry put Teddy in the car and buckled him in, before getting into the driver's seat and pulling out of the show room, only to pull into the customer car park of Porsche to pick up Luna.

Parking in the space next to Steve, Harry and Teddy got out of the car.

"Hey Steve, she still in there?" Harry asked. Steve raised an eyebrow, giving his car a once over. He nodded, so Harry and Teddy made their way inside.

"Nice ride, Potter!" Steve called. Harry grinned.

Harry and Teddy entered the show room and made their way towards the cubicle where Luna was sat. She seemed to have just been handed documents to fill out.

"Hey Aunty Loony!" Teddy called as he jumped into her lap. Luna giggled.

"Hey Teddy. Did Uncle Harry get everything sorted?" Luna asked, looking towards Harry.

"Yup, and he drove his new car over here too!" Teddy grinned, causing Luna to look up at Harry.

"You have your car already?" She pouted causing Harry to chuckle.

"Yes. Why do you have to wait for yours?" He asked cheekily. Luna huffed and turned back to the Emma. "When did you say that I would receive my car?" Luna asked, looking a little disgruntled.

"It should be with you within three working days, as you asked for it to be put on rush." She responded. Luna sighed but smiled.

"Brilliant. I've finished with the forms, is there anything else?" Luna asked, handing the clipboard back to the Emma.

"Nope. I have sent off for your Washington State drivers license which should be with you within the week, your car will be delivered to the address provided within three working days, and I've sent an email with all of your legal documents to the email you provided, there will also be physical copies for you in the mail within the week as well. Was there anything else that I could help you with today Miss Lovegood?" She asked. Luna shook her head and stood.

"No, thank you. You have been an amazing help, and very efficient. Enjoy the commission you made off this sale. Take your family on holiday or something." Luna smiled and Emma smiled back at her.

"I think a trip to Disney Land would be a nice treat for them, so thank you for that." Emma replied. "Thank you for your business, and remember if anything is wrong, you have any questions, or you need something from me, I can assist you for up to two months after the delivery of your car. Have a nice day." Emma called as she walked the three to the door.

"Of course, thank you again, Emma!" Luna called as they exited the show room. Making their way towards where Steve and Harry were parked, the two adults began comparing their cars.

"Okay, so how much did you spend?" Harry asked, giving Luna a knowing smile.

"Well… The car itself was already $170,500 and then I needed all the extra gadgets and gizmos, plus insurance and a pretty paint job so it came to a total of $190,876. You?" Luna asked, Harry looked mildly surprised.

"That's pretty cheap in comparison to mine. Did you get three years insurance like we discussed?" Harry asked and Luna confirmed. "Okay, well firstly, this is my beauty!" Harry said as they arrived at the cars. Luna's jaw dropped. She could feel the expense, this car just screamed money. "It's got all the latest gadgets from massaging heated seats, to a wireless phone charger. And it cost me a total of $226,800." Harry grinned. Luna shook her head in amusement.

"Such expensive taste, Harry." She commented with a giggle. Harry put on a fake offended look.

"I don't know what you mean." He responded. Luna raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't you tell me that you wanted to buy a solid gold cauldron in first year?" She asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Maybe…" Harry replied quietly. "But it's sexy!" He commented as Luna shook her head and wandered over to Steve's car.

"Follow us to the Ford Dealership." Luna smiled as she sat into the passenger seat of Steve's car.

"Alright! Come on Teddy, in you get." Harry said, placing Teddy in the front seat and buckling him in.

"Keep up Potter." Steve called as he drove out of the car park. Harry nodded and followed Steve out of the car park. The ride to the Ford dealership wasn't that long, only thirty minutes in fact. It was coming up to 4:45pm as they pulled in. Harry went in by himself, knowing it wouldn't take him long. He ended up ordering a Ford Super Duty truck, again with all the gadgets and three years insurance, coming to $69,372, by far the cheapest purchase of the day. The truck was going to be his 'company vehicle' for any supplies needed for the café bakery, or any construction tools needed to make the place his own. And depending on how successful the business became, maybe even it can be used as a delivery truck. All Harry knew, was that he had all the relevant documents in an email, they will be in physical form in the truck when the truck was delivered, and that would take up to a week. So, not bad.

The two cars drove out of the Ford dealership, and Harry began to follow behind Steve to their new house. Harry couldn't figure out the navigation system in his car just yet, so they figured it wouldn't hurt for him to just follow behind Steve. The drive was nice and leisurely considering it was coming up to 6pm. Jet lag is going to be a bitch, Harry thought as he peeked over to Teddy who was taking a quick nap during the car ride. Soon enough, the two cars pulled off the main road and onto a long winding driveway up to their new house.

As they rounded a final corner, Harry could finally see the house, and it was every bit as beautiful as he remembered from the pictures. Harry gave Teddy a light nudge to wake him.

"We're here buddy." He said with a smile. That perked Teddy up, as he sat up in his seat and took in the view of their new home, mouth gaping open.

"That's our new house?!" Teddy cried in shock. At Harry's nod and chuckle, Teddy started bouncing in his seat. As soon as Harry stopped the car, Teddy unbuckled himself and jumped out of the car. "This is amazing!" He squealed, having to tilt his head back to see the whole house. Luna chuckled and cuddled him.

"It's so beautiful." Luna commented with a serene smile. Harry nodded.

"I was asked by Master Griphook to give you my personal number in case you need anything while you settle in, so here is my card. And here are the keys. Is there anything else that you need from me?" Steve asked, handing Harry his contact card and new house keys.

"Yes, is there anywhere to eat close by? I notice we didn't drive through Forks." Harry asked. Steve nodded.

"There's a nice diner in the center of the town. Just go down the driveway, turn left and keep following that road until you hit the town center and you can't miss it." Steve responded. Harry and Luna nodded and thanked the man for his help. Steve then got into his car and drove off.

Harry took hold of Luna and Teddy's hands and entered their new house.

"Whoa." Teddy gasped as they entered. The house was gorgeous.

It was such a modern design, with large windows appearing on all three floors. The ceilings were high, the walls were a bright white, and the interior was fresh and modern. The modern feel and look of the property was a surprise when they first looked at the age of the property back in Gringotts. The house was built in the 1930s and such a modern design was unheard of for the time. But Harry had a feeling that some of the building had been updated as time went on as there were remnants of a Victorian style to the property. The size of the house was almost drowned out by the size of the land that was now theirs. They now owned 50 acres of land, most of which was taken up by a field and some forestry, but there was also a lake that they shared with a neighbouring house on the other side of the lake.

"Okay, how about a quick tour of the house, find out bedrooms, then we can head out for food?" Harry asked. The other two nodded and they went off exploring the house.

It was stunning. On the first floor there was an open plan living room and kitchen. The kitchen was huge and had a breakfast bar and an island in the centre with its own oven. In total there were two large ovens, an eight-hob stove, two microwaves, a large dishwasher, a huge fridge freezer, wash basin, and a lot of cupboard space for plates, mugs etc. Then there was also a separate pantry space which would come in very handy. The living room contained a huge corner sofa, two sets of two seater sofas, an armchair with a reading light next to it, a large coffee table, and the biggest tv screen that Harry had ever seen in his life. There was also a long mahogany dining table with eighteen chairs: eight on either side and the one on either end. It was stunning and he couldn't wait to make friends and invite them round for dinners. Moving across the hall, Harry found a utility room with a large washing machine and a large tumble dryer as well as an ironing station and some storage for things like detergent. I could just use magic, Harry thought, but then realised that using magic just made them not dirty anymore. Nothing smelled better to Harry, than freshly baked goods, and freshly washed clothes using a nice fragrant softener and scent boosters. So he liked to smell nice, so sue him. Teddy and Luna had already run off to explore the house, but Harry wanted to take it all in.

Walking up the centre staircase and onto the landing of the second floor, harry fell even deeper in love with the house. The stairs continued on going up to the third floor by going back on themselves, but under the second staircase was a door with the word 'Study' embossed on it. He didn't enter right then, however, he walked around the hallway for a moment and came to the conclusion that the 'Study' room was a room that was plonked in the middle of the second floor. Almost like it's purpose was to be the centre of attention on the second floor, while bedrooms littered around the outside of the floor. Harry counted four addition doors on the second floor, and opening each of them revealed large bedrooms, each with their own walk in closet, full ensuite bathroom, and a queen sized bed along with some other furniture in the room. None of the rooms on the second floor had any personality, so Harry deemed them to be guest bedrooms. It seemed that all of the large windows that had been seen from the front of the house, were each a large corner window for each bedroom. Harry decided to take a peak into the 'Study' room.

Opening the door, revealed a gorgeous large space the contained a solid wooden Victorian style desk, a leather sofa, and an armchair with a reading lamp looming above it. The walls, however, were the most impressive to Harry as every wall was covered, floor to ceiling, in books. I had a lot more books in my vaults than I thought, Harry realised as he walked around the shelves. Considering there wasn't a window, the room was very well lit, allowing Harry to see the categories and titles of books a lot easier. One wall was dedicated to both Harry's and Luna's collection of muggle reference books, the rest were a combination of their schoolbooks and their orders from Flourish and Blotts. The magical books were placed in order of subject, so there was a row of Arithmancy, Defence, Potions, History, Charms, Transfiguration, Magical Creatures, Herbology, Astronomy, Politics, Magical Heritage, and the list went on. They both made sure that there would be copies of certain books in their own personal bedrooms as well. Speaking of, Harry thought as he made his way out of the Study and up the second staircase.

Like the second floor, the third floor also had a room in the center of the floor plan, and also had four doors around the floor which Harry determined to be the bedrooms once again. Deciding to take a peek into the center room, Harry found that it was just an empty room. The same size as the study downstairs, but completely void of anything that could give a clue as to what that room was used for. This could make a good practice room, Harry thought, his memories of the DA flashing in his mind. Smiling, Harry closed the door and went on to find his bedroom.

Opening the first door, Harry saw another spare bedroom with the layout exactly the same as those on the floor below. Harry and Luna had already decided that the fourth room on the family floor would be reserved for visiting friends and family from the UK. Harry nodded and left the room.

Opening the next door, Harry found Luna trailing her hands over the bookshelf in her room. It was painted beautiful, with murals of her parents animagus forms covering one wall. The window in her room covered one wall and had some French doors so that she could access the wrap around balcony that they couldn't see from the front of the house. Luna turns as she felt Harry's presence.

"Hello Harry." Luna smiled.

"Hey, how do you like your room?" He asked.

"Oh, I just love it! I had completely forgotten about the balcony! Have you seen yours yet?" She asked with a smile.

"Not yet, I've been exploring the rest of the house. I'm going to go check on Teddy." Harry said as he left the room at Luna's nod. Harry walked to the room that would be in between his and Luna's room and opened the door to find Teddy looking at his own wall which had a wizarding portrait of his parents hanging on the wall. Seems like Andy thought of everything. She must've given it to Griphook before she passed, Harry thought with smile.

"So, you're my mummy and daddy?" Teddy asked the painting. Remus and Tonks both looked at their son with sad smiles and nodded. Hearing the door open, Teddy turned around and called to Harry. "Look Uncle Harry! It's my mummy and daddy!" He cried with a smile. Harry smiled and looked toward the portrait.

"Remus, Tonks. We miss you, so much." Harry said as he almost started crying at the sight of them.

"Now Harry, no need to cry. Mum told us that she wanted to leave us as a final gift. She knew it was her time to go." Tonks replied, confirming Harry's suspicions that Andy had the portrait commissioned before she passed.

"It's really good to see you Harry." Remus said, smiling at his favourite pupil from his time as a Hogwarts professor. Harry sniffled and laughed. "In your room, there's a surprise in there for you as well. And you'll notice that big empty frame in the living room as well. Off you go." Remus nodded to the door. Harry, confused left his godson with his parents and left for his own bedroom, before halting and popping his head back into Teddy's room.

"Teddy, no going out onto the balcony without either me or Luna, understood?" Harry said sternly. At Teddy's nod, Harry left once again. He paused outside the room he knew to be his, unsure of what he may find in his room. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

At first, he didn't find anything that could be deemed a surprise, and then he turned to the wall of the room that he had just entered. The sight had tears forming in his eyes as he took in the three portraits. "How?" He whispered as he gazed upon the portrait of his two best friends, smiling down at him.

"Hi Harry, it is so good to see you." Hermione said, her eyes almost glistening with tears.

"Yeah, mate. You're looking great, don't ruin that by getting all emotional on us." Ron joked with a grin. Hermione nudged him with her elbow and he chuckled. Harry also chuckled, a feeling of somewhat normality had been returned to him for a few seconds, something that he had been without since the moment his best friends had perished.

"Besides, we're not the only ones here you know, and frankly Harry, you're being rather rude." Hermione said smartly with a teasing grin on her face. Harry chuckled and turned to the middle portrait.

"Sirius." He breathed, his godfather smiling down at him.

"Hey pup. Remus had this commission after the battle at the Ministry. He wanted to give me to you himself when you found a place of your own, but then the battle and now… Well, I guess my cousin had me placed here after retrieving me from Andy's house years ago." Sirius said with a smile. Harry's face turned confused.

"But I've been in Andy's old house and I didn't see any of these." Harry commented. Sirius nodded.

"She wanted to keep us as surprises. I told her plenty of times to just give us to you, but you know how stubborn she could be." Sirius chuckled. Harry nodded, looking to the next portrait.

"And why have I never seen you guys before now?" Harry asked the portraits of his parents. James and Lilly looked at their son with pride in their eyes.

"Something I know you'll find hard to believe but Severus had us commissioned. He kept us with him in his private quarters in Hogwarts. When going through his godfather's possessions, the young Malfoy found us and took us to Gringotts to place in your vault. You just never went in far enough to find us." Lilly explained. "You're a man now, Harry. You've grown so much and we are so proud of you." Lilly cried as tears fell down Harry's face.

"Yeah, I'll give it to him, I am more thankful now that he put our essence into these portraits now, than I was when we first woke up." James said with a chuckle. Seeing his parents looking so young, knowing that he was now older than they were when they died… it was painful for him.

"Now Harry, there will be plenty of time for us all to talk, but right now you, Teddy and Luna need to go and have dinner. When you're back we can have a nice long talk down in the living room." Sirius said with a smile. Harry nodded and still in a shocked state, he left his room without even exploring it.

"Harry, I thought we were going to get some dinner?" He heard Luna call from somewhere in the house. They hadn't even explored the whole building yet. Harry shook himself a little and wiped his face free of tears, before making his way down the stairs. "There you are." Luna called, her and Teddy already with their jackets on.

"Yeah, I was just talking to… Lulu did you know about the portraits in my room?" He asked. She looked mildly confused and shook her head. "Well, there's a portrait of Hermione, Ron, Sirius and my parents in there." Harry responded full of excitement and confusion. Luna was puzzled, wondering why she didn't have any portraits in her room. "Anyway, we can talk about this later, lets go get some food." Harry commented, noticing Luna's down hearted look. He then ushered the three of them out of the house and into his new car. After making sure that the house was locked up tight, Harry joined them in the car and drove out onto their driveway, following Steve's directions perfectly.

A/N: Well, there's another chapter done! I wasn't going to have the portraits originally but the house seemed too muggle so I wanted to add some magic. I know it was long but I hope you enjoyed it!