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This is a new Sonic crossover with Star Wars, but this chapter is focus on Zone World like you know that Sonic is Zonic from Zone world where he work as a Zone Cop to track down different criminals from each universe and universe to stop any threat from miles away from his control mission. Anyway, this is a chapter for Sonic and Star Wars okay. Yet, this chapter will make you very interesting about all this.

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Chapter 1: Secure and Capture

Zonic, one of the greatest Zone Cop in all parallel universe zone to capture and arrest on dangerous criminals from each universe and universe to track them down, so that all criminals will facing justice from all the crime committed to re-havoc upon their crime. His appearance is a Mobian-Hedgehog with blue fur, peach muzzle and green eyes and yet he's wearing red jumpsuit underneath his golden shoulder plate and breast plate, gold belt with Zone crop's emblem on it with blue metallic gloves, green boots and a black belt. His quill is underneath his visor helmet that's equal colour to compare his boots.

Zonic is a great Zone Cop, when he is hot on pursuit that his stealth tactic have may overwhelm that his criminal is now running away from him. His mission from Universe Altar-version 25.5.19/77STWR–20.19ROS, when he got order from his commissioner and boss of the Zone Cop name Zobotnik, who order him to capture a fugitive criminal who bring harbouring dangerous weapons known to all mankind and animal-kind as well for using, when he order Zonic to take care of this fugitive. He's been working for more than a weeks and months to well eyes on him, after all, he's undercover when he step foot on this universe dimension to watch over him.

The fugitive is now on the move, when Zonic is now gaining toward him when he quickly shout out this fugitive. "There's nowhere to run from me, criminal!" he said with deep, but light voice, when Zonic keep on running, although he does one ability that will speed it up for a bit. "I know what you have did since you harbour those weapons."

"You never take me alive you Zone-weirdo," said a fugitive, who keep on running in ragged cloak in dark jungle green colour with serious jet-black gloves and combat boots, when a fugitive is hot to pursuit.

Zonic know that this fugitive since he look at the data from him and – oh boy, this guy is way much worst from all the criminal he ever caught such as Scourge the Hedgehog – his double counterpart since he know about his reputation, until he's escape once more and he is the most wanted criminal in Zone history, including Amade the Brute, Biggy the Bully Cat, Enerjak from another version of Knuckles and he is very tough to stop when Sliver from another time zone, who stop his track and lastly and capture, so that his teams are putting him in somewhere different cell, so that no one shouldn't release him, knowing he is highly dangerous, the deadly to all universe when he encountered that's far top to compare Scourge: Dark King Shadow – creation and son of Black Doom and he is very dangerous from what he can possible to imagine when he look at his reference data and he see a lots of damage from what he did in the past and more past keep on going. Yet he didn't capture him because his power is far beyond to anyone and no-one couldn't stop him nor making arrest. Dark King Shadow will may rule another time, so that he will capture him and putting him in the deepest prison in so dark, so that he will never be release like Enerjak. Yet for now that he's hot on pursuit to stop this fugitive, before it's too late.

Zonic quickly running and running in full speed ahead, since he keep on training and training in all day and every day since he completed his mission, so that he's busy working on his legs and his feet, that he was born with special power, yet, he won't use it in distance needed, when he's almost capture this dangerous with an open hand to garb.

"This end for you!"

"Not on your life your cop!" a fugitive yell out, when quickly got out a blaster on its belt pocket and quickly fire with amber orange colour when Zonic quickly dodge that assault blaster, when Zonic quickly hiding from one of those create. The blaster from what the criminal is carrying is like a small gun-type version in blackish colour with small brown leather on the hilt grip when the criminal already held it, when he continually said to him. "You never stop me now, officer – at least from what you think you are, when you said to me. But you will never stop me to achieve my goal and dream to doom this wrenched world that contain cremate rule and ideal and justice from this shaken world! Nothing can not be stop from me!"

Zonic does have a point from what the criminal said about this rule contain laws and rule since he read about this world and this world is one of the few strictive universe from what Zonic knows about it from his data log and read about this world. Luckily for him, that he don't have a single partner or sidekick that's prefer on his own without anyone else. Yet, the reason he came is to stop him for achieve his goal to bring destruction upon this universe.

"Give it up, Amadeus," he said the name of the fugitive. "Would your wife to see what you have done, that you become a furious warrior to led a small rebel to over rank the government properties?"

"My wife know what I need to be done," Amadeus said to him. "My wife and I know this law bought nothing but shame. They'd even take our child since my wife give birth, until the government come along and steal a child. They know that our child was born with it, and yet, I never seen him again! Me and my teams had well enough on the government rule and laws from what they did to us. And yet you show up and ruining everything you did!"

"I did, what I need to be done," Zonic replied to him. Ever since he first arrive and watch every movement from him and the others for quite a while to uncover the secret from him, and yet he found the weapons from his stealth mission, until its been blow when he encountered those thugs and villain with his combat basic training with his hands and feet to pin them down except one, who happen to be the leader of the joint name Amadeus Prower. "You bring that machine; that will doom to your town and the people who live in there."

"So what?" Amadeus yell out to him. "This town will pay for from they did. Including the one they have lost."

"Sir, you are wrong," Zonic clarified the problem solution. "I read this history and yet, you are wrong from what they have taken your son was not they did."

"You know nothing!" Amadeous yell out to him once more. Yet, he didn't know that Zonic found a solution to capture him and arrest him for good, when he look another path that will capture him for good. "They did take him, since the day he was born that yet and I never seen him again. My wife and I were upset and grieve in despair until my blood is boiling and running inside my head from my furious and anger that's keep running me. And yet, we sworn to get rid, every single governmental, stinking rule from what they did. And nothing will never been stop from this happening. Nothing happening and nothing will make this happening."

"I'd disagree from what you said," Zonic said, when Amadeus look up and surprise to see him again, when Zonic place his hands on his hop. "But your wrong, again from what you make a mislead."

Amadeus is about to make fire on, when Zonic quickly use his high slam and kick on him and force him on ground from a small grunt sound from him, when Amadeus let lose his weapon and Zonic is standing of him. Zonic look at Amadeus on the ground when he garb a cloak from him and hoist and said to him once more.

"You made a mistake from what you said about your son being taken. Well you were wrong that your son is alive and well. I check the data on your son, Miles is still alive and join in camp to train him to become a soldier and yet he broke free from this sudden rule code from what you speak about it, when he join the terrorise, that I can't locate him. All I know that he is well with his ally of him, so that he will follow your doorstep to stop this mad. This madness end now for you and yet you son will also joining with you as well."

"Well then," Amadeus is please to hear from him, when he rose his head and revealed to Zonic. That's Amadeus is a Mobian-Fox with brown fur and light brown toffee muzzle with one single blue eyes and yet his other is heavy serve scar-like dagger that his irises pupil is now ghostly white that's been though a lot since what happened in the past and fought against those fools from what he believe, when he smile at him in sudden pride and excellent voice. "If you said that my son is alive and well and join with those he care so much. Make sure they will look after him, after all, he is my only child so that I will make him proud for doing this. So, I will be proud for him for doing this."

Zonic look at him without making a single smile to him when he said to him in confidence and reliable voice. "Oh, he will and so that I will capture so that you will be reunited with him for the first time. Knowing this is beginning for me and no one messing with Zonic the Hedgehog of the Lance Zone Cop, while you go to Zone Cell for the rest of your cell."

And with that on, this is tremendous victories for Zonic Hedgehog of Zone Officer Cop. That no one is messing with him, so that he is always working alone. No one will never outsmart from him, not even one of it at all, so that Zonic is now earn victories and getting himself a promotion once the job is done and well secure of course. That Zonic is the best of all Zone officer in all Zone Cops in Zone universe.

I know this is story, but the next one is maybe take longer depending on working on.

So yeah, Zonic is from the Alternative Version of Sonic, where the Archie Comic release this character about him, and learn more about him. And yet the criminal is AU version of Amadeus Prower - Tails' father. I can't give you more detail about him, because it is very little to know more about him and also that Zonic is working undercover on him for quite a while since he making his move on him.

Zonic is main character in this chapter. But this is a Star Wars crossover, but rest ashore you that it will come when the time is right. Anyway, the next one is going to be a while that Zonic is getting an apprentice, the question is, who exactly?

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