"Ugh, finally, it has been a long trip out of that stupid thing!",grunted Turbo to himself.

After escaping RoadBlasters by shutting it down on purpose. Realizing that, he shut his own game as well!

So, without no game to go back to, Turbo had been going through wire to wire ever since. He wanted to try and find a new game that he would call home. None of the racing games he been to were good. Mostly, they wouldn't allow him in. They had never seen him before and they had enough racing characters in their games already. He was already losing hope as he stopped at this last racing game, hoping that this could be his last game to be in. He would have to give up and probably find his new home would be in alleyway of Game Central Station.

Turbo shuddered at the thought of sleeping in the alleyway with no place to go. He began walking through...the candy cane trees!? Turbo lifted his head up to look around.

"What type of game is this...",wondered Turbo to himself.

He circled himself around the candy cane trees. He came to look for more clues and to see what game he could be in. By the time she ran through and out the candy cane woods. He was met with sunlight and bird chirping.

His chance to look out into the view to see was further over for him as he looked out into the distance that is when he saw the name plate on the hill further away from him, "Sugar Rush." It said.