~ These Creatures Are Friend-Shaped ~

The Conjunction of Spheres had brought with it horrifying monsters, but it had also brought a class of magical creatures that frequently bonded with and protected humans. Some humans still didn't trust these creatures, so for their own safety and the safety of the humans they'd bonded with, the creatures could be bound to a small bottle or other container for concealment purposes, and be called out at the whim of their human.

Because of this, they came to be colloquially known as Pocket Monsters, or "Pokemon" for short.

Geralt of Rivia had encountered many of these creatures on his travels, and sometimes joined forces with them during his missions, but only one had ever bonded to him. Most of the humans he encountered didn't realize that Roach was anything other than a normal horse, and he liked to keep it that way.

When he first met Jaskier, it wasn't the bad pick-up lines that drew his attention. No, it was the large pack of Pokemon surrounding the bard which drew the witcher's attention. He'd never seen so many following a single person around in the open, in such a public place, none of them tucked away in containers in pockets.

Of course, the ones attached to Jaskier all seemed fairly harmless, just from looking at them.

There were four of them, two round pink ones which could objectively be described as cute, a big red cricket with a mustache (which was still playing music even though the bard had stopped), and a bird that was perched on Jaskier's shoulder and occasionally repeated something that he'd said.

"Don't touch Roach."

The bard immediately backed down, but one of his Pokemon - offended on Jaskier's behalf - reached out a pointy little paw and touched the Mudsdale's leg.

Roach reared up, snorting, and tried to stomp on Wigglytuff.

"TUFF!" yelled Wigglytuff, dodging around her enraged opponent's pounding hooves as Roach continued to try to stomp on her.

"Now see what you've done! I said not to touch Roach," Geralt admonished, not making any effort to stop Roach from stomping on the little pink monster.

Jaskier was paying the witcher no attention as he attempted to discipline his own Pokemon.

"Bad Wigglytuff! That's a very bad Wigglytuff!"


Pokemon team recap:

Geralt: Mudsdale (nickname Roach)

Jaskier: Wigglytuff, Jigglypuff, Kricketune, Chatot (no nicknames)