~ These Creatures Are Friend-Shaped ~

"I found the bottle!" Geralt announced triumphantly as he entered the room.

"Hoopa," said Hoopa.

"Give it to me," Yennefer said.

"Sure," Geralt replied.

"Hoopa," said Hoopa, clearly trying to get the witcher's attention.

Geralt continued speaking to Yennefer as if the Pokemon had not interrupted him.

"Trade me one of your Pokemon for it."

It was a difficult decision, since Yennefer didn't want to part with any of her babies. But she really wanted that legendary Pokemon, even if acquiring it meant she had to give up one of the precious partners she had collected on her journey.

In the end, it was Sweet Baby who volunteered to be be traded to Geralt in exchange for the Hoopa.

She had no idea that Phantump even had a second form, so Yennefer was just as shocked as anyone else in the room that Sweet Baby popped out of her bottle as soon as the trade was completed and began to evolve.

"Trevenant," Sweet Baby said, happily showing off her new form and hugging Geralt with her leafy limbs.

"Good trade, hope we don't see you again," Jaskier said to Yennefer as he gathered up his own Pokemon and headed for the door. "Come on, Geralt!"

Geralt was beginning to enjoy recreational Pokemon battles almost as much as he enjoyed playing Gwent.

People were always surprised to find out that a witcher had a Pokemon named Sweet Baby... and were even more surprised when they found out what a powerful and vicious opponent that Pokemon actually was. (Of course, Sweet Baby was not mean to Geralt, although sometimes she picked on Jaskier or his Pokemon with ghostly tricks. But that was more mischievous than malicious.)

Geralt found it mildly irritating that Jaskier had never bothered to name any of his Pokemon, instead calling them by their species names as if those were their personal names. That was a bit too much like calling your horse "Horse" instead of "Roach" and he wasn't fond of the convention, even if the little monsters themselves didn't seem to mind.

One day when he was particularly irritated (although for unrelated reasons), Geralt snapped.

"You need names! You're Jaskier Junior," he said, pointing at Jigglypuff. Then he pointed to Politoed. "You're Swirl-tummy." Then Kricketune. "You're Deedle Whoop." Then Wigglytuff. "Pinky." And finally Chatot. "Jaskier the Third."


Pokemon team recap:

Geralt: Mudsdale (Roach), Honedge (Sword 3), Igglybuff (Booger), Sandslash (Dunior), Sweet Baby (Trevenant)

Jaskier: Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Kricketune, Chatot, Politoed

Yennefer: Grumpig (Mom), Dratini (Anica), Yamask (Baby Princess), many Phantump which all have cutesy nicknames, Hoopa