Turbo went to follow the racers in their race cars and see where they were going. From his view, he could see that the racers were now slowing down their cars. So when Turbo was running for them, he caught up. The race cars were ,also, slowing down. Turbo started walking the race cars. Into his eyesight the stands were soon starting to emerge around him. He knew that the stands are from his experience, in his own game, there would be crowds of people sitting in them,cheering on for the racers to finish the finish line. As Turbo looked closely in the stands, the people were not normal people like the ones from his game. They were animal crackers,gummy bears,candy corns every single candy

"Is that why it is called Sugar Rush?",asked Turbo to himself.

He was turning to what was going on around him, but, while turning himself all around- he stopped himself as his eyes were landed on a stand nearby. A small girl in a pink dress was clapping along with everybody else, Turbo was frozen, he can't stop staring at this girl

"Maybe this girl could explain to me what Sugar Rush is.",he said to himself.